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  1. There is a pending sale for the lot. If that falls through I can contact you. Thanks
  2. A360w-e by the way not the regular 360w
  3. Alright guys pricing update... A360w - $200 A350w - $100 A150 -$75 A160w - $125 Spectral controller and goosenecks make offer Bundles are always good too... I'm closing on a house soon anything I get rid of helps.
  4. Monroe Michigan, 20 minutes from Toledo.
  5. I am getting out of the hobby due to living situations and tank crash. I have 2 a360w in like new condition they were used for less then 2 months before tank crashed and I gave up looking for $250 each, I have boxes and all paperwork. I also have 2 ocean blue a150 in good condition $100 each. Also a 160w in perfect condition $150. Also a kessil spectral controller. And a a350w that has a couple diodes burned out but functions great still $140. I have boxes for everything and also a few goosenecks with the 90 degree adaptors I might toss in for the right offer. I am in a position to sell due to buying a house and needing some cash along with most likely staying out of the hobby for a while. So make some offers folks I'm pretty open. If photos are needed I can send some or include them in posting later on today but everything I have is in great shape and I'm super OCD about keeping them clean and dust free so all fans are regularly blown out and maintained.
  6. Sold, admins please close this discussion. Thanks
  7. Currently on hold for a pending sale. If it does not go through then I can contact you.
  8. I am in monroe mi, so like 20 minutes from Toledo
  9. Prefer to do local but I am not opposed to it.
  10. I have 2 Radion pro g2s for sale that are in excellent condition. They have been cleaned and maintained consistently and run flawlessly. I switched my main tank to a t5/kessil hybrid because I got bored and was saving these for a future project that now I do not think is going to happen. So really just hate seeing them sitting in the boxes not being used. They have boxes and manuals and everything with them and they were recently cleaned and even the power supplies cleaned. There is only one flaw between both units and that is a small hairline crack on the faceplate from me tightening the screw too tight but that does not affect any performance or structure. Looking to get $650 for the pair. Any questions feel free to contact me.
  11. Hey just an update on this topic. I ended up coming across a deal on a couple 360we that was insanely cheap so it made it financially feasible to keep both sets. I may in the future sell the radions but for now I'm going to keep both sets. Can an admin please close this topic?
  12. Can an admin please move this to the equipment sales and trading?
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