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  1. @Joe what vendors are you referring to? I was looking for one not too long ago before i bought my copperband butterfly
  2. I will also add that i was burning through membranes relatively quickly by not flushing enough. I got an auto flush solenoid valve that i think is helping there as well
  3. Well for example, when i rebooted the tank i changed all cartridges and membrane in my 5 stage. I just changed the di resin for the 1st time after 9-10 months. I use color changing mixed bed, and can see as it exhausts. Prior to replacing them i was replacing di every month or so. And i change the sediment filter when i replace di, and change carbon blocks every other time. I will also add that the di resin from airwaterice consistantly lasts me way longer than any other resin
  4. Membrane gets changed when i start noticing im burning through di resin more quickly Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
  5. Not i, but ive always been interested and im curious about the learning curve on them
  6. Poly shouldnt absorb any medications unless you have carbon mixed with it
  7. I dont quarantine exactly but i did recently buy the icecap large fish trap, and it works beautifully to get your new fish accustomed to existing. And gives you the ability to target feed that fish to find what he will eat and see it happen. Im rehabilitating a purple tang that was near starved to death in it right now. Aside from that i sometimes use a 2 part dip that they use at aquarium world, others ill use methylene blue to dip
  8. I have some colony sized chunks of purple stylo Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
  9. One day ill build one. It sadly keeps getting put off. Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
  10. I think the biggest difference from the expensive brands to the cheap ones is the ballast used, and the reflector. The higher end ones tend to push a little more juice to the bulbs, whereas the cheap ones tend to slightly under power. So aside from the the obvious that it changes light output...it also ends up with a slight change of spectrum as well. Whether its anything major i suppose would vary, but i dont think it would be a huge deal unless you were itching for absolute max output
  11. I use the neptune feeder. Mine has been in use for a couple years. Although ive had a lot of neptune products failing on me. The main brain died once, my ddr, and now my dos failed
  12. Im clearing some space for the new baby, so i have 2 brand new brs dosing pumps for sale or trade (will consider fish, coral, or anything else fun) brs has them on sale right now at $69.99 each, im asking $60 for both of them. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/brs-2-part-doser-1-1-ml-per-minute-bundle.html?dfw_tracker=43788-202317B&utm_term=&utm_campaign=EL+|+ACQ_Prospecting_Shopping+|+ROAS+|+Additives&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&hsa_acc=7373341438&hsa_cam=11654373737&hsa_grp=112632155439&hsa_ad=480766840926&hsa_src=g&hsa_tgt=pla-309199068700&
  13. Came and got him today! And some peppermint shrimp, and a court jester goby
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