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  1. I have a few used/refurbished All-in-One Dell Optiplex computers (varying models), for personal use or for your business. Price is $150 per computer, and discounts if buying more than one. All have Windows 10 Pro installed.
  2. Where are you located again? My brother in law is the instructor at the JVS in Oberlin. He may be able to do it.
  3. I tried that with my wife, and she said they are going to Disney, the fish tank can wait. We are moving soon and we don't even know if it will fit. My answer... "Oh it will fit!" This is exactly what I have been looking for, but I just can't right now. AGE is supposed to be a outstanding builder, but I am curious about the acrylic eurobracing. How well does that adhere to glass?
  4. You too can have growth like this, when you use my special sauce! Honestly, I don't do anything special. It is actually looking rough in person. Some of my sps have browned out and are not looking very good. I have neglected cleaning and have algae all over. Aptasia that I just can't seem to get rid of, and enough asteria stars to feed a harlequin army. ... I'm almost thinking I should have gone with Radions and been done with it. Instead I had to push against the grain, and have been kinda regretting it. They do a good job, just not all that I would have expected for a high end light.
  5. 300 gallon peninsula fish tank - $2000 (Mansfield) image 1 of 6 condition: like new make / manufacturer: Acrylic and glass exhibits size / dimensions: 72x32x30 The tank dimensions are 72 long x 32 wide x 30 high. The bottom of the tankPVC. The glass is low iron star fire glass on three sides. Wave boxes and over flow are off the back of tank in an external overflow. The top urobrace is acrylic. Silicone is good on all seals on the tank. The tank is on a white steel frame enclosed with cherry veneer millwork. Total height stands at 6’. Tank includes, steel stand, cherry veneer millwork https://southcoast.craigslist.org/for/d/300-gallon-peninsula-fish-tank/7005408360.html
  6. I use the ESV two part, and would be interested in trying their salt at some point... When I start making my own again.
  7. This guy! I will be PRE ordering for sure
  8. Looks like you have a quality stand builder. I might need to hire him out.
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