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  1. All ATI bulbs, 4- blue plus, 3-coral plus and 1-purple plus.
  2. Well switching up my lighting... I am going back to T5s.. I loved my t5 setup on my 90. Switched to LEDs when I got my 120 grew coral but nothing like my T5s did. I kinda like the simplicity of them.. set it and forget it. I just got a 60" ATI 8 bulb fixture.
  3. I will be in the west chester area sat morning if anyone is interested.
  4. Selling my Reefbreeder 4' light. Great shape! Excellent fixture, will grow anything. Fully programmable. $250. It measures a tad under 4'. Pic over a 6' tank and a 4' tank..
  5. Selling my custom built canopy. Will fit any tank 6' x 2'. I had it made for my 180 and decided to go a different route. My loss your gain.. $200
  6. Well I couldn't get used to the top being totally closed so I built another canopy. I built a floating canopy. I love it. Looks super clean! Just need to fill the screw holes and touch up paint.
  7. Nice.. if I only had my tank setup..
  8. Mussin

    Joe’ C-C-QT

    Very nice Joe!
  9. Love that little frag tank

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