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  1. Ive been slowly moving towards a different hobby and could possibly trade my 120g 4/2/2 RR tank stand rocks corals fish all of it $$$$$ for 2nd amendment items, currently looking for a reloading press I can get pictures if interested
  2. Hannas are Ca & Alk have lots of reagents left I’ll check the dates on em 100.00 for 2 arms and both hannas
  3. Tranny just went out and don’t have 3k to fix it. I have a 120g rr tank with stand 2 orphek leds max spect gyre wave maker bashea 8-30 skimmer (700.00) danner pumps 9&12 still new jbj auto top off kessil ap700 arm mounts Hanna checkers Red Sea test kits trigger ruby sump brs red pvc still new box of unions and true union values cepex all nice shit lots of stuff not listed if interested or looking for something just ask I probably have it will trade for transmission and install 02 f250 SD 4/4 7.3 power stroke
  4. Interested in a nice pistol by chance?
  5. If I were to list my stuff for a possible trade for 2nd Amendment stuff is this acceptable or frowned upon?
  6. Ive got some cornbreads artic blast i think they were
  7. Im thinking of upgrading soon and have a deep blue 120 rr and stand stand is brand new
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