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  1. Will also throw in a $100 ecotech Marine Reeflink to control the return pump and powerhead for free. Anywhere on earth from your phone with the app.
  2. Full tank setup with tank, stand, sump, plumbing, ecotech marine vectra s2 return pump, Vortech mp10w QD, live rock, heater, 3 acrylic frag racks and a big bag of frag plugs. Everything you need but a light. $800
  3. 2 jawbreaker mushrooms , 1 sunkist bounce mushroom, large blasto colony, large ricordia Mushroom rock, huge branching octospawn, green torch, green mushrooms, superman mushrooms, red torch with yellow tips. Some hammers, frogspawn, hundreds of kryptonite candy canes, Duncan's, cup coral, red mushrooms . $500 cash firm for everything. All the coral in the frag tank!!
  4. Brand new 1 month of use on a 30 gallon frag tank. $460 cash
  5. 4 months old, works amazing $600 cash
  6. $199 each, 4 months old, 5 available come with anemone guard and a mount for the driver

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