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  1. zachegg


    Looking for a sump. I'm setting up a 75 gallon tank. Something about 30-36 inches should do.
  2. I'm interested in the Maroons. Location?
  3. I agree with @Dr.Fraggenstien, fresh mixed RC is 11-12 in my experience as well and to have calcium and alk moving in opposite directions makes me wonder if you have a bad test kit. I switched to Hanna testers and found them very accurate and repeatable. I used to run a 28 gallon nano cube and I didn't dose and did water changes every 10-14 day and never had alk drop that low.
  4. zachegg


    Bristle worm growth is related to available food. My question is, did they grow that large in your system? And if so maybe you are over feeding?
  5. zachegg


    Yes but you have to deep fry them
  6. I've had two over the years and currently use one in a small tank that I don't have a controller set up on. BRS has a video where they tested temp control on several heaters and the cobalt was the best even beating out a non thermostatically control heater controlled by an Apex. The video is worth checking out. With that said heaters fail and I had a cobalt fail after about 2 years and it did fail in the off mode. IMO if you are using a controller like Apex it's not worth the money but if you don't have one I would spend the extra money. So what kind of tank are you planning? Don't be holding out on us LOL.
  7. Man, I need to get a few out of my tank They have reproduced and I have about 50 of them LOL. Started with 6 GLWS!
  8. zachegg

    Who uses GFO?

    I will second @Muttley000. I like the Hanna Checkers. I've found them to be accurate and repeatable.
  9. zachegg

    Who uses GFO?

    I have started running an algae scrubber to help with phosphate. I haven't tested recently but I know I'm growing algae rather quickly so it must be working .
  10. zachegg

    What salt?

    I'll second that.
  11. zachegg

    Water Change

    Well keep me posted if you hear how the new ATI two part works for other people. You have me thinking about a plan B. I recently bought some coral from @Reefbuilder and he was using BRS two part and Aquavitro Fuel and had some amazing growth. It would be that or Triton. https://www.aquavitro.com/fuel.php
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