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  1. New dog bed cane in and it’s in use. Looks and works good. Better than what we had before.
  2. Not yet. It was talked about, but never come to fruition.
  3. Thanks for the experience. I have heard of people that know someone that had tank crashes from an auto feeder over feeding tanks from malfunctioning.
  4. Joe

    Feeding Chimney/Ring

    Thanks for the info.
  5. This poll is multiple choice. Vote for everyone you think deserves to win. This months subject is "Inverts" Sponsored by BuckeyeReef. Poll closes 5-31-20 at midnight. Nanoreef13 ghrorick jeff70 Jesse Muttley000
  6. Anyone use a feeding chimney of feeding ring? Here is the one I am thinking of getting. https://www.melevsreef.com/product/eheim-apex-auto-feeder-chimney
  7. Anyone have first hand experience with an auto feeder going crazy or crashing your tank? I am thinking of putting an auto feeder on my tank.
  8. Has everyone gotten their orders? I haven’t seen mine yet. Getting close to 2 months now.
  9. It’s a GHL dower too. Wish I had a doser to maintain. Lol.
  10. Tiger tail sea cucumber? I want one! I agree on cleaning the sump regularly.

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