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  1. I'd give this guy a try, when I am looking for some specifics on my next tank. I would like to get a small Sohal and Manucipulis Tang.
  2. I would love to see that done. You should do it, and I will follow.
  3. This was my first tang purchase. Tom is still kicking it with me. He was the king of the 60, and the low guy on the totem poll in the 120. My yellow tang seems to be the boss out of my four (Tomini, Fowleri, Dussumieri, Yellow).
  4. ? I'm in Lincoln, NE for work. I return home tomorrow afternoon.
  5. 100% of this year's proceeds will be donated to Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium. We have reached out to many of your favorite vendors, to bring you one of the best raffles that the Ohio reefing community has seen! Last year we were able to make a sizable donation to Mote Marine, and this year we hope to exceed that. Total Raised in 2019: $6,000 About Mote: We are scientists, explorers and stewards of the ocean. Driven by research, education and excitement we work to create a better environment for ourselves and our children. The answers are in the ocean. Together, we will find them. We are an independent marine research institution comprised of world-class marine scientists committed to the belief that the conservation and sustainable use of our oceans begins with research and education. Donate directly to Mote If you or your organization would like to donate to the Buckeye Reef 2019 Raffle, Please mail your donations to. Buckeye Reef 16600 Tyler Rd. Bowling Green, OH 43402 Confirmed Sponsors: AquaticLife Aqua Ultraviolet Avast Marine Works Bob Smith Industries Bulk Reef Supply Caribsea Cermedia Dr. Tims Saltwateraquarium.com Shipyouraquatics Tunze Zoomed
  6. Get better soon. I had it last week and it stinks!
  7. There are a lot of pre-built sumps that are now coming with down pipe drains cut at 45*. My Bashsea sump is that way. It is even has 4 slotted cut outs at 45* going up the tube.
  8. I would agree. I am not sure of any sumps that come with lids, unless you start to go the custom route. If you are somewhat handy, you might be able to fabricate some yourself using acrylic you can buy off of Amazon for relatively cheap.
  9. Anyone planning on going this weekend? I know @Dr.Fraggenstien will be there. I was supposed to be there, but I messed up my work schedule and will be out of town until Saturday! Doh!!!
  10. You might be relying more on Andy this year than me. I have stuff, but it's been looking rough the last couple weeks.
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