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  1. Pic is old and and only pic I have atm, its actually 3 times this size, busy with yard work.
  2. When your tank is ready I should have frags available, my tank always needs trimmed, just let me know a few weeks before.
  3. If you would like to get everything, simply add those frag prices up, that is your "variety pack" price. The current price of these frags are super cheap as it is, pink lemonade and pearlberry are normally $40 frags and that's on the lower end.
  4. Frags are 1" and multi branched. Only 2 available atm
  5. Still have frags available. Also have a few other things available Pink zippers, 4 polyps $15 ATL Strawberry Fields
  6. All frags are glued to plugs or disk, I don't have extra rock.
  7. I'm on the boat that doesn't test. I haven't in over a year and, and maybe check the salinity every 4-5 months.
  8. Toledo, near Franklin Park Mall
  9. Zoas Playboy bunny 10 polyps $10 Red People Eaters 5 polyps $20 Magicians 4 polyps $20 Sunny D's 4 polyps $20 Nebula People Eaters 3 polyps $20 Rasta 4 polyps $20 Sps Frags Tyree Pink lemonade $20 ORA Pearlberry $20 Toxic avernger $20 Ponape Rainbow $15 WWC Christmas Mirabilis $20 Mystic Sunset Monti $10
  10. I have one frag of both available.
  11. Reviving this, I have frags available again, and tank has recovered from the move. A few things aren't available, but a few to add Toxic Avenger Psammocora 1" $15 Rasta 4 polyp $20, or 5 polyp $25 Sunny D's 3 polyp $20
  12. Hi, really sorry for late reply. Atm I'm not available for a few weeks to deal with coral exchange. We just moved 4 weeks ago, so I'm busy with getting countless projects done at new house, the tank was one day project it self to move and I'm still sorting threw things. Thanks Don
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