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  1. Is the RODI just to get the consistency?
  2. Heat packs if it's really cool outside, a cooler and cash are what I bring!
  3. We didn't have a digital camera in 90 when I set my first up. It did have a horsepower crab, a seahorse, a rock beauty angel, a lionfish, and decorated with large coral skeletons we used to pry off the reefs and bleach to use. Oh almost forgot about those pure white anemones with purple tips people used to think cool until we realized they were already practically dead. Thank goodness we have learned since then!
  4. The 60 appears a better choice to me also if it fits the space.
  5. Plant Manager... ...and whatever else the wife says lol
  6. Nice it comes as a kit with everything you need including the glass saw. Size is nice also. I didn't catch what size bulkheads it has.
  7. These are really cool. A garden eel tank is on my hobby "bucket list"
  8. Welcome to the forum! Feel free to start a thread telling us about your system (or the system you are dreaming of.) Many helpful people here!
  9. Mine is 36” x 72” by 28” tall. The baffles are about half way and I have a couple hundred pounds of rock in the half you can’t see in my pic
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