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  1. RO/DI unit for sale located in Mentor but will travel to Cleveland area. Filters have around 85% to 80% life left. 150GPD build in TDS Meter 440-417-2775 $100
  2. So I picked up a frag of gsp and I noticed it has green hair algae on it. It's been in my tank 2 days and I noticed the polyps are not opening up because if that. It hasn't grown more should I just pitch the gsp or try to brush it off in a separate container? Maybe coral dip? Just don't want this stuff growing everywhere since I have more coral and rocks that don't have it and from experience once it starts it's a real PIA to rid the tank of it.
  3. From the pic to me it looks like HLLE, top water quality and a good diet lots of seaweed, nori, saok food in selcon. When I had my 300 setup with a lot of tang I would feed sea veggies green and purple seaweed almost 3 times per day.
  4. If you don't like it I'll take it if your ok with shipping or meeting me somewhere in Vermillion area.
  5. Fr0zEn4244

    start up fish

    After about 3 days into my new biocube I added 2 Blue/green Chromis, seems to me they can survive just about anything then added snails.
  6. See your in columbus. Ill buy if you want to meet me somewhere in the middle i am from mentor 44060.
  7. I dont have tank setup so i more or less need dry rock or rock with no corals because i am iust going to dry it out for a month or two until i get time to set up a tank.
  8. I'll take the live rock if u split it up.
  9. I used a clamp light with a 10K GE bulb from Lowes, I would give away basketball size clumps of chaeto algae almost once a week also. I never added anything into my tank.
  10. It wasnt bad luck just i had no patience. Glad it worked out for you though.
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