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  1. Also was cut away from mother colony 5-6 months ago
  2. WYSIWYG, one single small head, also a baby. $185, open to trade or partial trade.
  3. Chalice, Red PE and Milli gone.
  4. If it helps, I would be willing to meet you at 280/420 truck stop at Pilot, that would save you 30min.
  5. Mite be soon if I can make some room in tank, need to get rid of a few things first.
  6. Something I got from Cherry corals a few years back, can't remember the name atm.
  7. Wanting to make some room in tank for new stuff. I can only meet people in Rudy's parking lot on Monroe near Franklin Park Mall. ARC Black Cherry Blasto (Wellso) WYSIWYG $85, it's a little closed up Ponape Rainbow Acro $20 frags in pic $20, all are multi branched and 2" Misc Milli $5 with another purchase. Zoas WYSIWYG $5 with another purchase Pink Zippers $15 for a 10 polyp frag Chalice WYSIWYG $20, it's over 3" in size Red Peaple Eaters $10 for a 5 polyp frag Nebula People Eaters $15 for a 5 polyp frag RRC Pink Cadillac WYSIWYG $35 Also cutting a few ORA Pearlberry Acro frags for $35
  8. Pic is old and and only pic I have atm, its actually 3 times this size, busy with yard work.
  9. When your tank is ready I should have frags available, my tank always needs trimmed, just let me know a few weeks before.
  10. If you would like to get everything, simply add those frag prices up, that is your "variety pack" price. The current price of these frags are super cheap as it is, pink lemonade and pearlberry are normally $40 frags and that's on the lower end.

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