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  1. As an apex fanboy, I doubt they could hurt the company more than they damaged themselves in the last few years!
  2. Thanks guys. It could have been a lot worse, gives me time to scheme the next system right!?
  3. Last week we had a rain event like nothing I have seen in the 31 years I have lived in this house. We received 6.7 inches in 2 hours on top of already saturated ground and I got just under 3 feet of water in my basement, which is where my system lives. I had water 6” deep outside my back door flowing across the property. My 270 gallon sump was floated, which caused some hard plumbing attached to my ATS to break that tank draining my sump. My 29 gallon setup also floated and was tipped over. I still have life in some of the tanks I will be figuring out how to deal with soon. All sps was roached I assume due to being out of water until I could get down there. Mast fish are still with me and the nems are ok. I was planning on scaling back during some home improvements coming up, but will now be needing to tear down. I will be back bigger but I don’t know when. One lesson and some advice, specifically ask your insurance agent if you are covered in conditions like this. I had simply taken my old policy to a new agent and said I’m more worried about being covered than the cost. Apparently there are different riders for flooding, backups, and such. You have to ask if you are covered for these things. Luckily I am skilled enough to get an AC unit running without the electronics and was able to minimize the cost of getting the houses systems all taken care of myself as well as the clean up to minimize the costs. some for sale threads will follow on the items that weren’t damaged!
  4. Wow looks great. I’ve never figured out how to move tanks without making a huge clutter! Thanks for sharing it!
  5. Muttley000


    The nutrients are coming from somewhere to feed it. What do you have for flow in the tank (which keeps junk suspended) and for skimming/filtering? Do you have a sump to grow a competing algae? I had good luck with flucon to knock out different types of algae, but in the long term you have to figure out how to export the nutrients before they get used.
  6. That is gorgeous. Did you do anything special for it care was?
  7. They will ruin them just like Petco did Drs Foster and Smith. I hope our friends that were still there got a payday out of the deal at least.
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