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  1. This is super cool! Is there a link to see it live?
  2. I don't think there is anything I could have done to prevent it. The breaker tripped in the middle of the night Tuesday, according to my p4. So maybe having my p4 on a separate breaker system than the life support system of the tank... But I've been running it for 3 years this way an never had any issues. Beats me. I reevaluated everything this morning, and it is a total loss. Things that had color yesterday are dead or dying. The handful of things I have that might make it, I'm going to take to the LFS. Time for a reboot I guess. We have been planning on moving to Northern Ohio, but finally put the kabash on that this week (prior to tank death). We are going to stay in Cincy and remodel this house. Plans include a fish room and a 72x32x20 display on the main floor... so in case of power outage, and I am away, my family might notice the tank being dead before it starts to stink. Failsafe plans: P4 on separate breaker Buy power outage sms module for P4 As Arnold says...I'll be back!
  3. Welp... I have been out of town for work, and someone tripped a breaker in the house and killed the tank. Wife walks in and house smells like dead fish. Tank has been off for a while, all fish are dead. All coral will most likely be in the same boat. Lol Sucky day...
  4. Let me know if anything catches your eye! Generally asking 20-30 a frag (except WD). Located 45255. I'm being lazy and not providing names.
  5. Hello everyone! If you are not aware, I am a distributor of GHL products. I am about to place an order for some supplies. If you have been eyeballing anything or would like to stock up on some items, feel free to let me know by PM. If we have enough interest, I can speak with them about some sort of group buy discounts. Just let me know! ~Brandon
  6. I think they might be tunicates. I moved them to a spot where I can keep a closer eye on them, but they resemble this picture when undisturbed in the water.
  7. Looks like eggs of some sort, but I don't know what? Thought they were algae,but upon closer inspection it looks like something is inside.
  8. I will be there. I snagged a booth.
  9. Throw a Nemo, Dory, and a Seahorse in there and your golden! LOL I think the same thing when I go and visit aquariums like Newport. Most of the Reef displays are just plain ugly. The beginner reef keeper can have a more beautiful reef tank than what I see in the large aquariums. People pay $40+ a head to get in and see a green mushroom covered rock and two clown fish swimming around a nem. I guess they are more there to see the sharks and rays, but still the public education on living reefs is just not there.
  10. I was flying through Austin, TX and as I was waiting to board the plane I look over and see this fine piece of digital reef tank artwork. It kills me to see this being displayed and advertised as a beautiful aquarium piece. The first thing I notice is the aptasia infestation! I mean I have aptasia, but this tank has more aptasia than coral! Anyway... If someone paid for this, maybe I can start a business selling aquarium photography too!
  11. I know a local guy in Cincy that uses one, and he swears by it. Apparently it is operated by one guy, and you can message him from the website and he can help you get it setup and running. This is all second hand info though, so... take it with a grain of salt.
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