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  1. Neff is your local distributor. I’m sure they could have 80/20 design something or pint you to someone local who can. 440-835-7010
  2. Who’s the new guy lol. Hope all has been well!
  3. Sorry about the pics. It’s basically just an internal coast to coast box on the side of the tank.
  4. There is no doubt I would have had to tear my system down without the automation my Apex allows. You can run the heater off a plug like suggested above but it is such a critical function that it is recommended to have double redundancy. I have a Ranco controller that does my heat and it is plugged into an outlet that kills it if something goes awry. I would also add that the community at Neptune is big enough that you never wait for advice more than overnight
  5. Good call on the inkbird, simple, effective, and reasonable.
  6. Hi Jim, can’t wait to see the new tank up! Could he just build an internal box and you could go with a bean style? I did this on the end of a 90 and it worked out well. Please excuse the mess!
  7. Looking good! When do you think it will be wet?
  8. I am a fan of upsizing the return plumbing on long runs to get the max flow and less friction from the plumbing itself, but it does mean more water returning to the sump if the pump is turned off. If you don’t take both drains back individually definitely upsize that too IMO.
  9. I'm sure it will be awesome! Keep us updated!
  10. Good to hear but you can’t update like this without pics!
  11. Muttley000

    Wwc annual sale

    Didn’t, did you pick up anything?
  12. I’ve used brute cans and they work great, but a couple years ago I picked up a couple 150 water storage tanks from Kentucky tank (Very similar US plastics but near Lexington KY because I had a guy passing through) and they have been awesome. Call ahead and see if they have any blemishes if you drive up, you may be able to save even more! just throwing it out there you used to be able to have tractor supply ship to store for free also but it’s still not as cheap as going in person, just depends on the length of drive you are dealing with
  13. I haven’t made a tank purchase for several months, but it did work then. @crimsonvice May know more

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