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  1. Nice looking. Awarewolf battle stag and pc rainbow look great! Corey
  2. I’m looking around casually to see if I find someone who bought the 60’s and realized they are too much. Maybe trade my 40’s and some cash... corey
  3. I'd like to switch mine for MP60'S at some point. Because......why not Corey
  4. Two different flow types. The gyre is on my overflow box since it's magnets can be inside the tank. I like the random flow from the vortech plus I bought the gyre used and it was too fragile. Always breaking or not working. I bought I don't know how many spare parts for it. But it sat outside my tank for almost a year because I was fed up with it then I was in Puerto Rico for work for 3 months. I ended up sending it to coralvue and they serviced it about 6 weeks ago and is been running great since. Corey
  5. I have the RMF last dragon, which is a tad lighter with green tips. I agree that is a coral that will let you know when you tank is out of whack! corey
  6. I have 4mp 40’s, an original gyre 150 plus a dart return pump on my 240 cube. corey
  7. I took mine out while cleaning the glass and cannot find it. But here is the material that I used. 2 pieces of this zip tied together about 1/2 way around. Shove nori in it and slip a corner under the magnet. I’ll look for mine but this might help the image. corey
  8. 3 radions will cover an 8ft long tank that is 30 inches wide? That is very impressive. I have heard the G4 was a huge upgrade and it seems to be that is the case. No one around me runs them that I’m aware of. corey
  9. +1 on he harlequin shrimp. They will hunt them down and it’s cool to watch. However they ONLY eat starfish so after they eat all those you will have to re-home it or buy chocolate chip starfish to feed it.. corey
  10. I went to Michael’s and got 2 pieces of that plastic that they crochet (I think) on. Ripped a few pieces of plastic out to make larger holes in it. I sandwich my nori between them and put the corner under my magnet. Works great for me. corey
  11. Orpheks. It’s a panel style led. If I switched from halides they would be my first choice. Corey
  12. Halides here but I have looked into the Orpheks corey
  13. Yeah the restaurant business is thankless. Corey
  14. More technical and less feel. I don't like that part of it I like a good blend of both. Worked on the swing this winter and hope to bring the handicap down a little Corey
  15. I don't. But I can find you a realtor there from my office. We are a national brand. If you would like Corey
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