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  1. Built a header in my basement to support the weight of my 180. Then got side tracked a finished a large portion of the basement. Lol Next up, drop ceiling and flooring. Then sink, plumbing, run more electrical.... yea this 180 might be wet by summer.
  2. I have Hulu live. Has DVR, on demand. $65 month
  3. This is a glass cages custom build. 3' x 5' x 26", 240gallons. It is glass. It has a 4' overflow in the rear with 4 large drains.. comes with the return manifold. It's all cleaned up and ready to go. $500.
  4. Mussin

    Wishy washed 120

    It's the worst part huh? Patience has never been my strong suit. I used dr Tim's last time. Cycled in 2 weeks
  5. They are nice.. not sure how well they will hold up to salt though. I'm going to coat them in a thin layer of grease. They were only $18 for the pair on Amazon.

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