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  1. In the market for a frag tank, anything out there?
  2. Picked up a pair of Ice cap gyre 3ks. They move a ton of water!
  3. Well just picked up my first fish for the 180.. I set up a 20L for a QT tank. Picked up a cleaner shrimp, Yellow tang and a powder brown tang. They are eating flake and nori like pigs. Fingers crossed.. More fish to come.
  4. I'm interested once my tank is done looking like crap. Lol
  5. Going through the uglies now.. Just my pair of clowns.
  6. Well tank is up and running.. Picked up a pair of ORA misbar naked clowns and away we are cycling. I am using Fritz turbo start 900 with a bottle of ammonia from Dr Tims. Not 100% on the rock work but so far I'm digging it.
  7. Looking for a pair of clowns. Who's got anything for sale?
  8. Jebao 20000 here... Only been running for a couple of weeks but man is it a beast and dead silent.. So glad I got rid of my reeflo barracuda pumps
  9. Next I'll drain the display and add sand and saltwater. Throw in some prime to remove the chlorine because I just used tap water for testing. I'm going to use Dr Tim's to cycle, I've used it on the past and had great luck with it.
  10. We basically built "C" channels out of studs. A little overkill but my bro in law has been In Construction his whole life helped me out on this. We could have used 2x6 but we had a bunch of extra studs so we did it this way.
  11. Freshwater test underway.. So far so good, no leaks and everything is working as expected. That jebao 20000 is an absolute monster.. I have it at 50% and there is still more flow as my old tank. At full power its literally spraying water out of my return nozzles. My only concern is the height of my drain pipe. Should I be concerned? This is how it came in the overflow kit. I killed the power and still have tons of room in my mammoth sump. I love having the sump in the basement so much cleaner looking and easy access to all equipment.
  12. Did a little plumbing yesterday.. got the return done. 1.5" hard plumbed to a ture union check valve, stepped up to a 2" ball valve, 1.5" up through the floor, 1.5" Y to dual 1" lines to each overflow using soft line. Also added a manifold for the future with two 1" ball valves.
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