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  1. *climbs out from under his boulder in Columbus* Hey everyone! Long time no post! Let me just start off by saying: "Yay! COVID!" (Not meaning to start a political commentary here.) As a preface, for those who don't know or forgot, I work at a school in New Albany that has a 300 Gallon saltwater display in our main area. I'll post pictures of it sometime in the future as I both need to algae scrape it and one of our Radions failed due to a bad gasket (thankfully with five days left in the warranty ), so the left part of the tank is not lit very well. It looks REALLY NICE (
  2. *stumbles out from under his mound of Lego Technic pieces and broken laptops and iPads* @Muttley000 HI! Holy crap, it's been a long time since I've been on the forum. 0.o I hope that everything has been going well! I'll post some updated pictures of the tank after it's cleaned on Tuesday (we're working to get some nutrients under control as we had a few equipment failures, causing some cyanobacteria growth on the sand bed), but I'll give a current stock list: Fish Porcupine Puffer (Puffy) Male Box Anthias Moorish Idol (The newest addition to th
  3. *Cough, cough* September? Anything for September? The school year has finally calmed down and I haven't done much with my hobby, at least in saltwater, so I'm itching to do something, ideally before potential snow storms and other inclement weather stops me from being able to make the drive up Northwest. Just listing some things that I would enjoy doing (in no particular order): Do a fishstore crawl Drink some beer (while talking about our hobby) Do a fish room tour Cookout swap/fish room tour Walk on a beach (after the hurricanes are all gone) Tour
  4. Well, I just crawled out from under my rock down here in the faraway land of Columbus and saw this. How big are they? The 300 Gallon at the school could really use some clownfish, though they have to be of decent size (2+ inches; they seemed relatively larger in the photo) so as not to look tasty to Puffy. (Diodon holocanthus--Porcupine puffer. He's taken a liking to very small fish, save for the two damsels that were in that tank before he was). I'd really like to get the kids a couple/few clowns, though technically Perculas or Ocellaris would be ideal since they're "Nemo".
  5. I've been leaning more in the LED route--specifically the Kessil AP700--though I love how my T5's look and have known of the success of Metal Halides. The only reasons I don't want to use Metal Halides are that they are pretty expensive (bulbs and electricity) and they generate a lot of heat. Any SPS guys/gals have experience with Kessils (either 360's or the AP700)? I like them a lot but I want to know what others think. Yeah, that's exactly why I don't want to go with Metal Halides. What LEDs are you looking into running?
  6. Hey All! Seeing as that I basically can't stop planning out new projects even as I work on others, I've long considered setting up an SPS tank, and so why not start thinking about it! With that, would you all mind sharing what lights you use over your tanks and the success that you've had (or haven't, though I hope this isn't the case)? If you feel like it, would you also mind giving a bit of insight as to why you chose the lights you did?
  7. Hey All! I have a Hydra 52, however I have somehow managed to lose the power supply for it... Does anyone have an extra one they'd be willing to sell (or of course donate, if that's what you'd prefer ).
  8. Hey, all! So, I've been a little bored as of late in terms of tank projects, and Aaron (Rivers to Reefs) managed to have a customer back out on an 80 Gallon frag tank that was drilled in a funky way (both holes are on the same small side of the tank and are 1.5"), so leave it to me to get inspired to do something that not many people have done before: A planted, community saltwater tank. (For those of you who are not familiar with freshwater terminology, that refers to planted tanks with schools of fish, often times small, but not necessarily, unless you're me). Leave it to the guy wit
  9. *climbs up out of his dark, wet, NPS hole* Since you all managed to remind me that the forums exist, and I agree that it is time, I'll be uploading a picture of the tank once I go into work this afternoon. I would have uploaded one a couple of days ago, however one of our lights had failed after a power surge led to a sump flooding which took out its transformer, and I didn't really think that a half-lit tank would make for a nice scene.
  10. This is the tank just after Aaron finished the setup of the equipment and the hardscape on Monday. (I call the hardscape anything that can exist in its form outside of water, such as rock and sand.) Here's a shot of the sump and all the filtration equipment from laying inside the stand and shooting out towards the main area. (A very interesting shot from Aaron, I must say!) And here it is nearly half full! By Friday I hope to have the tank filled, salted, and have the water flowing. Then in a couple weeks we'll start to get fish in!!!
  11. While I agree for a personal tank, at the school I don't want to deal with things possibly "falling" into the sump from some student's hands. Also, guests being able to see into the back of the stand is less than ideal.
  12. Thanks! And yeah, that would be amazing, but I'm just happy that I got the tank. I was told that it would have to be against that wall, especially since there was no way we could get electricity into the middle of the hallway intersection. I do like the nook under the stairs as you really get a cool view of the tank.
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