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  1. pfleghaar

    salt mix

    any ideas when I mix a batch of reef crystals why a tan like powder precipitates and sticks to my heater and pump.
  2. Does anybody know what the first bred marine fish was? I know orchid dotty backs were early. and some clownish
  3. pfleghaar

    Bella Gobi

    I have a crushed coral substrate with a 5 inch Bella he shovels it in just like its sand. could this hurt him. He seems to processing it ok
  4. is there a shortage or something
  5. 10/13/2020 Marine Spot Check Results From: sales@saltwateraquarium.com To: Dnp8113@bex.net Cc: Date: 10/13/2020 6:34:47 AM 8 Key Test Parameter/Range: Alkalinity - 150 ppm Ammonia NH3 - 0.0 ppm Calcium - 411 ppm Magnesium - 969 ppm Nitrate NO3 - 1 ppm Nitrite NO2 - 0.0 ppm pH - 8.0 pH Phosphate PO4 - 0.1 ppm
  6. pfleghaar

    snake oil

    I dont believe in snake oils but I tried the red sea reef energy ab+ and the corals really seem to be "happy" is this just me or is there something to this stuff.I haven't made any other adjustments just wondering if anyone else had success with this product
  7. My pistol shrimp keeps rearranging my frags. any glue recommendations?
  8. is the water pressure in Toledo adequate for an rodi water purifier
  9. i have a 38 gallon all in one with the sump in the rear of the display. any ideas on just an inexpensive top off system to pull water out of a bucket of ro water under the tank? i top off manually now and notice how low it can go in a day in the dry winter time
  10. hello I have a 38 gallon saltwater tank I want to switch to sand instead of aragonite. its six years old. can I do this?
  11. pfleghaar


    can I feed a bubble tip lrf food or any better ideas
  12. what ever happenen to these test kits. the color chips were attatched right to the test tube?
  13. I use Seachem for basic saltwater and seachem phosphate for testing any better ones or easier?
  14. i heard dosing hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade kills algae. anyone try this?
  15. Order arrived in great condition.I did notice a couple of blue legs mixed in with snails but no worries....
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