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  1. Could new things. Wish me luck.
  2. Tanks coming along nicely. Removed the stock lid with leds and put a Red Sea 50 led on the tank. Also added a jebao wavemaker and a Smart Micro ATO. Still not sure my direction with the tank. I’d like to get an anemone and maybe just do a softy tank.
  3. Ya it’s insane. I really wasn’t looking to come back into the hobby but I started watching saltwater videos and he showed a huge interest in them and I had to set one up.
  4. Thanks buddy. How you been ? Got some live rock pieces to add today to seed the tank. You already know my pace on things haha.
  5. Hey everyone. Names Craig. I’ve been around here for a few years. Picked up this tank from another member of this forum. Already have cleaned it out and it should be wet in a few hours. Not sure on stocking yet. Most likely a pair of clowns to start and we will see how it goes. My daughter will be 2 in December and she’s shown a HUGE interest in fish so I picked this tank up mainly for her. I’ll post some pictures soon
  6. Selling this for my uncle. if you have any questions please ask ! Asking $200$ obo for the rodi and DI or can separate. Asking $ 150 for the Zeovit reactor.
  7. Not set on size yet but let me know what you have !
  8. Added a few frags and a mangrove.
  9. Ive done this on and off. Always seems to help get stuff off the sand bed and get it to the surface to be skimmed out of the water.
  10. Ya but they're focusing all their time to fish they got rid of all the other animals
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