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  1. I just used a plastic basket I got at the dollar store. I just use a mag float to keep it in place
  2. 2 are decent sized (2") 1 is small. If it helps I can meet u somewhere.
  3. I currently have 10 rainbows and 3 Rose's. $40 each. I do have a small rose and a small rainbow for 30each.. Located in Lima
  4. Yea. It only does it if I have some in there for a week. If I use it the same day its fine.
  5. Surprised that flame angel hasnt made a snack out of those clams yet.
  6. So does all reef salt leave a brown film on storage containers? I use Kent sea salt and it always has if it sits for a week or longer.
  7. Tang is sold.. I also have a fighting conch FREE. Must pick asap .
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