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  1. That's a good idea, all about how you present the bad news.
  2. Are you using this instead of kalk or in conjunction with?
  3. I have one. Not looking as fantastic as the above pic, but still a cool piece.
  4. I will definitely buy from them again. These have been growing, albeit rather slowly, they are growing.
  5. Amazing! I love Colorado.
  6. Lol I wish. I am in need of a few things myself. I am thinking my KHD PH probe is bad. This is what I get for buying used. After buying this and the other pieces that would have been in the combo set, I will be at the 15% off price.
  7. Really it isnt much different than some of our smaller tanks, just on a larger scale. I have to say I am quite jealous. They say size dosen't matter, but... Cant wait to see the new skimmer, and how that might help with some of your water issues. Keep us posted!
  8. Cool find. I wonder if a clown hosts another type of coral, if the same benefits apply? The clowns in our biocube host a torch and a toadstool.
  9. OMG I LOVE IT!!! What is your maintenance schedule look like on the 650? I just got so gitty lol Do you dive to clean the glass???
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