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    crimsonvice got a reaction from Muttley000 in Need to Thin the Crop   
    I don't think there is anything I could have done to prevent it. The breaker tripped in the middle of the night Tuesday, according to my p4. So maybe having my p4 on a separate breaker system than the life support system of the tank... But I've been running it for 3 years this way an never had any issues. Beats me.
    I reevaluated everything this morning, and it is a total loss. Things that had color yesterday are dead or dying. The handful of things I have that might make it, I'm going to take to the LFS.
    Time for a reboot I guess. We have been planning on moving to Northern Ohio, but finally put the kabash on that this week (prior to tank death). We are going to stay in Cincy and remodel this house. Plans include a fish room and a 72x32x20 display on the main floor... so in case of power outage, and I am away, my family might notice the tank being dead before it starts to stink. 
    Failsafe plans:
    P4 on separate breaker
    Buy power outage sms module for P4
    As Arnold says...I'll be back!
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    crimsonvice got a reaction from Muttley000 in Anyone know what these are?   
    I think they might be tunicates. I moved them to a spot where I can keep a closer eye on them, but they resemble this picture when undisturbed in the water. 

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    crimsonvice reacted to mrx1tuba in New Fish!   
    Another great shipment in today! So much to look at!
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    crimsonvice reacted to Travis in Travis's 75g   
    Tank is doing pretty good! A few slight ups and downs. I lost the small green brain, my pistol shrimp dropped my space invader pectina on it. However the larger brain and  rescue scoly are doing better, we'll the scoly is doing phenomenal. I also added another nice brain to the tank, but my damn tangs were picking at it. Now it's only slightly because I have a gourmet nori feeder to keep them distracted. Added some zoas, frogspawn, a new hammer. Super excited to have been able to acquire a WWC OG bounce mushroom and a walt disney frag. I also made way too many frags so if anyone is interested hit me up haha  here's what I have fragged, I have others just not ready.
    Oh and not to mention I may have 2 different types of unknown bounce mushrooms I'm just waiting to see if the bubbles keep growing or go away. Fingers crossed haha 
    The list
    Purple and green hammer-
    Purple and green Candycane-
    Green Monti frags and colony-
    Mycedium Elephantotus chalice-
    Blue spotted mushrooms-
    ORA Grubes Gorgonian-
    Neon green toadstool-
    Hollywood stunner-
    Ice blue chalice-
    Mint green zoas-
    Radioactive dragon eye zoas-
    Armor of God's zoa-
    Iced Armageddon zoa-
    Mohawk zoa-
    Utter Choas zoa-
    Stargazer zoa-
    Valentines day Massacre zoa-
    Rastas zoa-
    Eagle eye zoa-
    Pandoras zoa-
    Blondies zoa-
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    crimsonvice reacted to watdachuck in Masini's Dream Build   
    Here are a few frag projects I'm working on. These were either frags from trade or corals that were struggling that I am trying to save. The Beach Bum has been a long road that started with a pebble sized bit.

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    crimsonvice reacted to watdachuck in Masini's Dream Build   
    Some recent photos I have taken. BoTom (Emperor) is getting very large. It is going to be a few years until the larger tank becomes a reality but the ideas are stirring.

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    crimsonvice reacted to watdachuck in Adams Shallow 80g   
    Dahhhhh and you are local!!! I appreciate that, but similarly I feel like all I do is cut back and toss pieces of Monti out due to shading.
    I would definitely entertain trading other SPS if you are. Be cool to take a couple tank tours. My last Columbus reef buddy took his tank down last year when his family grew.

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    crimsonvice got a reaction from Muttley000 in CORA Frag Swap 2021 - Nov 7th   
    Thanks man!
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    crimsonvice reacted to aap15 in CORA Frag Swap 2021 - Nov 7th   
    Cool. I will definitely swing by to see what you've got.
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    crimsonvice got a reaction from Muttley000 in Aquarium Artwork   
    Throw a Nemo, Dory, and a Seahorse in there and your golden! LOL
    I think the same thing when I go and visit aquariums like Newport. Most of the Reef displays are just plain ugly. The beginner reef keeper can have a more beautiful reef tank than what I see in the large aquariums. People pay $40+ a head to get in and see a green mushroom covered rock and two clown fish swimming around a nem. I guess they are more there to see the sharks and rays, but still the public education on living reefs is just not there. 
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    crimsonvice got a reaction from jeff70 in Aquarium Artwork   
    I was flying through Austin, TX and as I was waiting to board the plane I look over and see this fine piece of digital reef tank artwork.

    It kills me to see this being displayed and advertised as a beautiful aquarium piece. The first thing I notice is the aptasia infestation! I mean I have aptasia, but this tank has more aptasia than coral! Anyway... If someone paid for this, maybe I can start a business selling aquarium photography too!
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    crimsonvice reacted to marinelife in A.C.R. (Automated Calcium Reactor)   
    Sorry for the slow response. my spam folder was getting all these notifications.
    I am selling this because I have no coral and have no plans to get corals again for a while. My fish are just way to big and dirty the tank to allow corals to grow.
    There is a Facebook group that helps each other with any issues that may come up and Bill is there as well. the setup is easy and he has a video out on how to do it.
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    crimsonvice reacted to Sevitz5 in A.C.R. (Automated Calcium Reactor)   
    I purchased an 8” ACR from him 2 nights ago. He actually talked with me through Facebook messenger for over an hour….sold me on it when the owner does that
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    crimsonvice reacted to Muttley000 in A.C.R. (Automated Calcium Reactor)   
    This is Bill Wann’s company, he is very well known and makes premium equipment. He used to be active on Reef2Reef (then again so did I lol). I would also try inquiring on his web site. 
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    crimsonvice reacted to Muttley000 in Aquarium Artwork   
    I suppose even aptasia are pretty to some people lol. 
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    crimsonvice reacted to aap15 in Adams Shallow 80g   
    Long time, no update. Been a pretty hectic year. Bought my first home, closed back in April, had the joy of moving the tank in June, and this is how things are looking today.
    If any wants a massive piece of Hollywood stunner chalice, it's all yours. It has outgrown my tank and I would prefer to rehome it possible.

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    crimsonvice reacted to Travis in Jerry's EVO XII Build   
    If you need any freshwater equipment or decide you want to do live plants let me know! I have 6 planted tanks, 3 have shrimp colonies in them, we're also getting ready to breed our betas
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    crimsonvice reacted to surjer in Jerry's EVO XII Build   
    After a year long fight with cyano and a zillion other fails and a full tank crash, i decided to go fresh for a while. No plans for livestock at the moment. Just enjoying the way the AI prime lights the fake plants. 

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    crimsonvice reacted to mrx1tuba in Regal Angel   
    Just in: Regal Angel! Orange colors from the Maldives. Fat and eating. Showpiece fish not often available!
    (stock image)
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    crimsonvice reacted to cptnspanky in Regal Angel   
    I sure wish these were reef safe. Id buy one in a heartbeat

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    crimsonvice reacted to BearTheSquare in Bear's IM 10   
    Been awhile since I’ve been on here, but the tank is still going. Just finished up moving it for the 9th time in 2.5 years earlier this week. Back in January I got tank of the month on nanoreef.com so feel free to check that out if you’re into that kind of stuff (https://www.nano-reef.com/featured/2021/bearthesquares-10gal-im-nuvo-fusion-nano-reef/)
    Here’s some new pictures of the tank after the move:


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    crimsonvice reacted to Joann Smith in Purple Tip Branching Hammer Coral Frags   
    $20 per head.  We have plenty available.  Located in Oberlin, OH 44074 for pick up only.  Cash only.  We also have frogspawn that we can frag out for $15 per head.  

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    crimsonvice reacted to j2b in Hollywood Stunner   
    Greetings all! I just broke off a bunch of Hollywood Stunner free if you want it. I'll meet you in the Oregon area.

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    crimsonvice got a reaction from Travis in Corals   
    Everything looks great. GLWS!
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    crimsonvice reacted to Travis in Corals   
    RBT Anemones- $40-50
    Purple and green Hammers- $25 single head, 2+ 20 each
    Purple and green Candycane-$20 single head, 2+ 15each
    Teal candycanes- $5 per head
    Green Monti- $10-15 a chunk
    Mint green zoas- $10 per 5poylp
    Armor of God's- $5 per polyp
    Mycedium Elephantotus- $20 frag $300 colony
    Blue spotted mushrooms- $10
    Radioactive dragon eye zoas- $5 per couple polyp

    **Northwood Ohio**

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