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  1. Damn those top down photos are next level. Congrats
  2. I know... Prices are out of this world for small ones
  3. Little update.. Lost my powder blue and kole tang.. Everyone else doing good.
  4. Mussin

    ATO question

    I use the micro smart. Works great
  5. He'd try like hell to catch them if he could. He just sits with me and stares at the tank.
  6. ATI 60" 8 bulb T5 fixture. Everything works great. Bulbs have a little life left. $300
  7. I added a lot more rock for hiding/sleeping spots for all the fish. All the white rock is from my sump. Currently my fish list is as follows : yellow, chocolate, Kole, hippo, powder blue, orange shoulder and naso tangs, lawnmower blenny, blue throat trigger and 4 clowns. I've also started to purchase coral.
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