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  1. Thanks! I was a little worried about the Fiji Pink sand... I've used it before but not with MP40s. I'll look into getting a larger size. Hopefully I can return to BRS without hassle. I understand the Jebao is an oddball looking at the rest of the equipment list. I was originally looking at the Ecotech return pumps but had a hard time justifying the price (~$100 vs ~$400). I was trying to somewhat stay on budget and that was something I felt okay with subbing out. I'm planning on some additions down the road (UV sterilizer, Apex or Hydros controller, ATO, etc) so maybe this will be somet
  2. Making some progress, thought I'd update here! Started the stand today! Built with 4x4 posts in the corners with a 2x8 and 2x6 top. To finish it off, I'm adding a marble top and black panels on the side and front that will be fully removable for easy access to the sump. Still need a few additional braces and a bottom platform for the sump. It's definitely oversized for a 75 gallon but it's turning out exactly like I envisioned. I attached some pictures below. You can take look at tank placement. There is a little nook in the wall that is perfect for a tank.This is about 10-15ft from my
  3. I want to. I bought an Aqueon tank and while verifying the tank wasn't tempered glass I saw stuff online about them making their tanks out of whatever glass they have on hand (especially during the sale). Apparently they occasionally make the front and back tempered. If I can guarantee it's not tempered I will probably drill. Thanks! Excited to get back into things.
  4. Hey everyone! I started reefing back in high school and have been a member of this forum for a few years. Long story, but my last tank was a 75 gallon in 2017. Unfortunately the tank crashed after a barn fire that knocked my power out. I was unable to get to the tank until a few days later and it was gone. I was just barely past my cycle and I've wanted to redo it ever since. I've recently graduated college and got a job, so I am picking back up where I left off. Wanting to do things right this time so I'm going to take my time buying the right stuff. Planning on doing a mixed reef w
  5. Sounds good. I'll PM you the measurements tomorrow when I head out there.
  6. The tank isn't running so it's ready to go now, I just would need to clean it. Here is a picture I have of it when I first installed it. I don't have the chambers measurements at the moment
  7. I only ever used the MJ for the dual reactor, so I'm not 100% sure if I have any of the other parts and fittings to convert it to another style of pump. I'll look though and get back with you. Only 1 dosing pump. Heres a link to it. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/brs-2-part-doser-1-1-ml-per-minute.html I got it as a Christmas gift last year and was waiting to buy a second one. It's seriously never been plugged in, I only took it out of the box to look how I was going to mount it under the stand but never mounted it.
  8. Completely understand. I could part for $35. I have two extra refillable cartigaes and 8ft of hose I can throw in for $5.
  9. Thanks Muttley! If you know of anyone looking for equipment send them my way.
  10. Would rather not separate, I’ll throw in the extra GFO and ROX 0.8 Carbon I have left for free if you’re willing to buy it together. I have about .5lbs of gfo and about 1lb of carbon.
  11. Hey guys! Long story short, I started my dream tank in the summer of 2017, and everything was going great until I lost my job unexpectedly in November. I decided to keep the tank up and just be smart with my spending and hold out on stocking for a few months. A week before Christmas I had a fire that burnt down my family's barn and all of my mowers and equipment for my mowing company, and knocked my power out (it's still out). I was unable to find a home quick enough for my two fish and they sadly passed away due to 40 degree temps. I hope this doesn't come across as a sob story, ju
  12. What kind of deal for all 3 Hanna checkers?
  13. I'm trying my hardest not to look so I'm not tempted , but it'll probably be mostly a LPS tank with a few SPS and and small Zoanthid garden. Definite must haves would be the Elegance coral, Fruit Loop Zoanthids, Duncans, and any colored Montipora... and hopefully much more! Just gotta pace myself.
  14. Hey guys! I'm here to do a short update because I'm short on time. I got a very small clean up crew to combat some pretty bad diatom bloom. Got some fish, some fish died for completely unknown reasons, got some refunds and I now have 2 blue/green reed chromis and a cleaner shrimp. They've all been doing well. I'm currently waiting to add anything else until after I pay for my upcoming semester of school (tuition, books, etc.) Excited to get some coral in this thing! Thanks for following!
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