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  1. I've got one, it is a slow grower for me.
  2. That looks pretty sleek! I had a nightmare my controller caught fire and was destroyed. Turned out to be a dream, my insurance covered it and I got a ghl
  3. Lol. I’m so old now I can’t grip it tight enough to go to far! I do love those bessey clamps, they are the best!
  4. I hope he likes it. He is a pretty laid back guy so it may be hard to tell.
  5. It's a hood for a 120. And now that I see it on my bench, I need a 24" wide tank lol
  6. That looks a lot different than when I last saw it! Nice job on that ceiling!
  7. Seems that depends totally on what you want to accomplish. I’ve seen some pretty cool tanks that “darkened” on the ends and they made the rock structure stop where the light dimmed.
  8. I did 50 gallons last weekend. First in over a year
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