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  1. Added a few frags and a mangrove.
  2. Ive done this on and off. Always seems to help get stuff off the sand bed and get it to the surface to be skimmed out of the water.
  3. Ya but they're focusing all their time to fish they got rid of all the other animals
  4. Only thing I have bought from him was a Yellow tang it was fat and healthy his fish selection was very impressive. Most fish i've ever seen in a LFS
  5. Aquarium Masterminds Aqua Culture Aquarium World Fishy Guys (Dont think their saltwater is at 100% yet they just moved was formerly Pampered Pets Coral Reef (Perrysburg) Petco (Bowling Green)
  6. They moved. They're in Sylvania off Alexis Rd now.
  7. Craig

    I want more fish!!!

    Color might depend a lot on lighting and other conditions. Looks happy to me though.
  8. I absolutely love my Fusion 20. Tons of room in the back for whatever you want to put back there and with the mighty jet you wont need a wavemaker. Just use the mighty jet and random flow generators.
  9. Nothing currently. Hoping water changes will be enough. I have a fluval sea one but I don’t think I’m going to use it. Running inTank floss holders and will throw some chemipure in the back when the tank needs it.
  10. Here’s a couple of updated photos. Tanks going great threw a ton of Fritz Zyme in and tank cycled in 3 days and I’ve been watching ammonia and nitrites and both stay at 0. Don’t plan on adding any other fish if any at all. Waiting for the tank to get some uglies before adding a clean up crew. So happy with this little setup it’s exactly what I wanted.
  11. Anyone have a bubble tip near Toledo ?
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