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  1. I'm thinking of adding some lumen light bars to add to the reefbreeder.
  2. I have a 4' reefbreeder led light and I upgraded to a 180 tank. There is 12" on each side with the light centered. Will I need additional lighting? Light hangs 11" or so from the water. Thoughts
  3. Same as you joe.. going to be a while until my 180 sees water but it's going to be a nice set up. I'm having a custom stand and canopy made now.
  4. Mussin

    Wishy washed 120

    Looks great Joe! You ain't messing around with this set up. Excellent equipment! Love the water closet!
  5. Nice. I'm out in Elida
  6. Mussin

    Wishy washed 120

    Cant wait to see what u do with it..
  7. Following along. I'm in the same boat. Researching pumps
  8. What size sump are u running?
  9. Will sell tank and stand for $400
  10. I have a sweet sump that I'll let go for the right price. I bought it for the 120 before I upgraded.
  11. Yes I had a sump under it. With a skimmer. Plenty of room.
  12. No sump. Comes with plumbing. one of the bulkheads broke when I was disassembling the set up but I have a replacement for it.
  13. Selling my 120rr tank. 4' x 2' x 2'.. Tank is in great condition. Dual overflows, 1" drains, 3/4" returns. Black stand is also in good shape, would probably put new hinges on as they are a bit rusty but work great. Comes with a 4' reefbreeder photon v1 led light fixture. Goes perfect with this tank. Grows coral great! $600
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