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  1. LRS, mysis, krill, any fresh ocean fish we are cooking. I think the mistake many people make is giving them big chunks. They don't need much
  2. Does the clown that is broadside in the pic have a black spot in the middle or is that a camera thing? If so that is why they labeled it that way. Years ago they would cull the defects like that, now they charge extra for them! I need another yellow watchman goby in my system. They are super interesting to watch!
  3. Nice! How is the mandarin doing?
  4. Well you can do it with just float switches (a low to turn on and a high to turn off) but a controller allows you to look at low being tripped for some time before filling, and then running till not low for some time The upper switch becomes a safety. I know Neptune products are not loved by many here, but the ATO kit has worked really well for me. Several layers of safety, can stand alone so doesn’t need the controller, and comes with the pump that @Scott C recommends.
  5. What accessories are available for that expansion port? You need some inputs
  6. Joe, this looks awesome. You are a way better painter than I am!
  7. You don’t run any kind of controller do you?
  8. You can always choke a conventional pump Or turn a DC pump down a little, but you can’t turn either up so don’t be afraid to go up a little. I will never buy another Jebao pump again but some people have had luck with them. My advice there is take the savings and buy a spare. My experience with Sicce has been very good I have used them for reactors and they are long lasting and quiet. Danner mag pumps are not very glamorous, but they run for years. There are many good choices out there now to be honest.
  9. Dang that is cheap. Where is it coming from? I’d be tempted to drive instead of ship if it was within 8 hours
  10. I am the worst at catching fish! How did the flashlight work?
  11. Muttley000


    If @crimsonvice can't help (he is a respiratory therapist which has to be a brutal job right now) I would also vouch for getting a battle box. You will not be disappointed!
  12. I am an apex user but the orp probe is to monitor for changes as well. Same with salinity, if it varies I may want to check something, but reftractometer is what I depend on.
  13. IN the very first pic did the mangrove shoot to the left grow out of your root system on its own? How long have those been there and what has the growth looked like?
  14. Too bad. Wonder where 2021 will be?
  15. So can @crimsonvice supply these pieces yet?
  16. Nice pieces! Tank is looking super!

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