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  1. Mussin

    ATO question

    I use the micro smart. Works great
  2. He'd try like hell to catch them if he could. He just sits with me and stares at the tank.
  3. ATI 60" 8 bulb T5 fixture. Everything works great. Bulbs have a little life left. $300
  4. I added a lot more rock for hiding/sleeping spots for all the fish. All the white rock is from my sump. Currently my fish list is as follows : yellow, chocolate, Kole, hippo, powder blue, orange shoulder and naso tangs, lawnmower blenny, blue throat trigger and 4 clowns. I've also started to purchase coral.
  5. After a major set back (velvet outbreak) were back up and running...
  6. Put all of my fish back in the 180. Quarantine is complete.
  7. 3rd Pic.. Green and orange zoas. Price?
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