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  1. More technical and less feel. I don't like that part of it I like a good blend of both. Worked on the swing this winter and hope to bring the handicap down a little Corey
  2. I don't. But I can find you a realtor there from my office. We are a national brand. If you would like Corey
  3. I hated the 100+ hour work weeks. 7 days a row for months on end. It was killing me. I was miserable. But I learned from a classic French chef who was world renowned and holds every golf medal imaginable in the cooking arena. It was an honor to learn from that man! But after he left and I went elsewhere it just wasn’t the same. Corey
  4. Love the game......as my avatar shows. Although that swing was in its young stages. Now my right shoulder is more on top of my left foot allowing me to stand up taller on the downswing and follow through. Corey
  5. I love to cook....was an executive chef for a long time and learned under one of the best if not the beat around. Grew to just hate the job and the hours. But still have the passion to cook at home! corey
  6. Bill Wann and I were talking a few weeks ago and he was telling me about his new calcium reactors. They are similar to the Dastaco ones in the fact they are digitally controlled. Very cool concept and has me considering trying one just for fun. But I love my custom prototype geo, especially since George no longer makes them. Anyway, Bill’s should be one to look into as well. corey
  7. Why did you never consider the orpheks? I love the blanket spread they appear to offer. Not saying I don’t like the Mitras just asking. I have heard a lot of good reviews about the Mitras. corey
  8. Let me know if I can help you in any way with realtor part of your home shopping. I am am slowly starting to like the GHL too. But I don’t even use the apex to it’s ability so that is why I tell myself to just keep it corey
  9. I use the DOS to change about 2 gallons a day. Love the ease of auto water change. corey
  10. Thaw in tank water, dump in tank. Real simple for me corey
  11. Thank you! I can help you sell your current one too! Corey
  12. I am willing to cover any market. I live in Columbus but have no issue driving to Cincinnati to help out a fellow reefer! Plus I can check out your tank!! Win-win Corey
  13. Just got my real estate license....so I can sell us all bigger houses for bigger tanks!! corey
  14. You can look into glasscages for your glass. A lot of people source theirs from them. corey
  15. Biecacka

    Miyagi Tort

    I bought a frag of his recently. Love it and super excited for it to grow out. corey
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