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  1. Some things have suffered the neglect.
  2. Hello everyone! Hope you all are well. I have had a really rough go but I am doing better now. I have started to work on my aquarium again and spruced up a few things in the fishroom. Pictures later.
  3. Congratulations! Camping is a blast! Not for the feint of heart either, so you all will love it!
  4. I was going to share that I finished the fish room ceiling finally. And discovered I already did. Duh. The room is pretty awesome!
  5. Definitely a good idea. Yes, I QT. Currently using the peroxide formalin dip method.
  6. I haz one too. It is quit brown and yellow vs green and yellow though.
  7. Looks fantastic. How are the drapes doing so close to the tank?
  8. Been redoing the fish room ceiling so it matches the rest of the basement. And I just got sick of the periwinkle.
  9. Looking forward to seeing them in their home. I can bring the wand over anytime. Or you can come pick it up.
  10. That poor kid! When I had double vision it was just debilitating! I dont know how he does it! He has such heart.
  11. Looks fantastic. I want a 3D printer now.
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