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  1. Looking forward to seeing them. Thanks.
  2. You have pics and dimensions?
  3. Nice pics. Beautiful fish. Thanks for sharing.
  4. How did I miss that? Thanks @Muttley000
  5. This is a box of Fritz. With room to spare.
  6. Joe

    AI Prime

    Prime HD?
  7. Everything looks great! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Joe

    Rodi Booster pump

    I did call them yesterday. They think it’s just the pump. They say going from 25 into the pump and getting 95 out is not supposed to happen. So I am sending the pump and power supply back to them. We will see what happens then. I asked if they needed to replace the ro membrane and they said no, it’s fine. But we will see what happens with this pump issue first.
  9. Paid $250 for an acan colony once. About 20 heads or so. No pics of it though.
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