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  1. I have a mj1200 at times running a reactor! I know some people relieve dead spots with them, I never have
  2. Muttley000

    Kessil h380

    Hmm, got it right after it was released, guessing almost 2 years but would have to look to be sure.
  3. Muttley000

    Kessil h380

    Light is a beast! It does not have intensity adjustment like other Kessil’s and I would think it could be too much for a small fuge. I can’t remember how big yours is but mine lights a 24” square and grows cheato right out to the corners
  4. Awesome, this is something I would like to learn more about someday.
  5. I think that depends on how big the chamber is going to be. If you have a 10" square for instance I think there are more economical options, but I do love the light!
  6. I had tons of problems with getting cheap grow bulbs that would last more than a few weeks. Tried regular LED grow flood lights form the big box store and got ok results. Hooked up the Kessil and it about killed my ATS! I have an AI fuge light new in the box I have t tied out yet
  7. I'm using the Kessil h380. It's a beast and grows cheato until it fills my 24x24 area
  8. Interesting, never saw one like that! Thanks for sharing
  9. Not sure I want them in every tank long term. I’m not one to flush a fish, even if it’s only a buck or two
  10. Hmmm, I didn't plan on it but it couldn't hurt if I can catch him.
  11. Welcome! I can’t believe I missed an Ohioan to invite at R2R!
  12. When I was on vacation this summer my spare time reading took me down a trail on this topic. If I have Ich in my system I want to treat it now as with changes I am planning over the next few years will make it much harder to treat later. The thought is that being sold in fresh water (but happy and even able to reproduce in full salt water) black mollies would never have been exposed to marine crypt so they would be succeptible, and being black it would easily show. I picked up a couple at a petsmart for a couple bucks and put them in a 5 gallon tank I had around. I acclimated to full salt water strength over about 5 weeks via small water changes, and used cheato after I got to 1.010 to help with water quality. I lost one about half way through the process, but the other is living in my 65 now where I see him picking at algae on the rocks. I am happy to report it is clean, but I do fear it doesn't know to avoid one of the 10 or so bubble tips in the tank, we will see! Has anyone else tried this method?
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