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  1. Hi All, I have 2x Vortech MP10's for sale. Both in great condition. Pulled from my old BioCube, cleaned and then stored. Thought I would end up using them on another smaller tank but never ended up doing so. One is wireless ready and the other is wireless capable. Basically 1x QD and 1x wQD. Includes almost everything that they would new. Only missing the rubber shim for thinner glass with one of them. Looking for $300 for both. Would rather not split them up so looking for a buyer that will take both. I am in Centerville, OH 45458.
  2. Sold That's it, close it up. It's found a new home to a good owner I'm certain. Thank you!
  3. There is someone set to see it tomorrow. If they decide to buy it, it will be theirs. If they decide not to I will let you know and we can arrange something for the following weekend so you can come take a look at it. Thank you!
  4. This is the nick in the skimmer body This is the broken thread to the triple manifold. It's only the return one on the left side. Glass as stated is okay. Just another view showing the glass This the hard water stain from my emptying the tank and not wiping it down immediately and letting it sit. If the tank is filled and the line is wet you can't even see it. The calcium build up should come out with CLR or if soaked in vinegar. One more of the bulkhead.
  5. I saw the pipes and those are not the issue. I removed all of the pipes before transportation. It’s what the top pipes screw into that was damaged. There are internal threads on the triple bulkhead that accept the top piece but there is also a nut that screws into the bottom to help create a “seal” on the top piece. The nut on the bottom and now the threads that the plastic nut goes on to is what was damaged. Specifically just the return line.
  6. I thought about fixing it but the whole situation has gotten me sour. I thought about it enough and I I’ve made my decision on it. When I get back I’ll be sure to take some detailed pictures and get them to everyone who has inquired. I’ll post them here and send out PMs to those that requested it.
  7. can get pick of cracked bulkhead did it hurt tank at all where bulkhead went thru tank interested 

    1. g3point5


      Glass is no problem.  I’ll have pictures for you on Friday.  It only broke the threads on the left bulkhead if you’re looking at the tank from the front. Other than that the glass around the bulkhead on the bottom and on all four sides are all structurally stable with no cracks or damage. 

    2. g3point5


      These are the pictures I owe you, but just to let you know the tank is pending at this time.  There is a lot of interests on the tank so if the deal falls through I will contact each person in the order that they inquired to keep it fair.  I appreciate your interest.  Thank you.





  8. I re-uploaded the original pictures here since photo bucket is not cooperating. I am out of town until the weekend. When I get home Friday night I will be sure to take some detailed pictures of the bulkhead. Appreciate the help!
  9. If someone could that would be great. I searched online to see if anyone else has been in a similar situation as me and I couldn't find anything. I thought surely this has happened to other Red Sea owners. I also thought surely Red Sea would sell me the part... but that wasn't the case. I felt deflated about the whole situation so If I can part with it I'd be fine with it. Wife also agrees I should part with it since the move the tank has been more of a stress than an enjoyment. Plus I still keep a bio-cube so I'm not leaving the hobby completely.
  10. Hi guys. Long time lurker here. Up for sale is my Red Sea Reefer 450 complete with the white cabinet/ sump/ top off reservoir. So I really didn't want to sell this but I have no choice at this point. I moved recently from one apartment to another. While moving the tank my friend who was helping me load it was pushing it across the bed of his truck. He didn't know that the triple bulkhead protrudes out the bottom of the tank and the one on the left side hit the edge of his tailgate and cracked the threads. Long story short... I called red sea and they won't replace the part for me. This is highly disappointing in the fact that the tank is super expensive. All they could say was to remove the overflow and the manifold and either run aftermarket bulkheads or seal the holes and re-drill the tank for a ghost overflow... Situation sucks... and it's hard for me to accept but I'm not the DIY type, so I have decided to try to sell it as is. The wife Is wanting it gone also... The only thing that's wrong is the cracked bulkhead. Glass/seals are all good. Cabinet still looks like new as well as the sump and the reservoir. There are some hard water stains on the front glass but nothing that can't be fixed with some elbow grease. So if you're in the market for a great DIY tank from a super high quality build this is it. I will also include the skimmer that was used with the tank. A Skimz Monzter SM201 INT skimmer. There is a small nick in the body but other that that it is also in great shape. A couple of recent pictures here. I am available to show the tank Saturday/Sunday and can get more detailed pictures on request. I'm asking $800 for the tank/sump/cabinet and $200 for the skimmer. I'd like to get rid of both at the same time so I would do $900 for both. I am located in Centerville/Dayton OH. The buyer would have to come pick it up. I can help load it but have no means of transporting the tank. Thank you.
  11. You heard it. lol. I know most people don't want the pesky softies. I have started a tank dedicated to them! If you got em PM and let me know how much you got and how much you want. I can come pick up tonight! Thanks!

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