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  1. Anyone around Cimcinnati have any?
  2. You have any chaeto available?  Hard to find in southern Ohio




      Yes I have tons of it. 

  3. Do you have any chaeto available?  Live just outside of Cincy.



  4. I am also in need of cheato. Outside of Cincinnati.
  5. Never thought of thought of the air bubble issue. Was considering the CPR devise with a vacuum hose attached so that didn't cross my mind. Tank is full so I don't know how comfortable I am with drilling now. Anybody on here drill with a tank operational from the inside out? How often does drilling fail, in my situation causing a huge mess.
  6. I am looking at an overflow box on an undrilled tank. The question is for noise purposes is it better to oversize the overflow or max out the flow for you return pump for quieter operation? If your return pump is 800 gph would it be better to go with an 800 gph overflow or go to like 1200 or 1600 gph overflow and run it and 75% or even 50% of the capacity to keep it quiet?
  7. Should I add more or supplement with food or just wait it out.
  8. Thanks that what I figured. Guess I was expecting the ammonia to continue to rise and it hasn't just leveled off along with the nitrites.
  9. I am two week in to my cycle which started two weeks ago. I am using shrimp to start the cycle. I have an 1-1/2" of sand with about 100 lbs of rock of which 20 was live rock. A couple of days into the cycle Ammonia went to 2 ppm and couple of days later the nitrite went to between .25-.5 ppm. These numbers have not changed and the nitrate has remained at zero. Tank temp is 78 degrees and the PH is 8.0. I did use about 50 lbs of sand from a tank which was shut down mixed in with new. My questions is should these number be climbing? The shrimp is still in the tank and decomposing. Water was started with Rodi. Just looking for feedback to see if I am on track or has something caused the cycle to stall? Is it possible that using old sand and live rock that it has cycled, but if so why is the nitrate not climbing?
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