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  1. I have a 180g display tank and a 100g sump in my basement. I am trying to decide on a return pump to fit my needs. I have 14' head pressure and would like in the ballpark of 1200 gph all said and done. Option 1- I have a reeflo barracuda pump with a baldor motor. Can easily handle my situation . Pulls 250w Option 2 - look into a DC pump for energy savings. Can they handle this head pressure and still have flow? Option 3 - suggestions?? Thanks
  2. Mussin

    Wishy washed 120

    Sounds like good progress!
  3. What do you guys use on these? Good old thread tape or is there something better to use?
  4. At this rate spring time. I'm taking my time on this one..
  5. Mussin

    Wishy washed 120

    Coming together nicely
  6. I got a bunch of old filter socks off of a friend. What's the best way to clean them? I thought washer and some bleach?
  7. Got the skimmer cleaned up.. Reef Octopus Extreme 300. This thing is huge. 10" collection cup.
  8. I have the room to use both but I'd need 5 heaters to keep all that water warm
  9. Setting up my 180 and I have two choices for a sump. I have a 150g rubbermaid stock tank and an old school 150g tank with baffles. All of my plumbing and sump will be going In my basement. What are the pros and cons? Thanks
  10. So far just a 4' reefbreeder led fixture. May add more lighting after is all cycled.
  11. Upgrading from a 120 to a 180. I've always wanted a 6' tank but never had the room. Recently moved into a new house so of course time to upgrade, lol. I bought the 180 and stand off of a fellow reefer. The 180 has never had water in it. I had a friend of mine build me a canopy and refinish the stand. We went with a furniture quality stand and canopy. Turned out excellent. The front of the canopy lifts up to access lighting and for easy coral/live rock placement. Most likely wont get wet until spring. I have alot to do. Sump is going in my basement.
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