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  1. Kind of surprised they are having it! Post pics!
  2. Welcome to the forum, sounds like you have some knowledge about this!
  3. I flush my membrane at the start and end of every time I make water. Since I’m filling the big holding tank that usually lasts me a couple months. I have whole house sediment filter before the RODI but I still change that and carbon once a year in January, so it’s due now. DI reins get changed as color tells me they need it.
  4. Looks good, what do you have for flow in the tank?
  5. I missed this somehow too, welcome to the group and thank you for what you do!
  6. Actually it was a great group, not as awesome as this group though. Was back when we moved off newsgroups and onto websites for information.
  7. Nice, I have had plenty of Chinese and Russian AK/SKS over the years but never any really nice sporting rifles. Looking for a good one now, but with the incoming regime, going the used/prevented route...
  8. Years ago on a woodworking forum we had a deleted thread. That was a super active forum with hundreds of new threads every day. Seldom did our BS thread get off page 1 lol. Finally they kicked us all off for not talking woodworking even though most of us were making at least a few bucks at it
  9. This thread is legendary. Every forum I’ve ever been a part of has one lol
  10. Hi bear! All mine were freebies or club shirts, I agree they are just corny most of the time. Now make a print shirt like a Hawaiian shirt with reef fish for the colors for example, or a cool pics minus the words I’d be more likely to buy it. I would also be most likely to wear at a swap or something not sure yes for sure yes
  11. Super late to the party, hope you all had a great Christmas!
  12. I may be the only one old enough for this movie line to make sense... This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it
  13. I have 4 of the Neptune feeders, my tanks would be dead at this point if they didn’t work
  14. Howdy! not any more lol i guess so, forgot about this one!
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