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  1. Picked this up yesterday to occupy the higher portion
  2. Two newest members and the one coral I got yesterday
  3. Wow thats awesome where are you located? Wish I had something to offer in return, doubt you want any xenia lol. Do have some blue mushrooms
  4. Thatd be great, and never been there are they reasonable?
  5. Saw some yesterday at the store but almost $70 for a frag seemed a but much. Anyone near mansfield or within a reasonable distance?
  6. Well didnt get a lot. I miss the cheap frags they used to have. They didnt have some of the fish I wanted, said they are having a hard time getting some stuff. Bought some snails, a firefish and a banghi cardinal. Also got a grabber so I dont have to keep putting my hands in the tank. Weird I started acclimating everything and the tank went all weird on me.. all the fish were hiding, some corals closed up, dont know why.
  7. Bored sitting at home taking my son to salty critter, be there around 4:30 very last minute lol
  8. Thanks, both have 2 heads, hope I can grow them out to frag them
  9. Waffen06

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    About 50 minutes, come on slackers pin yourself lol
  10. Waffen06

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    I have, no one near me lol
  11. I dont, did pick up a hammer, frogspawn, some zoas and a rock nem today. Dont think any would like higher light
  12. Any non sps? I dont think I monitor my numbers enough for sps
  13. Have quite a few rocks of pulsing xenia that Id like to sell or trade for frags. Also have a couple rocks of blue mushrooms Id prefer to sell but might trade for the right deal if anyone is interested.

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