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  1. I believe I have mine on for 12 hours with the blues and 11 hours with the whites. For you I would keep the time roughly the same as what you currently do, and if you wish to expand, do that after everything is acclimated to the light. That being said I would start very low and work your way up slowly...like a 3% bump a week. I cant tell what sized tank you have there but if I were to guess, a 20 long or 29 gallon. So I would start with the whites at 1% on that thing and your blues between 5-10% If your light is brand new, I don't think I would ever get the blues over 30-35% and the whites 10% but your tank conditions may allow for some play since no 2 tanks are the same. Watch how everything is reacting and adjust accordingly, im going to bet some of your softies up top aren't going to like it at first.
  2. Its few and far between unfortunately. id be happy to hand a set off to someone else who might be traveling that way
  3. I have both actually. Id prefer to hold onto the hanging kits but the legs I should have 4 sets of
  4. well I finally got around to ordering a couple wyze cams. should be delivered Saturday. got the regular v2, and got the pan version
  5. Its indo, I have opened enough boxes straight from indo, and Australia
  6. Ive got a couple of these lights running. over my 300 ive got 6 lights, so theres a little overlap from the lights, but if it gives you an idea none of mine are turned up past 70% on blues and those ones are only that high so I can support sps and my clam lower in the tank. and the whites channel is at its highest 25-30. Dr. Fraggenstien is right, very easy to bleach, and it takes a couple months sometimes to see the effect of your changes. if a coral starts to darken or turn torwards a brown its not enough. and if it starts to pale it is either too much or changed too quickly
  7. cptnspanky


    moved to want to buy section
  8. a good dual stage (not dual guage) regulator isn't a whole lot cheaper but yes and in my opinion a lot safer in the long haul
  9. @Sevitz5 I run a 10lb tank on my 300. Lasts me about 9 months generally. I also would not go with the carbon doser for concerns of failure/end of tank issues. For peace of mind I would always go with a dual stage regulator. once you get it set up pressure is stable and so is bubble count until the very end of the tank. but instead of dumping the remainder like a single stage would, it slows. if your using an apex, it will notify you of your ph being too high and your still safe. Honestly if you have the apex control your reactor ph, your bubble count is irrelevant as it will maintain it there regardless. Theres a thread around here somewhere where I did a write up about using a reactor. @Jon Fishman where were you a few weeks ago when I was hunting for a kegerator! already bought one now....got any fancy handles you wanna part with send me a pm!
  10. Bingo Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  11. I plan to get one still, im not gonna sit on a waiting list though. When theyre actually in stock ill buy it Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  12. I would have to say there are several shows on my favorites list....as far as all time favs I would say Kenny vs Spenny, and south park. Most of you probably haven't heard of the first one, but that show made me laugh more than anything else ive ever watched. South Park is right behind it though. Honorable mentions go to : Game of thrones, Westworld, Gotham, Family Guy, and American Dad
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    I can attest personally that tangs can be jumpers. My big boy desjardini has always likes to splash around a bit at the top....the braces for my 300 actually stick down into the water and theres always a little snack up there growing. I wasn't home for this but thankfully the wife and kids were, but he not only decided to jump out, but behind as well. She had to use some creativity to find something to reach back there and get him back in the tank, but successfully rescued him. he looked a little banged up for a week or so but haven't heard him splash since
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