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  1. what ever happenen to these test kits. the color chips were attatched right to the test tube?
  2. I use Seachem for basic saltwater and seachem phosphate for testing any better ones or easier?
  3. i heard dosing hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade kills algae. anyone try this?
  4. pfleghaar


  5. Order arrived in great condition.I did notice a couple of blue legs mixed in with snails but no worries....
  6. looking for a good algae clean up crew 40 gallon tank....any ideas any good or bad experiences with crabs snail ect?
  7. pfleghaar


    has anybody ever done icp or triton water tests?
  8. pfleghaar


    are leptos pretty easy?
  9. Whats up with Aquarium Masterminds on Secor and Aquarium World on Alexis still neither one open.
  10. Are these guys moving to Alexis road in April?
  11. pfleghaar


    If 20.00 came out of my paypal why am I not considered a supporter. Where does this money go?
  12. This stand is obsolete I'm trying to find one mine is all warped
  13. anyone know if this place is gonna happen or not?
  14. We are excited to announce Reef Critter Aquatics will be changing it's name to Aquarium Masterminds LLC. We do not have any affiliation with any other RCA business trying to operate under our original state registered RCA name. We will be opening a new location at 4120 Secor Rd, Toledo, OH. Please stay tuned for more updates to come and killer grand opening deals. anybody know anything about this store?
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