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  1. Mussin

    Wishy washed 120

    Cant wait to see what u do with it..
  2. Following along. I'm in the same boat. Researching pumps
  3. What size sump are u running?
  4. Will sell tank and stand for $400
  5. I have a sweet sump that I'll let go for the right price. I bought it for the 120 before I upgraded.
  6. Yes I had a sump under it. With a skimmer. Plenty of room.
  7. No sump. Comes with plumbing. one of the bulkheads broke when I was disassembling the set up but I have a replacement for it.
  8. Selling my 120rr tank. 4' x 2' x 2'.. Tank is in great condition. Dual overflows, 1" drains, 3/4" returns. Black stand is also in good shape, would probably put new hinges on as they are a bit rusty but work great. Comes with a 4' reefbreeder photon v1 led light fixture. Goes perfect with this tank. Grows coral great! $600
  9. Awesome build! What light is that?
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