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  1. Set up both and I’ll let you put the one you like less in my office!
  2. Looks awesome! I love the butterflies and can’t wait to get some. I haven’t hit Bobby’s forum for a couple weeks, I’ll have to stop in and see what all he’s up to!
  3. Sounds like a great plan! What do they need to eat to get in the mood? Any special care to get them big enough to sell other than time going by? Very interested in watching this!
  4. I’d go with a 300dd lol i agree on the small compartment on the peninsula tank being a potential downer, but am guessing you would make any of them work. I want to hear more about the swap!
  5. The short one has a ball valve on it right? I think you will be OK but may lose some draining capacity (not sure if the fluid dynamics of competing siphons) of the whole system which can be controlled by turning down the hog of your return pump. The siphons will be maintained by the fluid level being far enough above the pipes. As long as you don’t get an air vortex to the opening of the pipes you will be good. Testing I’ve looked at says 1” is only good for 600gph at full siphon
  6. Put them on YouTube and then link them is the best way I’ve found. Nice stuff here! Where are you located and do you know what you are looking for price wise?
  7. That metallic paint looks very cool! I would not install the check valve myself
  8. I got a clear check-valve for my return from the sump back to the tank....... ($30 at aquarium store and I see white PVC ones at hardware store for $7 but I digress) they normally get clogged up and fail, don’t count on them, they let you down when you need them! If I read correctly this will only save the water in your return line anyways With a bean-animal style should I have any of these on the overflow return lines? I bought it one gate valve already for the return line from overflow per a video I saw. No, you shouldn’t need them Also, it said to put those threaded screw-off connectors on each return line, so I got 3, but are these necessary? What scenario wiuld I need to completely remove my plumbing to my sump? Just to clean out etc? yes in case you need to disassemble for some reason
  9. You’ve been busy! Where did you pick up the fox face? Are you treating in QT or just observing?
  10. I wish I could attend an event like that. Only missing two things, time and money lol. Please give us a full report!
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