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  1. Sorry to hear, it is a beautiful tank. Best of luck to you and your family
  2. Oh he’s watching, never know when he will pop back out in the open
  3. *Rod Serling voice on* You have entered the twilight zone
  4. Nope! We need to suck @Jason back into this lol
  5. I’ll be listing in next couple days, will let you know. Are you topping off manually now? There are several good options out there these days
  6. Well this hasn’t been public until now but I am tearing down beginning next week. My tanks are neglected and it’s not fair to leave them up like this. I am a year in after starting a custom woodworking business, and still working my 55 hour a week job. The good news is the tear down is one of the very first steps in building an addition onto my house that will leave me in a position for a much larger rebuild, but it will probably be two years getting off the ground.
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