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    The aquarium of course, homebrewing, diving, etc...

    BTW - I wasn't on the boat the day the snorkeling video was shot, but that's the boat I dive from when we're in Florida.

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  1. Traded in the Silverado... no ‘Vette for me for a while!
  2. Yes, I'm a scheduler/dispatcher/driver. I don't think I'll ever be bored. 40-hour schedule though, talk about culture shock!
  3. I took a full-time job with HATS here in Findlay. We'll see how that goes for a while. Maybe I can go to Florida AND have a boat!
  4. Me and "awesome tank" in the same sentence... I've been doing lots of water changes. I lost a lot of my SPS, with some water quality issues of my own making. It's turned around, I think, but I'm going to throw some more flow to it, and add a 36" Aquatic Life T5 to the Radions. Still have the Bashsea sump and skimmer to get integrated, it's all been on a back burner. On the bright side, I retired last weekend!
  5. hllywd

    My little heroes!

    I hope they work for you. I didn't have very good luck. Curious, where did you find them?
  6. hllywd

    My little heroes!

    I think you have to be patient with them for sure. A few years ago I had a 120 that has hundreds of aiptasia. I spent quite a bit on a few berghia nudibranchs. Never saw them again in six months or so. I eventually bought a few peppermints and didn't see them for quite a while, like this time. Then, I noticed the tank was a little better, then one day I couldn't find any aiptasia. In my two experiences, this is a months long solution.
  7. hllywd

    My little heroes!

    I've been having some problems with my 200. Not the least of which was an aiptasia infestation that was getting out of hand. I'll bet I had a forest of 25 or 30 growing on the side if my clam and quite a few more around the tank. I tossed 6 of these guys in, maybe a couple months ago. I didn't see any of them till a week ago. I did however think some aiptasia were missing. Tonight feeding the fish, I saw two peps out looking for some morsels. Even better, the clam is completely clean! Yay!!!
  8. I have this, right now, today (8/19, 1:29pm). It has to go this afternoon/evening. I’m in Findlay. Way more than the pic looks like! If I don’t hear anything by 5:00 it’s gone.
  9. Peppermint shrimp are the best thing i ever tried. Depends how big your tank is and how many you have lurking in the rock. I have a couple that have snuck into my 200, no way to physically check everyplace in there and I've never had great success with manual methods anyway. I'm a little concerned about compatibility with my cleaner shrimp, but there isn't going to be much choice for me.
  10. How is your light spill on the ends? I was thinking a 36” unit since it’s pretty good as is.
  11. I want to do that with my Radions. I’m thinking that will give some extra punch I need. My Maxima seems fine on the sand, but those pink and gold zoos just didn’t do well in the lower quarter.
  12. We had a spotted hawk for a long time that had a lot of character, good choice too IMO. I’d like to have one or the other again.
  13. I’ll have some to get rid of in Findlay the middle of next week.
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