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  1. That’s how things generally go for me too. Sorry
  2. Brand new. Bought them for my 120 in October. Never used them. Still in the boxes. Asking what I paid for them. $320 for the pair.
  3. Joe

    Wishy washed 120

    Thanks. Ammonia is still 0. Nitrites are 1ppm. And nitrates are down to 0. So still going to take some time. But it has until the end of February.
  4. I’ll look and see what connections it uses. Seems like one could bypass the can tuners and pipe it straight from the controller.
  5. Joe

    Red Stop Light Cardinalfish

    Not at all. He’s charging me $19.99 per fish plus shipping cost. The $20 per fish includes qt’ing the fish.
  6. Joe

    Wishy washed 120

    So it looks like something must have just went wrong during the first calibration. All look good now. I’ll bring the salinity up during my first water change. It’s good enough for now.
  7. Joe

    Wishy washed 120

    Got the GHL controller hooked and running. Temp is to high. But what worries me is it says my ph is 3. That’s way to low. I calibrate the probe. But may do it again to be sure.
  8. Joe

    Red Stop Light Cardinalfish

    He’s not like that is he?
  9. Going through the manual got me thinking. I wonder if there’s a way to hack my black boxes to be controlled by the P4?
  10. Also found the support forum a big help too. https://forum.aquariumcomputer.com/forum.php
  11. Gotta love tech. Lol. A life saver most of the time. But a pain the rest of the time. Thanks @GHL. That helps a lot. I am finally connected. And I have MyGHL connected as well. So now to get some probes wet.
  12. Ok. This is getting aggravating. Following this video I don’t have a wifi folder. Following this video. I don’t see settings. It’s about to be for sale real soon.
  13. Joe

    IM 25g Lagoon

    I like the look of crowded.
  14. Joe

    LED life

    Following. I have never heard of anyone throwing out leds due to being to old though.
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