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  1. music

    Wishy washed 120

    This is fantastic Joe. I am looking forward to seeing it come alive.
  2. That is crazy beautiful all by itself.
  3. Is this your frag tank? You clearly need me to take a road trip!
  4. I will purchase from you! I think it sounds like a great idea.
  5. I loved reading everyones response. I just loved the fish. I upgraded to a 75 gallon for cichlids. Then I saw the “ooh pretty” marine fish. If this saltwater go round fails I am going FOWLR or cichlid tank. Can you imagine a 180 cichlid tank!
  6. music

    My 180 upgrade

    I took a road trip there last fall. Really nice place.
  7. music

    My 180 upgrade

    Hi, great build. I love the stand. Two 500W heaters would be safer in the event of a heater failure. Redandancy builds in safety measures. One 500W heater fails but the other keeps the water temperature from dropping too much. Also heater controllers of some sort, are recommended.
  8. Full Tank Shot...Blurry FTS
  9. Hi Muttley! I have missed you! I got the foxface from Aquarium World. Sooki made good by me; the multiple deaths I have had starting with that convict tang, then the lamarcks angel. I currently have the foxface in a 15 gallon with a UV sterilizer. I think I am going to try a new hybrid TTM with formalin baths, and observe. I am trying to move away from prophylactic copper. I think that is part of why my QT failed? Not really 100% sure. How are you?
  10. New aquisition chilling in QT!
  11. Newly made sock holder, plumbing moved to new spot, but still problems with foaming
  12. Sump cleaned but just too many difficulties with the drain.
  13. Theses corals bounced back. One zoa I got from Buck bounced back beautifully. It is a yellow one. Very pretty. So far all the coral I got from the fragswap have melted or are closed up. So sad. BUT I am just SO happy to share that the dinos have gone away. And the other corals look good!
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