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  1. Not familiar with Kessil that enough for that tank?
  2. So I have been looking for a used setup for a couple weeks. Thought I wanted to go with a smaller AIO but wasnt finding much and didnt want to be limited by space. Also dont want to go to big, had a 75 and it was a bit much and wife wanted to downsize. So Ive found two setups I like, would appreciate a vote on which you like plus any insights or opinions. Thanks!Option 1: Redsea 170 34 gallon with stand and sump, less then a year old, all the base equipment plus an AI 26HD, about 20 lbs of rock, has a blood shrimp, coral beauty, reg clown, gladiator clown, yellow spotted goby. No corals or skimmer. Theres some extra stuff, power head, test equipment. Asking $500Option 2: 60 Gallon cube, stand and sump. Kessil 360, about 70 lbs of rock, simple corals like zoas and mushrooms. Has 2 clowns, starry blenny, purple wrasse. Also has an rodi unit, skimmer, couple wavemakers, test equipment, etc. Asking $600Option 3: keep looking
  3. Used this for about a year on my tank before I sold it. Looking to get into a smaller tank and wont need it. Asking $120, located in Shelby
  4. Boy did you make this more difficult, I had found a Biocube I was going to look at this weekend.. where are you located?
  5. Hmm very interesting, does it come with everything they list on there? The skimmer, light, etc?
  6. That sound like a decent deal? Just doesn't seem to be a lot available in ohio
  7. Found a 32g biocube LED, comes running with skimmer, rodi system, rock, sand, some inhabitants, extra salt, jabeo wavemaker, heater, for $400 might go look at it this weekend
  8. Luckily I have some equipment left over from my old tanks. Still have my rodi unit, heaters, extra sand, refractometer, test kits, so can save myself a little money. Thanks for the advice
  9. I really like the 13.5, be cheaper and easier to take care of. Just dont want to limit myself too much, I know my kids love the fish/inverts and would only be able to put a couple in a 13.5
  10. I do like the looks of that, wonder how it compares to the biocube thats a bit cheaper
  11. Update looking for the biggest tank I can fit less then 28" wide
  12. Good news wife and I talked and she okayed a tank. Only stipulations are it stays in budget, she refuses to go to the fish store with me lol, it must be smaller then the last tank (75g), must have minimum maintenance and must look nice. Now Im torn, was really looking small like a Fluval Evo 13.5 or small biocube but I could go bigger. Space I have is at most 28" wide.
  13. Looking for an All In One setup with a rear sump, not looking for a sump under tank setup. Would love a larger LED biocube or similar, let me know what you have! Located in central ohio near mansfield
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