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  1. Have you run a phosphate test on the water after some time. I’ve heard this rock won’t leach phosphates, curious if you can confirm those results!
  2. 10' feet of distance because of some possible coral pathogen becoming airborn? I've read theories of Ich possibly moving through the air but haven't come across hard proof or the need for coral isolation to be so far away. Certainly can't hurt if you have the space though.
  3. That rock looks really good. The one piece is amazing, if you angle the screen just right it looks just like a key fob lol. Seriously though they got the color right on this stuff. So are you going to try to soak/cycle the rock offline before adding it?
  4. What is up with @Dmartinsnyder83 these days? I would stop at his house at 11 at night to pick up stuff? I’m sure his neighbors thought he was selling dope lol
  5. Nope, especially in a pico. Don’t trust it to be stable long term. Playing into the impatience of a new person in the hobby is not a recipe to keep someone in the hobby
  6. Adam is the only guy I’ve ever bought online from, and I was completely happy. I’m sure with all the swaps not happening therman is well stocked though.
  7. I have been used AB+ in the past, and my corals were happy during that time. I’m not using anything right now.
  8. It’s an awesome fish! Wish I had a big enough home for it!
  9. Wow that’s crazy. I’ve never had a reaction like that to a coral or anemone, but everyone’s system is different!
  10. I always let the ammonia go to zero before doing a water change, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do one, a hundred is pretty high and you are going to have to do a few changes to get it to where you want it. I would ghost feed the tank once you start water changes and continue to monitor

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