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  1. Dang... I'd go, was planning to go anyway. Unfortunately, that day won't work for me. Guess I'll have to go on my own and skip the private tour.
  2. Hello... I haven't been on here in a dog's age. But... www.drsfostersmith.com is having a HUGE sale with some Black Friday type prices. Plus... Spend $100+ and get a $30 gift certificate with code GCJUNE30 at checkout. (TODAY ONLY... And... The gift certificate can't be used on this order.) Go to FISH CLEARANCE... Items priced 50-75% OFF I just bought a bunch of EcoSystem Miracle Mud for $5.74... They have heaters, fish food, pumps, sumps, overflows and more 383 items. Some good deals...
  3. I'm putting together a new tank and want to try a small saltwater, nano size. And... Before anyone asks... No, I haven't decided what I'm putting in it. The rock formation is my current project. Several drilled tonga branches with acrylic rod inserts are done. A few others need work, but are on hold due to the cold snap.
  4. BusyBee

    Black Friday????

    SaltwaterAquarium.com also still has (10 in stock) of the NEW TO MARKET... ChaetoMax Macroalgae-Specific LED Light - Innovative Marine Lights... Sale priced at $59.49... If any ones looking. They're sold out at all the other retailers except Dr. Foster and Smith. (They have them listed, but at full price.) https://www.saltwateraquarium.com/chaetomax-macroalgae-specific-led-light-innovative-marine/
  5. BusyBee

    Black Friday????

    SaltwaterAquarium.com has ReefRack 50 Coral Frag Rack (*OPEN BOX*) - Innovative Marine Racks... (23 in stock) priced at $29.00 BUT... If you enter the word "SOLD" in the coupon / promo box at check out you'll get an additional 20% OFF with free shipping to TOTAL... $23.20... I didn't think that was to bad. https://www.saltwateraquarium.com/reefrack-50-coral-frag-rack-open-box-innovative-marine/
  6. Well... I'll give it a go, see how it works.
  7. I just bought a new LED and wondered if anyone has any experience... Good... Bad... In hindsight it would have been better to ask before I bought it. I've been disappointed before...
  8. Thanks... But I'm not done with the project, just yet. I still have a stand / base, cover plate and canopy to construct. I'm not certain on the hours invested. I like to have multiple projects going at any given time and switch around from project to project depending on my free time and possibly the weather / work environment. I cut the molds, for the 3-D scape, last winter. It was to cold, at that time, to form fiberglass, outside... So, it sat for a spell. When the weather warmed up, I worked on it off and on to this point. I just keep plugging away at it. (I am also in the midst of a bathroom remodel. Since... I tore out the walls and floor down to the studs last spring. I was up until midnight last night working on grout.)
  9. Thanks... My husband wanted me to color the rocks like slate... I thought the red / brown tones would look better with green plants. However, for a reef tank... I think non-glazed ceramic would look best. The whitish look would mimic live rock especially after some establishing time had passed, while the porosity would be good for bacteria colonization. And... You could form the raw clay into whatever you wanted. Plus, you could add color to the clay while still in the "green" stages without glaze prior to firing.
  10. Thanks... I haven't decided on the fish, yet. First... I must finish the project.
  11. Thanks... It's coming along.
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