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  1. Looks awesome, my wife would divorce me if I bought that many corals lol.
  2. Waffen06

    Acan Ripped?

    Have had this acan maybe a month? Always looked good and been getting larger, noticed over the weekend it was split on one end, I know they dont split and new heads normally form on the base. Any ideas? Its always been on my frag rack next to zoas, no other corals near by also no hermits or crabs in this tank.
  3. Waffen06

    Sps turning White

    Two frags seem to be holding color, the other is half white now
  4. Wife must really be on you lol, I have two set ups running already, just trying to find exactly what I want this time.
  5. I saw yours and it looks like a good deal but its too deep/wide for my one spot. Thanks though
  6. Long shot but first looking for a larger aio 40+ gallon that is no deeper then 20". Would love a nuvo lagoon or similar. Also possibly wanting a larger tank for my hallway, currently have a nuvo 20 and wife said okay to something longer to fill the wall up. I can fit 48" long by 15" wide, again dont want something too deep.
  7. Waffen06

    Banggai cardinalfish

    I have one, he didn't eat for almost a week then overnight started. Now eats everything I put in there
  8. Sold two rocks covered in blue mushrooms so it opened some space. Ill try to get a new picture. Been spending every weekend camping so the tanks are getting a little neglected. Im really considering selling the cube and downgrading. Looking at a 50 lagoon nuvo or a 40 nuvo. I think either will still be a good size for my current stocking while cutting down on some maintenance. Also give me more piece of mind with an aio not worry about something happening and overflowing
  9. Waffen06

    Sps turning White

    I decided to try to frag what I could of the good parts. Cut 3 small sections, stuck what was left back in the tank. The frags still look good and the main piece still has red on it, will see if I get any growth
  10. Waffen06

    Sps turning White

    Unfortunately theres a line of white up the side so there probably isnt a good section left to save
  11. Waffen06

    Sps turning White

    Im willing to try anything should I move to more flow? Its under my 360 kessil I cant move it any higher, I currently moved it to the sand bed
  12. Waffen06

    Sps turning White

    PH 7.8 Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates maybe 5.0 What could cause a swing? Anyway to battle it besides having a monitor and a doser?
  13. Waffen06

    Sps turning White

    Phos .03 Alk 7.3 Calc 400 Temp 79 Salinity 1.024 What else should I test
  14. Waffen06

    Sps turning White

    I normally stay away from SPS but got this one cheap about a month ago. Moved it from the sand to the rock its on a couple weeks ago and noticed this today. Anything I should check first? Move it back to the sand?

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