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  1. I have the following setup for sale (moving). I've had this as a mixed fish and soft poly coral tank for years but the last power outage took out all but one of my fish, which has allowed the polyp colonies and mushrooms to explode. This is a complete setup and includes everything below (plus a lot more if you want it) so I will consider all offers. NOTE: the pictures look much more blue than in person as my camera doesn't capture the true color very well. The lighting is adjustable for color either way. 120 gallon 48" x 24" reef tank with cherry wood cabinet/canopy and basement sump w/platform (you could add a sump under the stand if desired) 2x AI Hydra 26 and Kessel A160 Tuna Blue lighting Reeflo Blackfin external pump Aqua-C skimmer w/DC pump 2x MaxSpect XF250 Gyres w/wave controller Phosphate reactor Pellet reactor 2x hospital tanks JBJ 500w Titanium heater w/external controller Aqua Medic 4-stage dosing pump w/jugs and 3-part/2-part ingredients Testing equipment and test kits Aqua Pure 5-stage RO/DI w/TDS meter and Aquatec pressure booster pump 80G holding and 40G mixing tanks both w/circ pump and heater plus a lift pump Large/very large colonies of pink polyps, green polyps, pulsing Xenia polyps, blue and green metallic mushrooms Gold-stripe maroon clown (the only fish that survived the last power outage...~6-7 years old and loved his BTA that passed away with the other fish Worms, starfish, serpent stars, snails, etc. ~150-200(?) lbs rock including an awesome shelf rock where the pink polyps live Dual 29G drilled hospital/quarantine tanks with stand I also have a ton of other "stuff"...like PVC fittings, valves, spare pump, UV, lighting, etc, etc that I have accumulated over years of doing this and all will be included if you want it.
  2. I haven't found a solution for feeding frozen automatically over a period of days or longer, which is why I transitioned to pellets for daily feeding years ago. My fish are fat and happy and wait impatiently by the feeder at feeding time just waiting for the pellets to drop. If you want to transition to pellets but the fish don't seem to be interested, try a dither fish like a chromis or similar. The rest will join in eventually when they get hungry enough and grow tired of watching the dither chow down.
  3. I've been using the Eheim Everyday feeders for years to feed my daily pellet foods. They have very flexible program options for feeding but one of the best things about these feeders is that they have a fan that blows into the food chamber to keep the food dry. My feeder sits inside my closed canopy and I have no moisture problems with the pellets. I run these every day, not just for vacation and average maybe 3 years of life before the food compartment fan fails. For the ~$35 I think they are a bargain.
  4. Any idea how many boxes have been committed to purchase? The original question was if 200 boxes would get sold and now it seems like that won't be enough.
  5. I like 2 and 3. I also like the black/red/white color scheme. Rik
  6. I like the logo on the front and lettering on the back myself. I do agree that the logo would look better over to the side as Carlrode said.
  7. Will I need to purchase tickets to get into the Expo? I've been looking but haven't found that information yet beyond the post about vendor tables.
  8. I wold like a 2XL and a 3XL if you can get the larger sizes.
  9. I'll have Crown Apple for the wife and some good Bourbon for me. And of course I'm always willing to share.
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