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  1. I'd assume I'm at 6 - 7 times turnover an hour after accounting for head pressure. I have the ability to go up to almost 15 times. I agree with Joe, lots of differing opinions out there. I definitely think you can have too little, but I don't feel like you can have too much within moderation. Between 4 and 10 seems to be the sweet spot for most. I think it mostly comes down to preference and the capacity of your equipment.
  2. Back again with an update! Got the tank running last weekend! Mean't to post sooner, but it's been a busy work week. I struggled with heat all week and ended up having to upgrade my heaters, but I've been getting consistent temps for the last 2-3 days. Sorry for the blurry pictures, not sure why they're coming through that way. Pretty happy with how everything turned out! Aquascaping took me awhile. Wasn't 100% what I was going for, but for the rock I recieved it works. I'll probably tweak with it some at some point, but I'm happy enough and it's growing on me. The sand ended up being really deep, I'll probably be taking some out with water changes over time to lower it just a tad. I'm also getting some piles in the front from the MP40's. Super glad I ended up going with the bigger grained sand. The plumping allows me to remove my sump if I ever want or need too, and the overflow is silent which were two big things I was shooting for plumping wise. I also allowed for some expansion room later if I want to add to the m anifold. According to my test kits, Ammonia & Nitrites are 0, and Nitrates are 5! For now the plan is to let the tank sit empty at least until my fish are out of quarantine. Something I've been researching is coral quarantine. For those still reading, do you quarantine your coral? If so, how long and what does that process look like for you? I'm not 100% convinced it's worth it and I'm looking for opinions. I typically dip my corals, but I'm wondering if a quarantine/frag tank would be beneficial. I would hate to introduce avoidable pests into the tank because I missed a step or wasn't taking precautions. Also, here are "better" clown pictures. They're doing well at therapeutic copper.
  3. Here for a quick update! I'll try to go in order but a lot has happen in a short amount of time. Got the tank drilled! First time drilling and it was definitely nerve racking. Drilled two holes in the center for the overflow and two on each side for the returns. I was able to get the stand 95% finished! Here are some pictures: The front is three panels and the side is one large panel. All removable for full access. For the top I ended up going with glued tile. I worked hard to make sure it was level. The tile matches the shower tile in the bathroom around the corner. All I need to do to finish off the stand is a piece of trim around the edge of the tile to finish it off. I have the trim but it's been busy. I got the back glass painted, got the plumbing all done and was ready to do a tap water test to look for leaks. Unfortunately, the tank had a leak in the front right corner. I had a battle trying to figure out where the leak was coming from and if it was even a leak. At first it was so small that it seemed like condensation (water temp was 46 degrees from tap). I added heaters to test this theory and I was wrong. Long story short, the silicon was bad so I decided to try my hand at seal repair. Repaired the seal and the tank is currently holding water. I'll probably leave the water in there for a few days to be sure before I add my rock and sand. I've made some new equipment decisions. I ended up with two XR15 G5 pros, an Apex EL and I got a bigger sand grain(CaribSea Special Grade). Also taking advice from crimsonvice and I'm eyeing a new return pump. I was thinking the Neptune COR-15 but I can't seem to find them in stock anywhere. I have alerts on so at some point I'll get one. Also big news, I got two fish today! Went with a black ice clownfish pair from Gerber's Tropical fish in Moranie. I've had my QT tank set up and cycled for about 2 weeks. Started them off at 1.0ppm of copper power and I'll be raising it up to 2.5 in the next 48 hours. After 30 days at 2.5 I'll start Prazipro for roughly 2 weeks. So far they are eating well and very active. Hopefully I timed it out right to where my cycle will be far enough along for them to be moved over in about 30-45 days. Here's some subpar pictures from the bag in the car. I'll see if I can get better pictures when the lights are on soon. I'll keep updating as things progress. Hopefully I'll have a full tank later this week/early next week.
  4. Thanks! I was a little worried about the Fiji Pink sand... I've used it before but not with MP40s. I'll look into getting a larger size. Hopefully I can return to BRS without hassle. I understand the Jebao is an oddball looking at the rest of the equipment list. I was originally looking at the Ecotech return pumps but had a hard time justifying the price (~$100 vs ~$400). I was trying to somewhat stay on budget and that was something I felt okay with subbing out. I'm planning on some additions down the road (UV sterilizer, Apex or Hydros controller, ATO, etc) so maybe this will be something I can evaluate and plan on replacing. I have already planned on using quite a few unions on the return line so a pump swap would be easy. Hopefully I don't end up regretting it.
  5. Making some progress, thought I'd update here! Started the stand today! Built with 4x4 posts in the corners with a 2x8 and 2x6 top. To finish it off, I'm adding a marble top and black panels on the side and front that will be fully removable for easy access to the sump. Still need a few additional braces and a bottom platform for the sump. It's definitely oversized for a 75 gallon but it's turning out exactly like I envisioned. I attached some pictures below. You can take look at tank placement. There is a little nook in the wall that is perfect for a tank.This is about 10-15ft from my water storage. Stand will be 68 inches long, 40 inches tall and 30 inches wide when all finished. Ignore the sump in the picture, was making sure I can get my skimmer cup off Found out the tank is not tempered glass on the sides , so planning on drilling for the drains and for two returns on either side. I got an Eclipse L Overflow Box that I'm planning on having right in the center of the back glass centered on the tank brace. A little nervous about drilling but I'm thinking this will make the tank look a lot better. Painting the back of the tank black as well to help hide plumbing. More to come on plumbing since I'll know more once the stand is done and the tank is drilled. I installed a utility sink in a small area of the basement that is unfinished. I got a BRS RODI unit ready to hook up with some brute cans for mixing and storage. I'll get some pictures of that once it's all set up. Found a cool thing on BRS for my sump. It's a 40B sump baffle kit. Comes with filter sock holders, adjustable baffles, all kinds of cool stuff. I'll be assembling and gluing some of that this weekend so I'll try to take some pictures. Still need to make a decision on lights. Going back and forth between four XR15 G5s or four Kessil A360X. Temped to go with the XR15 but I like the size of the A360X better. Either way I'll probably start with two and work up to four if and when I need too. I'll probably cycle the tank without lights regardless so I'm thinking about waiting a little while. Anyone who has either light feel free to make your arguments below. Or if you have a light you love, I'm interested to hear about your experiences. Also have a 10 gallon quarantine tank. Planning on doing a full 30-45 day quarantine with therapeutic copper and other treatments for all fish. Definitely is a pain to have to wait 30 days, but in the long run I feel a lot better doing it this way. I've lost too many fish to what I suspect to be ich, and I am not wanting to do that this time. Any tips on fish quarantine are appreciated since this will be my first time doing such a thing. Equipment List: 75 gallon tank 40B sump with 40 Gallon Breeder Sump Baffle Kit from Fiji Cube ReefKeeper system - 8 controlled outlets with temp probe 2 EchoTech MP40s 80 lbs of Fiji Pink live sand 60 lbs of reef saver rock, 15 lbs of reef saver shelf rock Reef Octopus Regal 150SSS 6" Space Saving Protein Skimmer (DC version) BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor - Dual Jebao DCT-8000 return pump (oversized for manifold) Kessil H80 Tuna Flora Refugium LED Light
  6. I want to. I bought an Aqueon tank and while verifying the tank wasn't tempered glass I saw stuff online about them making their tanks out of whatever glass they have on hand (especially during the sale). Apparently they occasionally make the front and back tempered. If I can guarantee it's not tempered I will probably drill. Thanks! Excited to get back into things.
  7. Hey everyone! I started reefing back in high school and have been a member of this forum for a few years. Long story, but my last tank was a 75 gallon in 2017. Unfortunately the tank crashed after a barn fire that knocked my power out. I was unable to get to the tank until a few days later and it was gone. I was just barely past my cycle and I've wanted to redo it ever since. I've recently graduated college and got a job, so I am picking back up where I left off. Wanting to do things right this time so I'm going to take my time buying the right stuff. Planning on doing a mixed reef with mostly LPS and eventually SPS. 75 gallon with 40B sump with refugium. Just picked up a 75 gallon tank from Petco during the sale and I ordered a few pieces of equipment online. I'll try to keep this thread updated as I go so you all can share my excitement. I appreciate your patience with me as I learn all the new stuff thats come out in the last 2 years! Supply list so far: ReefKeeper system- 8 controlled outlets with temp probe (found in a box from my old tank. May upgrade to an Apex.) 75 gallon tank 2 EchoTech MP40s
  8. Sounds good. I'll PM you the measurements tomorrow when I head out there.
  9. The tank isn't running so it's ready to go now, I just would need to clean it. Here is a picture I have of it when I first installed it. I don't have the chambers measurements at the moment
  10. I only ever used the MJ for the dual reactor, so I'm not 100% sure if I have any of the other parts and fittings to convert it to another style of pump. I'll look though and get back with you. Only 1 dosing pump. Heres a link to it. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/brs-2-part-doser-1-1-ml-per-minute.html I got it as a Christmas gift last year and was waiting to buy a second one. It's seriously never been plugged in, I only took it out of the box to look how I was going to mount it under the stand but never mounted it.
  11. Completely understand. I could part for $35. I have two extra refillable cartigaes and 8ft of hose I can throw in for $5.
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