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  1. Converting the overflow to a herbie this weekend. Should be interesting haha
  2. $5 a piece plus shipping. Shipping would be like 5$ or less
  3. Craig

    Cube sump

    Looking for a cube sump. A ruby or sapphire is ideal but open to any sumps 23x23 or smaller.
  4. Craig


    Is there anyone in Toledo that carries them ? I don’t have a problem driving either. What do they run price wise ?
  5. Craig


    You’re only 40 mins from me. Do you have a store front ? Or how can I come get some pods ? Do you have them in stock ?
  6. I’ve made so many things for the tank with it haha.
  7. New front tank shot.
  8. I’m printing them.
  9. More 3D printed things.
  10. Great seller definitely recommend beautiful tank.
  11. Im in Toledo, can I get the $15 acan, hell fire zoa frag, toxic avengers and a green goblin? Can you PM me your phone number?
  12. Got the breakout box from @Jesse mounted and whole drilled for that and added another wavemaker.
  13. Water closet is about done. Might buy a booster pump but picked this RODI up and replaced my aqua buddie which wasn’t fast enough for me.
  14. I have it screwed into place and the wires are just zip tied behind the white piece to make it look somewhat neat but since I can’t see back there it’s not a huge deal how it looks haha.
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