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  1. Sorry finally made a full list, open to bundles and offers Pair of Snowflake Clows $90 Yellow Tang $160 Coral Beauty $45 Torch $150 Hammer $15 per head GSP $25 Zoa Rock (120+ heads + orange mushrooms) $200 Candy Cane $35 Monti $30 ea Frogspawn $40 Grape $35 Orange Mushroom Rock $50 Pocillopora $35 Random Zoa Frags $15+ Bubble Tips $25-35 ea
  2. Forgot to add located in Shelby 44875
  3. If someone would be interested in the whole setup I might do that as well.
  4. Between having no time and buying a new truck Ive decided to try to part out my tank. Starting with livestock only till its gone. No idea what stuff is going for in these crazy times so shoot me offers. Yellow tang Coral Beauty Pair of snowflake clowns Starry Blenny 4 rock flower nems (2 large 2 smaller) Gsp Bubble tips (1 large 2 small) Rock covered in zoas/mushrooms Grape coral Torch (3 heads believe two of those are splitting) Hammer (at least 9 head with some splitting) Anything else you see in the pictures just ask, will sell th
  5. Might start parting out then starting with the livestock
  6. So debating selling my whole set up. With work/family/camping Im never home to take care of it. Looking for suggestions on what I might get out of it as I do Not want to separate it. Red Sea 250 with stand Screen top Jebao DC return pump Aqua in Line UV light Reef Octopus skimmer Two jager heaters Reef Breeders led light Apex EL Apex PM2 and FMM Apex Display Apex AFS Apex DOS Apex ATKv2 Two Ice Cap 2k gyres and controller Side equipment cabinet Love rock Corals including hammers, grape, toadstool, trumpets, g
  7. Tds meter and my digital inline tds meter both read 0. All my tests are with salifert kits. I was trying microbacter7 for a couple weeks before hand and it showed no effect either
  8. Tank unfortunately was looking like this before I started vibrant. So the vibrant didnt cause it, what should I dose?
  9. Yes it does, Ive been dosing vibrant for 3 weeks now
  10. I have two that are about dead but the rest are spreading. My zoas, mushrooms, hammer, torch, anemones all are doing good
  11. I make rodi, its reading 0 on my inline and hand tester. My current parameters are 1.026 79 degrees 9.1 alk 360 ca 0 po4 5 no3 Ph swings from 7.8-8.07 throughout the day
  12. This is what happens when you neglect your tank for 4+ months except feedings and filling the ato. I dont even know where to start now. I think its possibly still cyano that I was battling before but I dont know. Ive ran chemi clean at least twice now and it comes back in days
  13. Picking up a new camper tomorrow, cant wait
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