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  1. Have 2 available $80/each. Comes with charger and all wiring to hook up to vectra s2 m2 or l2 return pump or Vortech powerhead mp10 , mp40 , mp60. 1 was hooked up 6 months 1 hooked up 1.5 year.
  2. What's your cell # I have a sump for sale I'll send u pics and info thanks!
  3. $499 cash Want it gone, firm no trades, won't go lower thanks
  4. OH WOW! I'm so sorry to hear that. That's terrible. No wonder it's a bad time. Hope hes doing better and gets out soon. How old is he, poor guy
  5. Whys it a bad time!? Come pick it up. Didnt you just get $1,200 stimulus
  6. $360, I can't believe no one wants this, selling for half price and its still brand new!!
  7. $380 picked up in lima Oh. Just the acrylic display tank cost this. Without the acrylic sump, hardwood stand and all the plumbing, heater, 4 acrylic frag racks, bag of frag plugs
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