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  1. I’m even further from you than maddhatter but also have quite a bit
  2. Where are you located and how much do you need?
  3. Love it, but lost the system in a basement flood this summer. To be clear none of this stuff was wet, flood water went over my sump and I only didn’t lose the tanks whose external pump shorted out instead of pumping muddy water in the system. I won’t be rebuilding until a large home improvement project gets done that the way things are going could span 2 or 3 years. Not sure what I will use at that time, but no reason for this stuff to just be setting that long getting old!
  4. Hi All, I am going to sell my Apex unit, going to list it as a lot and try the easy way first! 5 auto feeders 2 wav pumps 2 Dos pumps 1 VDM 1 pm2 with salinity probe that has been kept wet 4 eb832 1 ATO system I head unit with all 4 probes but they have not been kept wet and are questionable Asking $1500 for the whole lot! Located in 43570 and am able to meet within a reasonable distance.
  5. Anyone take it for $150? Trying to get some things cleaned up!
  6. Sign of the times my friend. It’s not just reefing stuff
  7. Steve did pass away, he was a good guy (HarleyBronco was his screen name). I tagged you in an old thread he participated in talking about ingredients.
  8. Welcome to the forum @Farriis, you are correct in that making sure source water is pure can be a big help. Nutrient export is also a big piece of the puzzle, how are you currently doing that? We would all enjoy learning a bit more about your system, and really like pictures!
  9. I have a dozen or so rbta to find a home for if the above doesn’t work out for you. He is much closer. I have a small clown too and some candy canes, and a few different polyps and encrusters
  10. Selling this H380. I used over my sump for a year or so before changing to an AI grow light over my Cheato. Asking $175 no trades and will ship if you pay actual shipping costs.
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