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  1. Looks good! Was there an algae problem?
  2. Ok, that is great, thank you.
  3. Any Ok. Anyfish deaths?
  4. Oh another positive. Hair algae is gone!
  5. What did you do? I am about to start pouring bleach. Several month ago I was all, “this too shall pass”. Not anymore!
  6. Dinos is not fun though, Joe! Not fun at all! lol
  7. I accidently raised my nitrates to 100! Last I checked I got them down to 50. I have been raising my phosphates too. I was at 15 ppb. My goal was around 15-20 ppb. How do you dose peroxide? I am willing to try it. I have had amphidinium dinos covering the sand and now I have rock dinos, not sure of the ID but suspect ostreopopsis as they enter the water column.
  8. wow, that floor is just wow. I mean everything is cool, but the floor! WOW!
  9. you know something else that is positive with the aquarium? the rocks are now covered in coraline algae.
  10. Yeah, because some goof ball like me will be somewhere in bufu!
  11. It has been no fun dealing with dinos but every fish is alive. Most of the corals are hanging in there. Lost the pulsing zenia but I have to stay focused on the good. I am off the next few days and I am gonna work on the tank.
  12. music

    Aquacultured Yellow Tang

    Me too, I love visiting marine stores...I am weird like that.
  13. I am getting help from R2R. It is just a long process.
  14. Thank you. Dealing with dinos, guys.
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