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  1. 50 gallons a month via auto water change.....DOS. corey
  2. Biecacka

    Light Question

    Could it not be growing because there isn’t enough nutrients? corey
  3. I’d like to come as well if possible. Even if it’s just to hang and chat corey
  4. Biecacka


    Does GHL have something similar to the WXM? corey
  5. I’m going to continue to run these orpheks and hope things turn around growth wise. If not by February or so, I’ll switch back to halides and run! I have no doubt leds work and I’m not starting that fight, I’m just saying my tank hasnt adapted to he switch very well... corey
  6. Biecacka


    Super easy to set up. I add drops to mine so I can make the flow even more random. I do enjoy the WXM and it’s ease for sure. corey
  7. I ran this for about 4 months. My SPS would slime up and shed from time to time. Growth seemed fine and my skimmer seemed to pull more gunk. Probably didn't really run it long enough to see though corey
  8. Biecacka

    Powerhead in sump?

    I don’t. But I’ve thought of one if I ever go 100% sock less. Thought is to push the detritus to the skimmer section.... corey
  9. I use an old hotel key or gift/credit card. Corey
  10. Biecacka

    Return pump

    Reeflo dart. They just work. Simply put. Not anything fancy but they work, lot of water and interchangeable for larger pumps pretty easy. Reeflo has worked for me well. corey
  11. Yeah. That video when it came out, confirmed if I ever switched it would be to the orpheks. Corey
  12. Looks very good! corey
  13. What I need is Muttley to come set mine up that way! My apex controls my lights(for now but hat changes today or tomorrow), my ATS, my AWC setup, mixing pump in the AWC, and the vortechs via WXM. So not much.... corey
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