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  1. Dollar tree here. Every time I go in, I grab a pack or two. corey
  2. The fear of the reopening is already here.....Kentucky had a protest Saturday and are now seeing heir largest spike in cases this week. That is the fear, people get back out and don’t adhere to guidelines (intentionally or unintentionally) and things get even worse. very sad. corey
  3. Completely is a blue jay. I don’t know how I mixed them up. Oh well. I haven’t seen any bluebirds but I’ll look some more. corey
  4. Here is a picture of one that I just seen on my roof above my apartment right now. He is calling a few others as I have seen them playing with each other today. I see them a lot as well as a few woodpeckers. corey
  5. Awesome! I have a few blue birds that visit some doodled areas right off my porch. I’d love to have one of these, I just need to find something to attach it to. Corey
  6. Enjoy the break. I know it’s easier said than done, but a lot of people who are working now are working crazy hard and long hours. Take a few days to rest and get your mind right. The work will be there when you get back, it’s gonna be awhile before thugs start heading towards normalcy corey
  7. I’ll just watch what others do with theirs.... and live vicariously through you all. corey
  8. Stay safe everyone. thanks for what you all do, you guys in the prisons have to be stressed out some right now. As you said the inmates are getting antsy and that’s usually not a good thing. The fear is definitely when it gets inside how rampant it will run. Could get out of hand real quick. Looking forward to coming around the corner on this for sure. corey
  9. usually do campaign work, but been pulled to help with policy writing for the governor during this whole fiasco. So.......staying plenty busy no complaints though corey
  10. Put a new dart return pump on. Old one was squealing, it was from 2007 I believe..... corey
  11. It looks like the the date has been pushed back to April 30th for safety precautions by the President. However, if you look at Ohio because of the early actions the state has taken it seems we are not in the same boat as some other states. Which is a good thing. There is enough panic going on already. We did social distancing happy hour at work Friday. It was much needed. corey
  12. That is one awesome thing. Every time I get out (daily) I see people out walking dogs, pushing strollers, running, or anything. It’s pretty awesome. I think this is great. I did get a little time away from the office last week and played some golf. That was nice as well. I had forgotten how simple life can be sometimes and how much I liked that life. Haha corey
  13. I want to add some fish, but the last few orders I’ve had with LA the fish didn’t make it. But I might try it one more time. corey
  14. Nanoreef13, thank you for your help! this is just precautionary everyone. The “stay at home order” is no different really than the suggestions for the last week. Work from home if you can, the big difference is the order allows the health department and the law enforcers to enforce the law to those places that thought they were excluded. Bars, restaurants, etc in some places were still open. This will allow them to be help accountable for that. corey

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