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  1. I've done this before and I left the pics up for two days took them down and they were in the anemone the next day.
  2. First few days for him were rough my female is about 6 times his size and she was bullying him they seem okay now and he has his anemone so all seems well.
  3. Already in an anemone !!!
  4. Randomly lost a clownfish a few days ago so added this little guy. My bigger clown has been kind of a bully since adding hope it makes it thru the night.
  5. A macro lens for my Sony a7iii
  6. Aquarium World in Toledo has an insane amount of fish in right now. Ive never seen so many fish lol-
  7. Aquarium World in Toledo
  8. Added this little fella today.
  9. So I think my anemone might be a black widow ? Anyone have any experience with what this might be ?
  10. Anemone split again ! Have three now lol
  11. Cheap chinese black boxes but will be buying a Ocean Revive next.
  12. Craig


    I have a rimless and still use a screen net. Im attracted to jumpers lol. I have one purple firefish one red firefish and a flasher wrasse.
  13. Craig


    Aqua Culture has it for 62$ a box not sure if the price has gone up or not.
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