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  1. Interested in the ato possibly if you separate!
  2. Love a pink tip if you come toward Medina county ever!
  3. Jmj3783

    Hi all!

    You are right! My clusters are less dense and possibly a little thinner with lower flow.
  4. Jmj3783

    Hi all!

    Dang! What size tank? I don't have lots of sps, but the little I do have grows great in low flow. Which I didn't expect! Sometimes stuff just works lol
  5. Jmj3783

    Hi all!

    I run square, random and sine wave throughout the day. Honestly everything's at 15 percent power, except random mode is 35 percent at night. If they were turned up to 100 I'd have water splashing from the tank lol
  6. Jmj3783

    Hi all!

    Two 2k gyres for flow
  7. Jmj3783

    Hi all!

    Honestly, just the need to try new lights and boredom. That's how I usually end up in trouble is getting bored and feeling the need to try something else for no actual reason lol
  8. Wish I was closer, I like those torches!
  9. Jmj3783

    Hi all!

    Sure! It's a 90 gallon mixed reef, but recently lost most sps that was growing fast and colorful! Too much rowaphos is no joke. I have a diy 40 gallon sump with skimmer and reef breeder ato which has worked awesome for 2 years. I dose esv 2 part with a doser to keep everything happy. Currently using sb reef lights which have been great, but switching to Noopsyche to see how everything will go with those.
  10. Jmj3783

    Hi all!

    Just wanted to say hi, and thank you for this great forum! I just became a member after learning so much from reading hours about reefing in the past year. I've been doing freshwater for many years, but switched to saltwater almost 2 years ago now. Going good so far and just always trying to learn and improve! Looking forward to hopefully using the par meter to improve my lighting and finally rest knowing what my PAR levels actually are! Look forward to continued education and helping when I can!
  11. Nice builds! Never ending fun and less trouble then reefing usually!
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