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  1. Man this build is amazing so far ! Can't wait to see it when its running!
  2. Pretty sure you can do a ton of people thru a Facebook video chat now. Would be kinda cool to do.
  3. The split moved about the OG piece. I love this.
  4. I’d like to buy one. When are you available to meet ?
  5. Craig

    Window AC

    Anyone have one laying around ?
  6. Looking for 25$ shipped.
  7. Mine have always stayed out. Ill be curious how the little girl is with it here soon!
  8. Pm me ASAP I’m headed to post office to ship something else also and I can ship today.
  9. If the gyre is still available Friday I’ll take it.
  10. When you wanna grab it ? How far from Toledo are you ?
  11. Where are you located ??
  12. 50$ just took it off the tank and it’s clean and ready to go.
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