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  1. Green and deep purple. They are beautiful.
  2. Thank you for all the replies you guys. Reading up on them on the net pretty much says they are difficult, and even Than from Tidal Gardens says they are difficult. I am so pleased to hear you all have found that not to be true. In the past my ricordeas did not spread, but did not die either. So this time I got two nice sized rocks covered with them.
  3. Me too!, someone on R2R said add a very small one to the one I have now and they should pair up. I just don’t think I could watch if it went badly.
  4. Sch a nice build Andrew. I love the equipment shelf you built. Where is in in relation to the tank?
  5. I just added ricordea yuma. I got my facts mixed up. Should have gotten ricordea florida. But I saw @Muttley000 gave one away in the DBTC and i figure out you must be doing well with them. So did I screw up? Are they likely to die or do I have a chance ata keeping them?
  6. There is a thread on reef2reef about it.
  7. I will be buying this one too. Thank you. I saw that vinegar can actually penetrate some plastic and get to the magnet on some power heads. It explains some of the issues I had with hydors. I had several with exposed and bulging magnets. I was always so faithful about soaking them in vinegar, but would sometimes leave them for several days.
  8. No he is just lovely. He has had been given a hard time from everyone in the tank and has had to point his spines a bit. But he hides when I put my hand in the tank.
  9. Just a a littel FTS and a couple corals that still look good.
  10. Thanks Joe. It is getting better super slowly.
  11. Yes, I went to MACNA and have had vertigo ever since! Oh, wait, I should focus on the tank. That is what they are for right? I am doing a dino treatment I found on R2R. It is from elegant corals and it seems to have made a nice improvement in the tank. The amphidinium did not go completely away with the UV. I will post about it if anyone wants to read about it. I can see this being good to do in a tank every once in awhile to really remove sludge build up.
  12. music

    Wishy washed 120

    That is fantastic. I love a fish room and a fish closet is just as cool.
  13. Updates, yeah! Looks super cool.
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