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  1. They eat a whole lot more than you would think I did get a decent little population going had two ten gallon tanks filled with hundreds of aptasia they went through them quickly they did breed alot however pods do eat the eggs so if you are going to add rocks covers in aptasia eventually the pods off the rocks will eat most of the eggs keeping them in a separate tank and feeding every day is alot of work due to thae lack of time eventually I put the few I had in my system they ate the few aptasia I had and never saw them again
  2. Looks like vermited snail
  3. Asterina starfish most are harmless algae eatters some types have been known to eat coral and they can multiply quickly
  4. Take the pump apart make sure nothing is partially plugging it up it is possible it could have sucked up small shell or have algae stuck in it
  5. The reason I set up the scrubber was because my tank was full of algae all of which eventually disapeared there was a short period of time I stopped running it and i started getting algae growing in the display again I run the light 24 hours a day when you scrape the screen try using an old business card don't scrap it completely clean it will regrow faster this is about a week's worth of growth on mine
  6. It took my ats at lease 2 months before it started to grow green algae it slowly transitioned from the slimy brown to the green
  7. ben

    I.d. please

    Vermetid snail
  8. ben

    Algae Issue

    I would change resin and if possible add a second canister of resin dinos feed on silicates and unfortunately even though your tds meter is reading zero it may still contain silicates water changes may or may not help if the sorce of the silicate is your to water
  9. I have tried useing the several differant red led bulbs on my scrubber they never seem to produce as much algea for me as the regular spiral compact or 6500k led
  10. ben

    Algae Issue

    I thaw the mysis out in a cup dump it into a small fish net rinse it then add to the tank also probly wouldnt hurt only feeding every other day Can't tell what kind of algae it is from the picture however if it is dinos they are know to be toxic to fish and most other aquarium inhabitants
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