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  1. erky

    Who uses GFO?

    love the hanna phosphorus ULR checker but i need another culvet to make it work the best, only have one so who knows if the powder dissolves all the way. I have used GFO and need to again as my po4 is .25 currently it was .06 for the longest time and i was happy with that.
  2. I have a few torch coral frags now!
  3. first coral was a frogspawn that had 1 head it shortly split and now i have fragged many times, was 4+ years ago! really enjoy that colony i have now!
  4. I have 2 skimmers one is a HOB reef octopus 100 and the other is a coralvue 220 (that would be great for your tank) if you are in the cincy area come check them out I can show you how it works. I also have a 2 6ft t5 lights one needs a ballast Candy Canes are a super easy coral to take care of they are a LPS and look like lollipops/flowers
  5. Thanks for the feedback, need to grab those things i was interested in a few months ago if you still have?
  6. Few skimmers and mag pumps, not many softies but some plate corals, duncans, frog/hammers, candy canes 2 colors, ill post more pictures here tomorrow.
  7. lots of frags available. west side of cincinnati, https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/for/d/cincinnati-saltwater-coral/6808943579.html
  8. few items left, sold the nems and running low on mushrooms
  9. frag aka mini colony was cut the other day, it is sitting tight for you!
  10. what else would you like?
  11. My tank is growing and I need to trim some items. Chili pepper monti and red acro - $15 green pocillapora - $10 Purple and Red monti cap = $15 Purple Stylo - $10 Green Slimer - $15 Monti Spongodes = $15 birds of paradise - $20 sunset monti = $15 frog spawn - $10 or $5 per head if you buy something else Forest Fire Digi - $20 Cactus Coral - $30 for entire piece RBTA - $35 Gatorade birdsnest - 2 avail - $25 Green Anacropora - $15 a frag or $10 a frag with something else text 513 404 5026 or pm me. I am in Cincinnati.
  12. anacro frags I have 3 available $15 a piece I am in Cincinnati, please text me if interested 513 404 5026
  13. im in cincinnati so if you wanted to come down i could cut a head for you, but i doubt it would be worth it for you.
  14. i have one head i could part with, where are you located
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