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  1. Sweet! When are you firing up the RODI?
  2. Here is what we know so far https://www.buckeyereef.com/forums/index.php?/topic/12155-buckeye-reef-swap/
  3. QT for observation. I have some green ones and some purple ones I would give you, but my system has aptasia in it
  4. Adding a couple pics of my 40 long. I spent 2 hours getting the coralline off the front glass today. I haven’t been able to see through it for several months, but tank is actually doing pretty good. I’ll upload a vid I made of the clowns enjoying this anemone!
  5. Could always move to the 90 if necessary right? It would be an interesting experiment!
  6. I also used sanitize setting on the washing machine with bleach with an extra rinse
  7. If you were close I could do it! My recommendation is to find the small family owned lumber yard close to you (hopefully there is still one left) and ask them who they know that can be recommended to install.
  8. Seems like they have been doing it long enough now that we would have heard of problems, but I don't think I know anyone who owns one of their tanks
  9. Nice! Does the clown pretty much own that end of the tank?
  10. That could be a deal worth taking on a little debt for!
  11. That's a bummer. I had one jump through eggcrate once. I could barely fit his body through the square diagonally but he still found a way. Will you try another?
  12. Welcome to the forum! Please feel free to start a thread formally introducing yourself and telling us about your system. P.S. we like a lot of pics!
  13. You are going big enough you could save enough money to pay for a pex hot water loop!
  14. There are some awesome Rubbermaid sumps out there. Used to be a build by "spinner" if I remeber the user name right on Reef Central that did a cool one with a 300 gallon tub. The only downside I saw when I had one was the irregular shape makes baffles very difficult but if you don't do it the ATO is a little of a challenge. Also no sweet place to hang stuff with the supplied brackets that come with most reactors, probes, etc. If you have the space plumb them both in and use the Rubbermaid for a fuge!
  15. My Daughter is only 26 and she goes to a few shows a year too. Quite a cult following they seem to have! Have a blast
  16. I can't believe you stole milk crates lol. Looks good!
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