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  1. Picking up a new camper tomorrow, cant wait
  2. Someone on the Ohio reef group went around to every store and is trying to resell them now for over $300.. that is wrong in my opinion but understand its perfectly fine to do it. Guess Ill throw mine up for sale when the markets runs low. Pretty fish but Ill take the money for what I bought it for. I normally stick to $50 fish or less so if they die it doesn't hurt as bad lol
  3. Been dosing this the past two weeks for the exact same problem. I have not seen any improvement, if anything my cyano is a little worse
  4. How many gph are you needing?
  5. Got my new jabeo pump, thing is huge and pushes a ton of water. Only have it at 50% but still need to test how much is going through the uv
  6. Thanks, added a UV over the weekend to help battle some algae and dinos that looked like they were starting. Problem is my jebao pump is on max and only puts out about 650 gph. By my calculations I need at least 500 gph just for the UV let alone my return for the tank. Ordered a larger pump that will be here tomorrow, its rated at 1700 gph so should be plenty.
  7. Oh no not again! Great seller to deal with. Unfortunately already have a pair of clowns myself. This mean the new lagoon is going?
  8. Looks empty, what happened to everything?
  9. Feel free to make an offer
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