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  1. I have a 120 reef ready tank that I recently tore down due to me moving in a few weeks. I think I am going to replace all of the bulkheads because a couple of them had salt creep around the gaskets. It has dual corner overflows. Does anyone know what size bulkheads it came with? I'd go measure but it's in storage. I think it was 1" drains and 3/4 returns?
  2. I have a 120rr tank with a Jack's stands inc stand. It has these nice double adjustable hinges in the stand. I'd like to get new ones as there are all corroded and rusty. Anyone ever seen these or know where I can buy some?
  3. I'm on season 1 episode 7.. I'm officially hooked!
  4. George constanza wallet, lol
  5. Yea I've never seen an episode either. It's all guys at work are talking about though. Maybe I'll check out the first season and see if I can get into it
  6. Mussin


    I do have some.
  7. Mussin


    How much you looking for?
  8. I just used a plastic basket I got at the dollar store. I just use a mag float to keep it in place
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