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  1. I would be interested in them. I live in New Carlisle and can pick up anytime.
  2. Bump. Make me an offer. I'd like to see this have a new home.
  3. Great skimmer for a smaller tank with an integrated sump. I used this on a JBJ 28 for about a year. Can easily be configured to fit almost any tank. This thing does it's job very well. It is cleaned and ready to go. The impeller is in great condition.$125 obo
  4. Great light. Used less than a year around 50-60%. In excellent condition and works as it should. $160
  5. Used less than a year around 70-80%. Great light and controller. Everything in excellent condition and works as it should. $175.
  6. Two Hydra 52's. Great lights once you get them dialed in for your tank. I have the non HD's that are controlled through apex.
  7. Are you wanting sell the sump separately? Any pictures?
  8. zachegg

    Dosing ATI

    Thanks @Muttley000. That makes me feel better. I have a couple months left so I wanted to get a something lined up before I ran out. I'll have an extra channel on my dosing pump then. This is giving me some new ideas LOL.
  9. zachegg

    Dosing ATI

    I just mixed the last of the 3 part ATI I had. They have switched to a 2 part that is supposed to have everything in it. Anyone made the switch and have any comments good or bad?
  10. zachegg

    Fritz Salt

    I noticed it takes less. I will mix 15 gallons for my water changes. Takes 12 cups of RC and 10 cups of Fritz. I forget the exact alk number but i believe it was 9.8 and RC is always 12 plus. I like the lower alk number because its closer to what I normally keep my tank so less swing during water changes. Overall I'm happy with it.
  11. zachegg


    Looking for a sump. I'm setting up a 75 gallon tank. Something about 30-36 inches should do.
  12. I'm interested in the Maroons. Location?
  13. I agree with @Dr.Fraggenstien, fresh mixed RC is 11-12 in my experience as well and to have calcium and alk moving in opposite directions makes me wonder if you have a bad test kit. I switched to Hanna testers and found them very accurate and repeatable. I used to run a 28 gallon nano cube and I didn't dose and did water changes every 10-14 day and never had alk drop that low.
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