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  1. Several sold, original post updated
  2. Several Aquariums for pick up. Text for pics or more info four19 5eight3 nine94six All drilled tanks are for dual 1 1/2” overflow boxes and 1” returns and include glass holes style overflow boxes unless noted 90 gallon drilled with three 1 1/2” holes and coast to coast glass box on short end $125 30 gallon drilled $40 40 long drilled has hinged glass lid $75 20 gallon $20 37 cube drilled $50 5 gallon with glass lid (3 available) $10 each Take them all for $200
  3. This was skimming 550 gallons for me with no issues whatsoever. It’s a beast! $375 picked up, or I’ll ship at actual cost. Text fro more info (419) 583-9946.
  4. The club has one. It costs 20 bucks to be a supporting member to allow you to be able to use club tools.
  5. Sorry to hear this, that nem is amazing!
  6. Muttley000


    Welcome to the forum! So only the new snails have issues but older ones are fine? How did you acclimate the snails when you added them, and do you know how long they were at the store you got them from?
  7. Sounds like a great setup. Do you have any pics?
  8. Hi All, I have begun to piece this out. I am planning on listing elsewhere next weekend. See below and let me know if anyone here is interested 4 auto feeders Asking $50 each 1 Dos pumps Asking $175 1 VDM Asking $50 1 pm2 with salinity probe that has been kept wet Asking $90 2 eb832 Asking $225 each 2 SVI solenoids and 2 DC24 24v extension cables that are never used. I was going to use to automate the RODI Asking $75 for the lot Fs100 flow meter new in box Asking $50
  9. Man that sucks and I am super sorry to hear. What is the next move?
  10. Never seen anything like it, hope they aren’t a problem whatever they are!
  11. I’m even further from you than maddhatter but also have quite a bit
  12. Where are you located and how much do you need?
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