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  1. Hello everyone! I have two OG Bounce frags up for sale. Local pick up in Cincinnati, Beechmont/Amelia area. For those looking to ship, you pay actual shipping cost. PM me your zip and I can give you the price of shipping. I am accepting Paypal or DODGECOIN! In light of the recent Doge push, I figured what better way to incorporate two hobbies! Cash price and Doge price listed on pics of frags. PM me and I will send you my Doge address. Frag 1- 1.25" plug asking $250+shipping or 550 DOGE Frag 2 - 1.25" plug with two OG Bounce shrooms asking $400+ shipping or 850 DOGE
  2. I have an ehime auto feeder that feeds pellets twice a day. Then 2-3x a week a I feed seaweed for the tangs, and small chunk of LRS.
  3. We go camping every year in Mohican. Nice place to canoe, mountain bike, and hike. We just went in with the family on a vacation house in Cape Coral, Florida. So I am sure we will be down there a bit more in the future. If I had my choice, I would be in the Rocky Mountains somewhere, or Hawaii... Thailand... New Zealand. I could do any of that.
  4. 6+ years on a Azure Damsel (affectionately known as Jax). When I started reef keeping, a co-workers son was getting out of the hobby. This tank was overtaken by hair algae and he was going to college. No more time for it, so she gave me his fish. The damsel and a black and white clown. I ended up getting Wyoming whites and traded in the black and white clown. However, the damsel is still kicking.
  5. Still battling hair algae. Did a blackout to help, and some of my sps were not up to it. Some are white in the pics. Massive 80watt UV on order. We will see if it helps.
  6. I do. That is all my wife's doing. In the old house the walls were a teal blue, so it looked real good with the tank and the net. I didn't paint the walls in the new place when we moved, and the basement walls are a tan. You can see the brown netting, but it dose not look as good.
  7. It busted during shipping. Package was insured, so I ended up getting reimbursed.
  8. I have mixed feelings about socks. I will occasionally run them, but when things are rocking and rolling I usually don't. If I have algae issues or am running something that requires a sock I will run them. For cleaning I will throw them in the washer and them them sit in a mix of water and vinegar. Then I will wash and dry them.
  9. @Jesse looks like yours says it tests in PPM not PPB. So you would have the +/-.01 variance.
  10. I am of the mindset that some phosphates are good. I am having an issue with GHA, and the lower my phosphates are the more I have a problem with the GHA. Same with nitrate. The lower I am on nitrate, the more problems I have with algae growth. That being said, I like to try to keep my nitrate above 10 ppm, and let the phosphate automatically regulate itself. I am sure there is a +/- variant in the Hanna ULR, so it is hard for me to imagine that you truly are at 0.
  11. The only problem with transitioning is it can take up to two weeks for funds to transfer. So now wouldn't be the time. Once this dies down, I'm out of Robinhood. They totally screwed themselves.
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