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  1. Tank looks excellent! Is your clown hosting in the zoas or does he just happen to be sitting there?
  2. I'm thinking I could move them from tank to tank on my system. @crimsonvice has bought them from reef town a couple times. Brandon, how feasible is it to catch these guys once a tank is cleaned to move them or pass them on to the next guy? How fast do they reproduce? Did they end up in every nook and cranny of your system on their own or would you have had to physically put them in the frag tank? While I don't have a ton of aptasia, I do have 7 different places in the system that contain some.
  3. I would be up for a group buy if you go that direction!
  4. Yummy! How long did it take to grow that?
  5. I think UV is all about the contact time, and my understanding is you could get the same results of adding additional units from slowing the flow down. Because of this if I were doing the project I would not plumb them together like you describe. Does the manual give any guidance for recommended flow rates?
  6. Does your big box home center carry clear pine like that? Looks great!
  7. Muttley000


    Spend some time with the Neptune support forum. They will be able to tell if you need actual tech support or are missing something
  8. That should be a great game, hope the look better than my team did against them Are the COR’s true 1 1/4 or is there some odd ball thread like on the flow meters?
  9. Thought this was cool Blue Phantom Angelfish Hybrid Announced by Poma Labs JAKE ADAMS3 DAYS AGO0 The Blue Phantom Angelfish is a new domestically captive bred hybrid from Poma Labs which has an insane amount of potential as an exciting new aquarium fish. Resulting from the cross between a blue line angelfish, Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis, and the Black Phantom angelfish, Chaetodontoplus sp., a distinctive and very dark Poma angel recently fished up from remote parts of Philippines by RVS Fishworld. Both parents of the Blue Phantom Angelfish are very beautiful and striking fish in their own right and we love the ‘lottery’ of discovering what these fish will grow into. What we mean by lottery is that, as far as we know, bluelines and black phantoms have never met in the wild so their hybrid offspring have a huge range of color and pattern they could develop. The blueline angelfish is a well known, colorful and eye-catching fish. Meanwhile the black phantom angelfish is already an awesome and personable species with a gorgeous blue-scribbled, yellow face. If you just take that baseline appearance and add more blue to the face and the body, at this point in their development, imagination is the only limit to what the new Blue Phantoms from Poma Labs will become. We are really excited to see this new captive breeding success in the Blue Phantoms because the excitement of hybrid Chaetodontoplus angelfish and the variety of appearances they can display is astounding. READ Chaetodontoplus dimidiatus, Rare Phantom Angelfish Spotted in The Wild Because the Blue Phantoms were raised alongside black phantoms and normal blueline angelfish it’s hard for Poma Labs to be certain how many Blue Phantoms are in the mix; their best estimate is in the dozens of specimens. So if you have any feels for the Blue Phantom angels, like the Blueline X Conspic there’s no guarantee they will ever be available again, so get them while you can. [Poma Labs] https://reefbuilders.com/2019/10/17/blue-phantom-angelfish-hybrid-announced-by-poma-labs/
  10. Seems to have made the trip and acclimation fine along with everything else. Thanks!
  11. Looks like you are getting close! When is the "wet date"
  12. Awesome pic! I forgot to get one of my tank this morning
  13. I dream of being able to make a trip like this someday
  14. Let me talk to the wife, possibly a trip that way where we could meet is in order, I have a single PJ clown that could use a friend too!
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