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  1. Surely some fun stuff is happening with this tank?
  2. Wow! That is some lovely growth going on!
  3. Thank you! He is doing really well!
  4. He is doing great! Sensitivity has started to set in. Look at the scar now!
  5. His hips and low back pain have been pretty bad. The incision has just started hurting. And he is almost 2 inches taller.
  6. It will be a Gnarly scar!
  7. He already towers over me. LOL
  8. Thank you! I missed this somehow. Sleep deprivation & being bullied by a 15 year old will do that I guess. lol. Thanks again.
  9. He looks taller but we have not measured his height yet. We marked his height on the grow wall in the garage entry the night before surgery so he could compare. As soon as he feels well enough to walk out there again we will mark his new height. you know, before we knew he had scoliosis We recorded that he lost an inch But we accused him of cheating! We now know differently.
  10. It has been so up and down. He puked for 11 hrs straight after surgery. He had to lay flat for 12 hours so he puked while flat, turning his head. Late that night, around midnight, the doctor consulted with the clinical pharmacist and they suggested IV benadryl for dizziness. They treated his vertigo and bingo! it got better. Today is post op day #2 and this afternoon has been better. Surgery sucks! Today we are trying all oral meds, and if it goes well, we will go home tomorrow.
  11. The shorter one is the kiddo getting surgery. Sigh. This is hard stuff man.
  12. Brad, my 15 yo is having spinal fusion surgery tomorrow for scoliosis. It is a big surgery Please keep us in your prayers.
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