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  1. I can make molds of leg section with threaded male/female at each end. No machining would be needed after making the model.
  2. Thanks for the awesome feedback! Some really great ideas here and something to get my brain going. Thank you all so much. I'll give this post a week or two before I deem it finished.
  3. I was recently asked if I could make some simple frag racks, similar to the flat acrylic ones. I discovered that I can make them from urethane at a fraction of the cost & labor associated with acrylic. This led me down a rabbit hole of looking at every possible design out there. While I could make any of these, and probably at a fraction of the cost, I don't want to just copy what everyone is doing unless it's what everyone wants. The following questions pertain to standalone, magnetic, suction cup, retail, and commercial frag racks. If you're a store owner, or use frag racks commercially, I especially want to hear your feedback. (I can produce 2'x4' sheets of frag racks that can be easily cut on a table saw for less that you can imagine...in any color you want!) What do you see as the pros and cons of the current frag racks available? If you could get the frag rack of your dreams, what would it look like? What changes would you make to existing frag racks to make them more user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, or functional? NOTE: Everyone that contributes substance to this post will be entered win one of my new Tonga magnetics. They're small magnetic frag holders, molded from real Tonga branch, that hold 3-4 frags. They're colored to look like Real Reef and/or Tropic Eden manufactured Tonga. The contributor that I find most helpful will get five of them. Another five will be given to five other contributors (one each), randomly selected.
  4. NEW Tonga Frag Trees and Coral Caves!! Freestanding and AWESOME!! --->>> BLACK FRIDAY SALE GOING ON NOW!! UP TO 30% OFF!! <<<---HEAD TO westmariculture.com FOR "BEST OF THE YEAR" SALE NOW!!
  5. UNBEATABLE DEAL! Set of 4 magnetic frag racks! https://goo.gl/ENauNh
  6. CYBER MONDAY - 11/26/2017 THRU 11/27/2017 SPEND $150 = FREE SINGLE SHELF MAGNETIC!! SPEND $200 = FREE DOUBLE SHELF MAGNETIC!! SPEND $300 = FREE SINGLE AND DOUBLE SHELF MAGNETIC!! http://westmariculture.com/store/
  7. 18G frag tank with stand, lights, etc. Everything ready to go, including some Bonsai! Walls are 3/4" acrylic. 24x24x7" Acrylic frag tank, with overflow (tank not drilled) SB Reef Lights SB16 Basic - lenses removed, but included. 24x24 Cabinet, good enough looking to put your frag tank in the family room! Heater with digital controller Pump and powerhead Bioballs (2 bags) Refractomer Salt - nearly full box of Reef Crystals 3 Bonsai Reef specifically designed for this tank (holds 120 frags)...and there's still room on the floor of the tank for colonies that still gets plenty of light. Timer, powerstrip, some additives, touch-up pen cabinet, miscellanous Basically, add water and you're good to go. All broken down and cleaned. Full starter kit, or a nice add-on for your reef!! Perfect Christmas present....ready to setup!! $600
  8. I'm starting to clear out my greenhouse. The first thing to go is my sand grader. This is built by myself and has processed several hundred tons of aragonite. Here's a link to a video: https://www.facebook.com/WestMariculture/videos/810407628989911/ Sorry if you don't have FB, but I posted that video a long time ago and I don't have the original. I'm available for a show and tell for serious buyers. I'm offering it here first. If no takers, I'll post elsewhere. $1000
  9. Probably need to remove lenses on the led to get a better spread.
  10. Very simple. Maximize space and minimize complexity. My son built these.
  11. That is awesome!! Thanks for picking up some Bonsai Reef and sharing pics. Tank looks great. Thanks for the tag Jessie.
  12. It's intended to be a frag show tank. My guess is they made it thicker to handle being moved around a lot. Definitely way thicker than needed for a frag tank, but the deal I got on it was unbeatable. I couldn't pass it up.
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