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  1. I'd be interested in an auto feeder if one is still available and you want to ship one.
  2. Looks like I mistakenly posted in the wrong place. Possibly admin can move the post?
  3. Selling my 80 gallon Deep Blue tank with stand. Tank is in very good shape with no major scratches. Slight surface scratches that cannot be seen with water in the tank The AI 52's non HD can be sold with or without the tank and include the AWM apex module needed to control them. Lights will be sold after the tank is sold as the are designed to work with the stand. The outside panels on the stand come off for easy access to the sump area. The power wires for the lights are run inside the light framing and makes for a very clean look. I have an apex classic with 2 EB8's, breakout box module, apex DOS (used for 6 months) and a wireless repeater I used to make the Apex wireless. Tank and stand will only be sold together. If you buy it all I will make you a deal and also throw in a BUNCH of extras (ATO reservoir, titanium heater, float switches etc...). It is all packed in storage right now so I don't have any more pictures currently. Sump and skimmer in the picture are NOT included. Tank and stand- $500 2 AI 52's and AWM module- $150 (sold after the tank is sold) Apex classic, 1 EB8, breakout box, temp probe, and repeater- $150 Apex DOS- $200 EB8 $70
  4. I appreciate the offer but I don't get that way.
  5. Zoa colonies have about 50 polyps or more. I have several smaller colonies not pictured. Green and red monti mounted to a piece of rock. There is a small RBTA attached that can go with it or be removed easily. Also a small individual RBTA. Looking for SPS or neon green zoas. Might consider something else. Just looking to change things up and this monte is getting to big for my tank. I am also looking for small fish for a 30 gallon tank. I live in New Carlisle right outside Dayton. Sorry for the blued out pictures.
  6. I might be interested in the tank. Age, dimensions, overall condition?
  7. Lazy has that one. A bit less than JF is selling it for. https://lazyscoralhouse.com/collections/lps/products/cofully-encrusted-jason-fox-john-deere-leptastrea
  8. I've had this guy for 6 years. I definitely keep an eye on him. He has gotten fat over the years. We call him the spikey dog turd.
  9. I love my cucumber. He does such a good job cleaning the sand. Leaves little sand turds everywhere LOL. I don't have any snails or crabs.
  10. Looking for a small cube or all in one tank. 50 gallons(ish) or less. Would also consider something smaller like 20 or less. TIA Close to the Dayton area preferably.
  11. New Carlisle. 10 mins North of Dayton.
  12. I have 4 nems that need new homes. They are multiplying in my tank and 25 is enough for me LOL. Here are a couple pictures. They are about 2 inches in diameter. Sorry for the crappy pictures. $40 each or possible trade for lobo frags.
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