Buckeye Reef 2020 Expo Postponed

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  1. I would be more than happy if I could get pics like those!
  2. I could line you up with three 3’ tanks
  3. I don’t use Facebook (I figure the government has enough info on my from those darn background check forms lol) but I know @Jesse does have a page For buckeye reef. I fear that Facebook is why forums are down also. People want that instant answer. The thing is forums are there for everyone and they are searchable, so I hope they continue...
  4. Lol must still be a term used in Europe!
  5. One of these months I think it would be cool to see what kind of pics we can get at lights out with a flash
  6. Turn the sock inside out and swish in a bucket of water here
  7. Sorry to hear you are moving, I hope it is for positive reasons. Best of luck and I hope you will stay in touch and let us see what you set up once you get resettled!
  8. That sounds like you are creating a siphon occasionally until it catches up and sucks air. Try trimming down the flow out of the return pump and see what happens, although I would expect that overflow to handle everything a mag 5 produced
  9. Hmm I wonder if a business like 2 men and a truck could help.
  10. Looks nice, like the rustic look on the cabinet too!
  11. I've never heard of heating it. I would guess that small amount of time wouldn't make any significant difference nutritionally amd I'm sure it would make it smell more! Great idea!
  12. That is pretty sweet! Where is the can holder for your drink lol

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