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  1. Muttley000

    Pink Lava Coal

    How does one frag these? Just cut the plate into pieces and they grow round again?
  2. Amazing what they find a way through to get out!
  3. The difference is the newest name is a lot more expensive than the old name lol
  4. Muttley000

    fish quarentine

    Definitely report your results!
  5. Happy first post! I don’t know how you guys keep track of all the names!
  6. Muttley000

    fish quarentine

    Humblefish really does offer good advice on the topic. He has some really good write ups on R2R
  7. Good to hear. It's so hard for me to get to a decent LFS that actually has things in stock. I've never pulled the trigger with fish but I feel like I will soon!
  8. Muttley000

    fish quarentine

    At least 5 weeks on fish here and I don't medicate without reason personally
  9. Muttley000

    ATK V2

    Found this on the marine depot site. The pump is what’s changed What`s new with the Version 2 PMUP you ask? It comes equipped with an automatic shut off when dry Features an over-temperature protection Stands upright on a newly designed removable slotted screen Easier to clean and maintain
  10. Awesome. I have 6 or 7 more of its clones and they stay nice an big like that.
  11. Trident maybe, if I don’t run out of fish food before they are in stock lol
  12. The fact that your candy cane is improving supports that those numbers are acceptable. Do you have other zoas in the system?
  13. I agree that calcium isn't likely the issue. Besides the possible lighting issue, what are your nitrates and phosphates?
  14. Wow, really hard to chose even a top 3 here, great job guys!
  15. Cool. Looking forward to it! I just ordered another Wyze camera to use while we are on vacation, but I can give that one up to the wife also if you can lead me to something that works good!
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