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  1. correct. It’s just a top fin 5gal all in one deals. Currently looking at the finnex fugray clip on light.
  2. I was really leaning toward the finnex planted plus 24/7 with the clamp. 40$ be very cost effective. Just want to get a good opinion.
  3. Hello everyone. I am currently setting up a planted 5 gallon aquarium that I plan on have quite a few live plants in ranging from medium to high light. Which fixture would you all suggest? Partial to LED.
  4. Rivers to reefs, Gahanna, Ohio, seems like a nice place. Visited for the first time a week ago. matts coral-Gahanna, Ohio, has a great shop. Very clean both in tanks and the store. Reasonably priced as well and quite a few sumps on hand. fish n stuff- Athens, Ohio has a good selection of freshwater and a handful of saltwater. Always decent priced dry goods with some reptile selection.
  5. 45 gallon fell through, went with a 5 gallon all in one top fin. Have it setup and filled. Will be trying my hand at a planted tank.
  6. Looks like I found a line on a marine land 45gallon frameless cube. Now to start sourcing equipment
  7. Thanks Muttley, I’ll keep that in kind looking at my schedule for the next month. Might be up that way, kinda lol.
  8. I am located in groveport, but I work all over Ohio.
  9. What’s going on guys. Been a long while since I’ve been on here. Had some pretty crazy things happen and I’m looking to get back into the hobby. I am going with freshwater and considering all options, but I’m pretty limited on space. A 40 breeder would be perfect for the spot. Anyone know of anything? Aquarium adventures wants 120$ for a 40b.
  10. Karmann if you wanna get rid of the dct15000, I know of a buyer
  11. Lights arrived today from lazy. Holy Moley. These things are BRIGHT. Blow old lights out of the water. At 30% they are 10x brighter than previous fixture at 100%. Now to setup timers. Anyone with t247s have a ballpark setup? What good would this post be without some sort of picture?
  12. They are the same kind but they are not from the grow out challenge.
  13. This rock of zoas taken off since I got it a few months ago. And a FTS as of today.
  14. In preparation of moving my sump to the basement I ended up ordering a pair of t247s from lazy. Atleast I'll have a spare light for another tank when I set it up in the basement.
  15. I suppose I could neck it down to 1". I used 1.5" just simply because I'd rather have too much than not enough. Used 2" braided hose because it was free and it slid over the nipples without much effort. The return wouldn't be exposed to light so no worries there and I suppose if it was a quick shot of paint would take care of that. If I go with 1" drains that's a smaller hole through my floor so the wife would be happy about that!

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