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  1. I do. That is all my wife's doing. In the old house the walls were a teal blue, so it looked real good with the tank and the net. I didn't paint the walls in the new place when we moved, and the basement walls are a tan. You can see the brown netting, but it dose not look as good.
  2. It busted during shipping. Package was insured, so I ended up getting reimbursed.
  3. I have mixed feelings about socks. I will occasionally run them, but when things are rocking and rolling I usually don't. If I have algae issues or am running something that requires a sock I will run them. For cleaning I will throw them in the washer and them them sit in a mix of water and vinegar. Then I will wash and dry them.
  4. @Jesse looks like yours says it tests in PPM not PPB. So you would have the +/-.01 variance.
  5. I am of the mindset that some phosphates are good. I am having an issue with GHA, and the lower my phosphates are the more I have a problem with the GHA. Same with nitrate. The lower I am on nitrate, the more problems I have with algae growth. That being said, I like to try to keep my nitrate above 10 ppm, and let the phosphate automatically regulate itself. I am sure there is a +/- variant in the Hanna ULR, so it is hard for me to imagine that you truly are at 0.
  6. The only problem with transitioning is it can take up to two weeks for funds to transfer. So now wouldn't be the time. Once this dies down, I'm out of Robinhood. They totally screwed themselves.
  7. Just imagine you are paying real money for Monopoly money, and your good to go!
  8. I put $100 into Dogecoin at .02 on Thursday. I watched it go to .08 by 1130. Almost a 400% increase in my investment. I was really tempted to cash out, but the rockets went to my head. I figured I'd hold to the morning and see where we were at. In the AM it was hovering at .05, and I sold for just over double what I out in. I took my $100 back, and bought a little more at a dip of .04. Now we are riding .03-.04. I have 125 invested, and am showing about $77. So currently at a loss of profits, but I have not lost money from my pocket. It was totally happenstance that I was watching this
  9. That is so dumb. Hawaii and Indo go through these bans, and for the most part it is all political. It will eventually turn, but it definitely stinks in the mean time.
  10. So many good lighting options on the market these days.
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