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  1. Wow! It’s been too long since I updated my thread. I’m going to have to add a couple of pictures.
  2. That is a tough break on the ich. Been there, done that. My tank tolerated it well, the QT was the roller coaster. But it was all softy and lps.
  3. music

    Joe’ C-C-QT

    Nice! I just got my 15 gallon coral QT up and going. I will hafta update my thread!
  4. Joe wins! For the baby “takin’ pictures of da tank”
  5. I am thinking of getting a copper band too. I’m kind of considered buying a pre-quarantine and precondition one from humble fish. I don’t know…
  6. I think so. It is hard, not slimey.
  7. Yeah, it is so nice when people say “the coral are beautiful” rather than “rockscape is lookin great” LOL
  8. Just a few iPhone pics
  9. Hi fishy friends. Last weekend we replaced the flooring in our bedroom. Not really fish related but...everybody loves a nail gun, right? and he wont let me get a nice selfie without a a derpface. Cant beat em join em.
  10. Aw man, we knew it was coming though. When is it then?
  11. I thought so! When I did this to my tank I used a pump and some tubing to run a waterfall over sections of the sides and it disolved coraline fast. And I also used citric acid recently and was VERY IMPRESSED with how fast it worked!
  12. I am going to keep in simple, I think. Just a place to observe and dip, and observe again. I might put a sixline or other working fish after it has been through QT.

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