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  1. I would be very interested to get your take on Simplify3D versus Cura and Repetier. I am having Layer bonding issues that I am fixing by either the putting in the Duet 2 Wifi and if that doesnt work I have some new all metal Extruders that I like better than stock.. I would love to hear your take on the slicers.
  2. I am waiting for a delivery from Amazon today to finish wiring in the new Duet 2 Wifi control board from my printer. The old printer's board was having problems holding the extruder at the right temperature. The longer it ran a print the lower the temperature on the extruder was running. Then I want to run the prints above. Is that benchy really that warped or is that a different version designed that way?
  3. On the cheap controllers, the firmware is often not good to talk to octoprint. I tried it and it did a bunch of weird hangs. I have the Octoprint ready when the Duet 2 is installed :D. The Duet 2 can also run up to 6 extruders, so I am thinking I am going to upgrade. My pieces get here this tomorrow. I will try and get it running this weekend and post some pictures :D. For my printer I have been printing mostly PLA so I just use a little hairspray and it sticks to the build service like a champ.
  4. Neat printer. I got the Tronxy X5SA. And today I ordered a Duet2 Wifi controller with a Duex 5 addin card. The structure of the printer I really like but I hated the controller. So I will let you know how it turns out. Have you done any calibration prints or benchys?
  5. I have a role of PETG but not started on that. The Tronxy X5SA has many good points but the powersupply was horrible. I am looking to replace the controller with a Duet2 Wifi. I upgraded the Mosfet. I also am going to contain it to control temps. One thing I like is the corexy seems to be able to move faster. I look forward to seeing more printing projects. I am still learning.
  6. Ahh so I have a weekend of work on the tank. See if I can get ready for some new visitors
  7. What are you printing in? I have been working in PLA but it is bio degradable and the tank will eat it. I haven't had time to test it over a long term. It looks like your printer is a Anet A8 type printer. I played with that as a kit I got for christmas but then bought a Tronxy X5SA core-xy printer. Still blew the power supply and replaced it with a meanwell. Plan is to build an enclosure to hold the heat and make ABS easier to print. I cant get the temperature where I want it right now so I have avoided ABS. I do have some PETG which I havent been able to figure out how good it is in salt water.
  8. From the reading I have done, ABS is the best bet but can be tricky to print since it is high temp and needs a good heated bed. Also dont let it sit out in humidity or it will bubble from water absorbed by the filament.
  9. Stupid amount of work with a bunch annoying life attached. Have to admit I have just not done much for fun. Put I have been playing with a new 3d Printer kit (actually 2) The big ones chinesium power supply lasted 8 hours before I popped it. Replaced it with a nice meanwell supply that probably will outlast me
  10. I was looking on the front page. When is the expo? I wouldn't mind a trip.
  11. I am indeed still out there. Been busy and had not seen much happening in the forums. I have been playing with my new 3d printers and getting ready to make some adjustements to my tank. Anything exciting happening on the forums that snuck past me?
  12. Is there anything that the club needs help with for this event? I know we haven't had Jesse at a meeting in a couple months to do any group planning. Want to make sure I am helping where I can.
  13. Room Booked for the event!! See everyone on Friday the 10th of March!
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