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  1. I am doing well thank you. Not perfectly back to normal, but way better. And I am able to work on my tank again. Stocking fish again.
  2. For some reason the buttons to add photos is only there when editing a post. Weird?
  3. Need to post some new photos. Seem to be missing some buttons...have I just forgotten how to post photos?
  4. Oh geesh, I suck at updating here.
  5. music

    Wishy washed 120

    Great updates. That tank and stand combo are beautiful.
  6. Thank you! I hope to do more as the vertigo improves.
  7. I used vibrant and the elegant corals dino treatment. The Vibrant eliminated all the hair algae that had gotten a foothold. And now I have some green cyano but I will work on that next.
  8. It is been so long since I update! I was comparing my August FTS to todays. A nice improvement.
  9. Everyones tanks are looking lovely! Two slightly different angles.
  10. Green and deep purple. They are beautiful.
  11. Thank you for all the replies you guys. Reading up on them on the net pretty much says they are difficult, and even Than from Tidal Gardens says they are difficult. I am so pleased to hear you all have found that not to be true. In the past my ricordeas did not spread, but did not die either. So this time I got two nice sized rocks covered with them.
  12. Me too!, someone on R2R said add a very small one to the one I have now and they should pair up. I just don’t think I could watch if it went badly.
  13. Sch a nice build Andrew. I love the equipment shelf you built. Where is in in relation to the tank?
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