Buckeye Reef 2020 Expo Postponed

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  1. Awesome! Glad to see you back! What’s the plan? oh and hurry up, cause I’m not getting any younger here lol
  2. Damn, you are better stocked than most stores lol
  3. If an hour and a half is reasonable I guess. It would give you a great excuse to check out the BG Petco!
  4. @jeff70 @AspiringLobophyllia I believe these guys could hook you up.
  5. I wonder if they will be come widely available?
  6. Super nice pics! Thanks for sharing
  7. I just opened my last pack of LRS, may have to consider #2!
  8. That might be a good idea, those are big eaters! Since you have them all do you have any idea who is the most aggressive or territorial?
  9. I was just ribbing @AspiringLobophyllia Are stores being low on coral a thing with all the wackiness going on? I haven't been in a store for weeks myself

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