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  1. I don't mind mowing... When you get me to do it.
  2. Nice pocillopora! Very easy and fast growing sps.
  3. crimsonvice

    Indo Acropora

    Are you putting them through any coral quarantine process? I have heard of people doing this.
  4. If Jake says it will be high dollar... High dollar it will become.
  5. Even though my tank is full of SPS, this little duncan is one of my first and still one of my favorites.
  6. Nice! I would consider this on my next tank. Was that our buddy @Luke Schnabel?
  7. Where are you getting your indos from?
  8. Lol I just heard about it at work. Adding it to the list.
  9. It looks good! Do you have some nems to put in it?

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