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  1. What is the lead time on these now? At one time it was months. corey
  2. Bubble King double cone 200 on my 240 gallon tank. corey
  3. Here a few cleaner pictures. It includes 3 screens. corey
  4. Fish list and prices of them? corey
  5. $200 shipped to your doorstep corey
  6. 225 and getting it all cleaned up. Just moved and unloading some equipment. corey
  7. Selling my Turbo algae scrubber. The screen is 9.5x5 and the unit is 15x9 not including the plumbing. Will also include a few extra screens. I was feeding multiple cubes and pellets daily with this on my 240 tank. LED's on both sides. Turbo ATS are really the best scrubbers out there and he has the waiting list to get one as proof. Looking for $275 shipped, it is well built. Corey
  8. Finishing my stand base and trying to get my Orpheks running.. corey
  9. Yeah, I’ll likely just fill the tank and then scrape it and siphon the Coraline out that way. im trying to find someone with experience polishing and buffing them out to assist in cleaning it up since it’s empty. George (GEO) offered to do it when he built the tank for me years ago and then he moved to Florida. Haha corey
  10. Question for everyone. I just moved, and knowing I was moving I sort of neglected my tank after an anemone died last July and killed everything but a few fish in my tank. Well the coraline algae was growing crazy on my tank (acrylic) and I just let it go. Tank is moved and in the process of being set up. Can I scrape the coraline off using a credit card (usual technique) with a spray bottle of vinegar and water, or should I fill the tank with water and do it that way. I want to avoid any scratches if possible. If I wait until the tank is running again what sort of blowback could I have from that algae being scraped into the water column. I’m guessing it is dead....but the coraline on my rocks should be okay as they are still in water etc. OR anyone in columbus familiar with polishing acrylic tanks and want to come buff my algae and any scratches out....I’ll $$ corey
  11. I have a single halide reflector and canopy for sale. 20$. In great shape. I attached it to conduit piping but you could do what works best for your setup. corey
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