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  1. I said NO, but I recommend always using RODI, I have a unit just not connected atm and hasn't been since July 2018. I have used RODI and tap water on other systems, currently my unit isn't hooked up because I moved a few years back and been too busy to connect it. I did mount it to wall a few days ago and will connect to water line this week, honestly didn't want to because I know I'll have to move it for remodeling and a tank upgrade. No real algae problems here because I only feed once a day and very little, tbh I believe most people feed to dam much anyway. Disclaimer: I recommend using RODI, I've been in this hobby for a long time and know how to manage without one. I believe there is more than one way to skin a cat, and know from experience and trial-and-error.
  2. I don't have them available
  3. Torches are gone, plenty of other coral available.
  4. SC Orange Passion $75, ATL Strawberry fields $20
  5. Zoas, FREE with any purchase, I have a few loose frags of these with about 4ish polyps.
  6. ARC Black Cherry Blasto $70
  7. Pumpkin patch Blasto $120, I have a few smaller ones I will let go for cheaper.
  8. Today after 4pm, please post or pm what you are interested in.
  9. Large WWC Christmas Mirabilis frag $35
  10. Large Penope Rainbow Acro $25
  11. Torches, toxic avenger are sold
  12. I screwed up on this name its CB The Thing, a friend had to correct me.
  13. I screwed up on this name its CB The Thing, a friend had to correct me.
  14. CC Grifter frag on the right $100, this one cost me $200 for a smaller frag from Cherry Corals.
  15. Friday is fine, and pay then.
  16. Toledo, Ohio. Near Franklin Park Mall
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