Buckeye Reef 2020 Expo Postponed

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  1. I want them both. Lol. Both super nice pieces.
  2. Wife went to the store yesterday and she said the seafood was all gone.
  3. O wow! This something you own?
  4. Welcome to the Buckeye Reef photo of the month contest thread sponsored by Premium Aquatics This months focus is: Clownfish All you have to do to enter is post a photo in this thread before the deadline. Submission deadline is 11:59 pm Eastern time, April 23, 2020 Photos must be shot by you, and posted to the thread by you. Photo must not have been a previous POTM winner. Only one submission per person. (Multiples will be deleted) If you create multiple user accounts to vote you will be disqualified. Any Broken images at end of contest will be deleted. Winner will be picked by a member poll which will start at the end of the submission period and end at midnight the last day of the month. This months POTM contest is sponsored by Premium Aquatics. https://premiumaquatics.com The winner will receive a Premium Aquatics $25 E-Certificate.
  5. Joe


    Just give it another week and see what happens. It seems there is more ammonia than nitrites can consume and more nitrates that can stable the carbon cycle. As Muttley stated, every cycle is different. But given enough time, it will straighten out.
  6. I’ve never tried Brightwell products. But I’ve read a lot of good things about MicroBacter. I wouldn’t be against trying it at least once.
  7. Not to concerned about offending Neptune. But you real reef equipment and you have tank stuff. Big difference.
  8. I envy bubble boy right now.
  9. The great thing about it is you can put any panels on the outside with magnets in the slots. So you can change the style and access any part of the sump with no problem.
  10. Rum Jack Daniels Tequila Coke Peanutbutter pretzels

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