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  1. I have one. He is huge! Interesting creature to watch.
  2. I know there are going to be a few of us that will be at the cincy swap, but that's not until January. Just as a side note, I hate being so far away from everyone. I mean 3 hrs isn't that far, but far enough to make it inconvenient.
  3. Looks Fantastic! No photo lens needed.
  4. I wouldnt think you would need a 5th. The aquaticlife will help give a nice even light too.
  5. Sounds good! I am not sure how familiar you guys are with adding them to your tanks, but will give you a few quick tips. 1. Wait until lights out, and everyone is hiding. 2. Turn off all flow. 3. Thy are not slow, but they take their time finding there way out of the container, so be patient. 4. Try to have them all in the same place. They do better as a group them a pair. Hope this helps some!
  6. So I stocked a 1o gallon with 6 nudies. Day 4...
  7. Yes it would be. Set a time and date, and I am sure people will come.
  8. Well... Lost my job today... I really need to win. Lol
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