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  1. Wish I had seen that before Nano picked up our little girl on Thursday
  2. My snails and hermit crabs have been doing great. I greatly appreciate that
  3. Been almost a week and a half fishless. Tank looks so empty, still fighting some algae and cyano but should be easier to treat without the fish. One benefit is my pod population has exploded
  4. Talked to the family and were looking at adding another member. We have an 8 year old german shepherd and looking for a lab or retriever puppy. Looks like they are harder to find right now or people want top dollar ($2000+) anyone know of any puppies available? Dont need papers and willing to travel.
  5. The apex el will fit my needs, nothing on the standard apex Id really need
  6. Good so far, everything seems to like it. They are coming out with an app soon so will be even better
  7. Id like one but not in the budget currently
  8. Still raising copper to the right level. Fish all seem good but bummed I found my cleaner shrimp dead in my display. Don't know why.
  9. Tank is sad an empty. All fish moved to quarantine. Came home today and my cleaner shrimp was dead, he was fine yesterday. This is the second one I've lost. First one lasted a few months, this one about a month I dont know why. Going to be a long 10 weeks with no fish in the tank
  10. Wish I knew that before I went to petsmart last weekend lol. Thanks! I just hope they all get along and will do alright in the 20 gallon. Its a lot for the size, yellow tang (small), coral beauty, 2 full size clowns and a banghi Cardinal
  11. Was able to catch both clowns, they don't seem happy. The other fish must know they are hiding even with food. I don't know how I'm going to catch them all
  12. I am reef2reef too, qt is set up, I set an empty cartridge from the hob in my sump a couple days and added a couple extra small pieces of LR to the qt that I didn't care about
  13. Last week on friday in my display tank I noticed a couple white dots on my yellow tangs head. The following day I noticed what looked like micro bubbles all over the purple section only of my coral beauty. They were really only noticeable with my blue lights on, could not see them under the whites. So I went and bought a 20 to set up a quarantine tank thinking the tang had ick and maybe velvet on the coral beauty. Both were acting 100% normal eating like pigs. No signs of anything on my clowns or cardinal. I ordered copper power and test kit and will be here tomorrow. Was going to move everyon
  14. Bump $100 and $50 or $130 for both
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