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  1. I finally upgraded my 20 gallon reef tank into a 75 gallon. I have had the 75 gallon set up for about 8 months now and it's finally starting to mature and look like the reef tank I want. The tank itself is a standard 75 drilled with a 20 gallon DIY sump. The equipment list is a s follows: Jebao DC 9000 return 2 Jebao RW-8's Aquatic Life 4 bulb T-5 light with ATI bulbs Apex with temp and PH probes Reef Octopus Classic 110 skimmer JBJ ATO So far I have been really happy with all of my equipment purchases which I slowly bought used from different sources. It is a mixd reef with some SPS higher up in the tank. As far as fish goes I have: 1 Kole Tang 2 Percula clowns yellow coris wrasse lawnmower blenny long nose hawkfish I apologize the pics are so blue, I'm not great at pictures.
  2. Utter Chaos Palythoa colony that grew from just 3 polyps four months ago.
  3. Thanks! Those are utter chaos polyps. They have really thrived in my tank so far.
  4. Woodro

    Algae Id

    Why shouldn't I run the skimmer? As for carbon I'm running chemipure elite so hopefully that does the job of removing some toxins.
  5. Woodro

    Algae Id

    Well for a long time I wasn't running a protein skimmer, I was solely relying on weekly water changes for nutrient export. I checked nitrates and they were somewhere between 15-20ppm so I'm assuming that's what is fueling the algae. So i purchased purchased a month old ghost protein skimmer and threw it on there. I started a 3 day black out to try and stop the algae before it gets too bad. I was thinking of dosing hydrogen peroxide for one week after the black out to make sure the dinos are gone for good. Wish me luck, I hear dino battles can be grueling.
  6. Woodro

    Algae Id

    It looks to be Dinos. Came home today to see stringy snot taking over the tank. What steps should I take to defeat it? Should I do a 3 day black out?
  7. Woodro

    Algae Id

    Is this Dinos or cyano?
  8. So I went ahead and bought this light for my reef tank, and so far I love it. The one thing I'm having trouble with is the timer function not quite working correctly. The lights timer turns it on perfectly, but when it comes time to shutoff both channels won't turn off. I previewed my settings to make sure they were set correctly. They turn off when I reset the channel off program. Does any one else use this light? Has anyone experienced this problem? Maybe I'm just missing something and it's an easy fix, any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Yea they sell this unit with Color changing DI unit included which I would recommend. I have been using it for a couple months with TDS reading 0 coming out of the unit. http://www.marinedepot.com/AquaticLife_RO_Buddie_3_Stage_Reverse_Osmosis_System_w_Mixed_Bed_Resin_DI_Cartridge_50_to_75_Gallons_Per_Day_RO_DI_Water_Filter_Systems-AquaticLife-AK010162-FIRORDFS-vi.html
  10. Probably the biggest reason I haven't gotten a bigger tank is the price. Eventually I'll get something around 75 gallons, once I gain the courage. Plan is to save enough money to double what I spend that way I'm not left broke when buying all the equipment.
  11. Yea I'm looking for something to fill the spot on top of the rocks towards the right side. I was going to ty the hammer up there bit it was too much flow. Any suggestions?
  12. Hello All! This is my first experience with any kind of online forum, so bare with me if I mess up a little bit here and there. I've had several different reefs over the years, never over 20 gallons though. The tank I have now has been up and running since Thanksgiving 2014. Most of th coral and fish I have bought from local reefers and a couple pieces from local fish store. Equipment: Innovative Marine Fusion 20 gallon Aquatic Life Edge, Dual T5 HO (Arctic T247 on the way) IM Desktop Reactor with GFO UV Sterilizer Chemipure Elite, with Refugium on opposite side Livestock: Zoa's/Paly's: Darth Mauls, Purple Hornets, Utter Chaos, Rastas, and some pink ones which Idk the name of Green Torch Purple Hammer Orange Yuma xenia, and Green Toadstool Fish: 2 Wyoming White Clownfish Thanks for looking! Darth Mauls Torch
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