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  1. I have no idea anymore unfortunately. Last I talked to him I think was last years swap. I had hoped to see him get back into reefing by now
  2. I was actually introduced to Tim because my brother did work on his house. Was the only time ive bought from him though. And ive been happy with my battlebox in the past. I was considering waiting for Lazylivin to get his site updated and going that route too. This all makes me miss having Dustin Snyder selling frags for $10 a piece
  3. I did my first water change yesterday on the system. Still only a drop in a bucket comparatively but i did a 55 gallon water change. Boy did the new setup make things easy, water straight from tank to drain, and then from barrel directly to the tank. All of my corals in the frag tank seem to have gotten used to the system and are looking very happy. Already have some zoas growing off plug onto the rack. So far so good! My bday is coming up and the wife is asking me what i want, so i told her fish and coral. Was thinking about a battle box but im not quite sure yet. Open to ideas Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  4. @Jesse You could use that to pair clowns up with em too
  5. ive got one of these as well
  6. @crimsonviceI use the hell out of mine, it makes fragging so much easier, even with acros @DustingrahamRRA Is this the tall 42" blade version or the shorter one?
  7. Dang@Muttley000 do i count 10 btas in that first pic? Whats the nem in the 2nd pic? Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  8. bump Feel free to make offers, I just rebooted the tank and have yet to get it loaded with corals
  9. Got my calcium reactor cleaned out and in its new home. I ordered some fresh arm coarse media to freshen it up and top it off, as well as a hose pincher thing to adjust the effluent drip without clogging all the time like the old valve did. also ordered a new pinpoint ph probe, as I broke the last one cleaning it when I tore things down. Then i went to refill my c02 cylinder and found it was expired, so they have to send it out to get it re-certified for use. Not a big deal as I have a nearly 0 coral load on the tank for a while anyways. I have to say theres a lot more stuff to set back up than I remember doing last time on this tank. Glad ive got the time off to get the tedious stuff done or it would likely be put of or neglected....but man am I itching to see some color back in there. I really love the new rock work I did and I wanna get some corals growing off it!
  10. Kids tank, and mine of course are in the back of the 300. Good thing i can see from that side now Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  11. always wanted to try a gorgonian, but was always worried about having to feed rather than depend on light
  12. @Muttley000 Well the nem is still closed up a bit, and no sign of the crab. But i will keep my eyes open
  13. Ill let you know once the lights turn on, but ive had a different type of porcelain crab live in one before. Lasted about 6 months before the crab died for some unknown reason Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  14. Was just moving the sample water tube back into the sump from the calibration bottle and discovered one of the new blue procelain crabs trying to force his way into a new home. I thought it was neat so i took a little video...now lets see if i can figure out how to throw it up here Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk

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