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  1. Biecacka

    LED life

    Life on leds....I don’t know much about burn out etc. but I will say this, I bought a used pair of Orpheks in June of 2019 that had new boards put in them on 1/05/18(he boards are stamped) and I sent them out in November to have diodes replaced that had burnt out and some appeared to be dim. I don’t think they last 10 years or so like people were saying when hey first started becoming mainstream if that is worth anything to you.... corey
  2. Do you mind sharing the cost of these fish from him? I am looking for a new place to order fish from as LA has taken a turn for the dumpster in my recent experiences. corey
  3. Biecacka

    EcoTech Pumps

    I use my 4 thru the WXM. corey
  4. Maybe vermetid snails...I know they cast a web to catch food. corey
  5. Awesome picture. Let me know if you ever need another body to take that trip!! corey
  6. How do you like the vibrant so far? I have been having a discussion with a buddy about him using it. @crimsonvice do you not like your leds? The Mitras? What are they missing that makes you think you’d been better off with radions? corey
  7. Won’t the magnet from the tunze ATO hold on the stock tank? if not, I bet you could order a larger magnet and substitute it easily. That’s what I will probably be doing when I swap over to my stock tank. i will also most likely use a milk crate to sit my skimmer on to achieve the right depth for it if not then I would consider placing it in a sturdy plastic tote of sorts corey
  8. I’ll be present at the columbus swap. Local to me, hard to miss it! corey
  9. Sorry to read this. As stated above, please reach out if anyone can do anything to help. corey
  10. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/aquarium-controller-cabinet-product.624773/ these look awesome.... corey
  11. Wyoming deer hunting better than OHIO? Lord knows we have plenty of deer around here. I used to hunt with my dad a lot as a youngster. Then not so much. Plus I’m right handed but left eye dominant......so it takes some practice. I have a friend who goes out towards IOWA to hunt fowl and such. corey
  12. “J” where do you hunt deer at? Still use a shotgun? I have been looking into getting a rifle now that there are more options in Ohio. corey
  13. Yeah that is true. Maybe some private grounds. I don’t know. corey
  14. We have any hunters around here? With deer season quickly approaching OHIO (gun season) I was wondering who hunts? i am wanting to get back into it after a long hiatus. corey
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