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  1. still have 2 cor20 pumps several apex modules 2 xr30w pro gen 4 reef octo 200int skimmer kalk reactor uv and tank and stand best offers
  2. redevil13


    aqua uv 25watt. heath oh 43056
  3. redevil13


    i do aqua uv 25 for 100 bucks with a new bulb
  4. apex 2016. sold dos sold wav pumps sold. both xr15pro. sold eb8. sold mp40qds. sold. both wxm. sold
  5. 30 bucks a colony heath oh 43056 and obivously take the rock they are embedded on
  6. whenever at this point i still have flow in the tank so its up to you i work mostly days during the week
  7. livestock. 100 bucks i dc whatever you think is fair heath oh
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