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  1. Got a pic? The pic I took when I dragged it and the one you posted look very different than they have looked in my tank. Those were given to me as Rastas but neither pic looked right. The latest pics look like Sunny D’s
  2. Tank is looking great!
  3. Wastes a lot of water but if you have an apex run a coil of led in your sump and connect to cold water and a drain. Let the water run to cool tank down when apex alarms for temp.
  4. As an update everything went flawlessly! Anyone coming in the house to check things was a non starter with the wife. No one laid eyes on the tanks except me via Wyze cam. I didn't lose a single thing. In fact I could see growth in most of the corals noticeable from not looking at them for what amounted to a couple hours short of 11 days. I feel like my controller just paid for itself again. The auto feeders did the job for me also. Thanks for the suggestions all!
  5. It was congestion for me. No apparent reason to be starting and stopping. The same traffic gets through the tunnel and all the sudden in West Virginia it’s moving along fine again
  6. Muttley000

    Elegance Coral

    What are you feeding it? Looks pretty happy!
  7. Algae can be hard to ID IMO because the same species can look so different in different conditions. I doubt it's a problem if you keep it contained. I would send the picture to Bob Fenner at Wet Web Media (make sure to resize the picture per thier instructions on the website as he is often out of the country on crappy Internet) if he can't help you he will tell you who can! PS I think his site is one of the most under utilized collections of information in the hobby! www.wetwebmedia.com
  8. Makes me vow never to go south for vacation again every time I have to drive it!
  9. A coach purse will fix everything lol
  10. That looks like the stuff!
  11. What ever happened to SaltwaterSmarts. Does anyone know where Chris or Jeff are these days or know how to contact them?
  12. Thanks, despite what Brandon, Clint and yourself think I still only have 2 digits in my age lol Bummer but happens man
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