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  1. I use an old hotel key or gift/credit card. Corey
  2. Biecacka

    Return pump

    Reeflo dart. They just work. Simply put. Not anything fancy but they work, lot of water and interchangeable for larger pumps pretty easy. Reeflo has worked for me well. corey
  3. Yeah. That video when it came out, confirmed if I ever switched it would be to the orpheks. Corey
  4. Looks very good! corey
  5. What I need is Muttley to come set mine up that way! My apex controls my lights(for now but hat changes today or tomorrow), my ATS, my AWC setup, mixing pump in the AWC, and the vortechs via WXM. So not much.... corey
  6. Mostly to just try them. I’ve always said if I ever tried leds again I would try the panel type. Then a guy appeared local to me and needed the cash so he sold them very cheap. Both less than the cost of one elsewhere cheap. So I hopped on them. I have debated on even trying them though. Corey
  7. Picked up two V2 Orpheks that have been upgraded to the V4 version. Possibly swapping out the halides and trying these. However, I have NOTHING AT ALL negative to say about the 250 watt halides. They simply work and work great. Anyone else running orpheks? Likes? Dislikes? corey
  8. He does have nice stuff. And now I do too! i have a 240 gallon cube with a BK skimmer that absolutely owns my nutrient export issues. That skimmer is conservatively rated to say the least. Plus I just like fish. other than that nothing new for me really. Might borrow a par meter to check my new bulbs out because I have tinkered with the idea of going to 400 watt halides but don’t think I really need to. So aside from that, just gonna let things grow and color up. Corey
  9. Yeah. I spent a few weekends in a row down there with him. Just killing time laughing talking shop. I’ve picked up a good amount of stuff from him lately. But I might get fish and coral.. We’ve agreed I am about fragged out on pieces from him for the most part with the exception of some uber rare or expensive piece. corey
  10. I thought about adding about 10-15 more fish or a frag pack from AV99. Such a tough call corey
  11. Nice looking. Awarewolf battle stag and pc rainbow look great! Corey
  12. I’m looking around casually to see if I find someone who bought the 60’s and realized they are too much. Maybe trade my 40’s and some cash... corey
  13. I'd like to switch mine for MP60'S at some point. Because......why not Corey
  14. Two different flow types. The gyre is on my overflow box since it's magnets can be inside the tank. I like the random flow from the vortech plus I bought the gyre used and it was too fragile. Always breaking or not working. I bought I don't know how many spare parts for it. But it sat outside my tank for almost a year because I was fed up with it then I was in Puerto Rico for work for 3 months. I ended up sending it to coralvue and they serviced it about 6 weeks ago and is been running great since. Corey
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