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  1. Those look really good! What did you end up using to fasten them?
  2. Those numbers are very good with the exception of magnesium which should be approximately 3 times calcium. I wouldn’t go chasing numbers but if you are supplementing calcium and alk to maintain those two you may want to add magnesium (and possibly trace elements) to the list
  3. You will get through it man. I’ve felt like that several times, then something happens that gets you out of the doldrums.
  4. How is the cycle going? Any additions yet?
  5. Certainly @Jesse or @Joe would have the ultimate say, but it has been done before without issue that I ever heard about.
  6. Muttley000

    Tube Anenome

    Wow, those are really cool!
  7. Sorry to hear. Better days ahead, hopefully soon
  8. lol that’s for sure. I’ve been good. I can’t believe your daughter will be 2 already!
  9. Welcome back @Craig! Liking the scape!
  10. Sweet, I didn’t know this was released. It will be in my marine depot cart soon!
  11. Nice work it’s really coming together! Are you finishing the drywall yourself? That is my most hated construction job. I’d rather dig a footer in March rain or roof in July lol
  12. Doubtful the fry will make it more than a couple hours without removing them but it would be great for your family to see them hatch. You will see their eyes develop and after lights out they will be able to be drawn to a flashlight at the surface on hatch day. I always wanted to raise them but the live rotifer culture is work, and every time I had food they stopped laying until I gave up on the culture and then they laid eggs like clockwork lol
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