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  1. How are things? You still have a tank?
  2. Joe

    Adams Shallow 80g

    Good idea. Better to figure it out now than when its wet.
  3. It was a lot easier to justify when buying it all together. But I really glad I got it. Its easier than trying to get it pulled up on my phone.
  4. Your never to old to join in the craze. lol
  5. This poll is multiple choice. Vote for everyone you think deserves to win. This months subject is "LPS." Sponsored by @Premiumaq. Poll closes 2-29-20 at midnight. @JMM @aap15 @Kcfitz78 @Fishoutofwater @Dr.Fraggenstien @Muttley000 @AspiringLobophyllia @ghrorick
  6. O that’s a good one. @Westeri
  7. They are both good looking tanks. But 60gallons is a lot easier than 34. Just my opinion. Plus more space for more livestock.
  8. Bring lots of money. Lol. $5s & $10s.
  9. So just looked it up. 60 cube would be 24x24. So would be more than enough.
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