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  1. I’ll pass on that. Thank you.
  2. CZ Shadow 2 Sig P210 Target Sig 320 X Five Dan Wesson PM9 Those are some I would be open to trade for, what do you have?
  3. Just tore down the tank and got it cleaned up for the most part. I am moving in a month and I am looking to see if someone is willing to pay what I am asking. I would like to keep it, but it would save me the hassle of moving it and having to store it in the interim while I get re-situated after the move. Asking 1200 for the tank/stand/all original equipment. *Note: I drilled the ATO reservoir that came with the tank and turned it into a refugium. Does not have any scratches on the glass. I also have an Aquatic Life T5 Hybrid fixture for sale w/ 4 bulbs and all original m
  4. I have 2 maxspect pumps with a controller for syncing the two. I bought these as an entire set. Just broke down my tank to get ready to move and looking to part with these. Pulled them, cleaned them and just functioned checked them after putting them back together. They are in great shape. Had them for about 8 months. Will come with boxes/manual/all original accessories. Asking $300 for everything/no trades
  5. Clown fish are gone. Thread can be closed. Thank you.
  6. I am moving and only bringing the tank itself with me. I have decided to part with the lights. 2x A160WE Tuna Blue (Both used for less than a year at less than 40%intensity) 1x A360WE Tuna Blue (Used for a little over a year a half at less than 40% intensity) Have a controller to go with an all necessary connections to connect all three along with goose neck and hardware. At this time I am unwilling to sell only pieces of the package. It all has to go. Asking 500 for everything.
  7. All the live rock and coral is gone! Only have the clown fish left. Need to find these guys a good home.
  8. Corals are pending to Birdman. Still need to find the Clowns a home and about 40lbs of live rock.
  9. Price drop to $150. Make a reasonable offer. I need to get this stuff moved.
  10. I am located in Centerville, 45458. Near Dayton OH.
  11. Hey Guys The wife and I are looking to move soon and the journey will be too long for a livestock move. I do not have any equipment for sale and I am only looking to sell the livestock at the moment. - The live rock I have totals over 50lbs. - Along with the liverock are several large colonies of frogspawn 40 head +, some zoas and GSP. - I also have a pair of black clown fish that have been with me for the last 4-5 years. I would like to sell it all at once. Buyer would have to bring their own containers to transport the livestock. Asking for 200 for al
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