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  1. I’m all apex now. Too much a pain to switch now.
  2. That’s unfortunate. I’ve looked at it a few times never pulled the trigger.
  3. Maybe just feed a little heavy for a few days.
  4. Craig

    Top 10 Zoa's

    Utter chaos, Rastas, bam bams, blue hornets, blue eye blondies are some of my favorite.
  5. I try to stay under .1 I've gotten dinos in an old system running low nutrients.
  6. Added a third wave maker. Most likely overkill for a 60cube but why not ? Haha
  7. I would run a strainer on your full siphon. As you can see the snail on mine haha
  8. You want the backup to be taller.
  9. Im using 3/4" drain with 1" emergency haha. It works surprisingly well and the tanks only 60g so its more then enough. So weird how quiet it is. Weird walking into the room and not hearing water flowing.
  10. I just did this to my 60g cube and my god I wish I had done it sooner. Tank is completely silent.
  11. They were $99 at Salty a few weeks ago. Guessing they will raise the prices on them.
  12. I use this weekly after water changes. So far my tank has yet to go thru the "ugly" stages. Can't say its because of this or not but its all I use plus some activated carbon.
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