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  1. Everything looks great. GLWS!
  2. Man that is a nice table! Great work. I love seeing these projects. Please keep sharing.
  3. To me that is a bunch of BS...Not to be confused with Bulk Supply. They have pushed and pushed Neptune for years. Encouraged everyone to buy it, and now they own the whole market. How will this effect other retailers like Saltwater aquarium.com? They carry Neptune products, but I bet there will be better incentives to buy direct from BRS now. Maybe nothing will change, but sounds bad to me.
  4. Man Matt!!! This is a disaster. Ive been there before, and it is not fun. When I was living at home with my mom, my domain was the basement. One bad storm like that and the sewer backed up all in the basement. Poop water everywhere... Insurance took care of most of it, but a $20k policy goes real quick. Especially when it is a gut and redo. Sorry for the troubles my friend.
  5. Tyree pinky the bear, Pink Lemonade, Sexys OP, and BC aquatic man table. Lost these guys a while back and would love to snag them again.
  6. Sure is. Marine Depot seemed to have much better customer service. Not to say I haven't shopped at BRS, but they were not my go to.
  7. Those frag racks are nice. What are the actual dimensions? Shoot me a message with a price.
  8. We are in the same boat. Trying to build a garage addition with living space above, and it was gonna be over 100k. It is stupid.
  9. Agree with this. You might do better parting it out, but then its the hassle of the time to do it. I would say you would be hard pressed to get $1-1.5k out of it as a whole setup. Which ends up being more than a slight loss.
  10. I jumped in on this one. I've never used Ecotech products, but I am ready to give it a try!
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