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  1. Nice pics. Beautiful fish. Thanks for sharing.
  2. How did I miss that? Thanks @Muttley000
  3. This is a box of Fritz. With room to spare.
  4. Joe

    AI Prime

    Prime HD?
  5. Everything looks great! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Joe

    Rodi Booster pump

    I did call them yesterday. They think it’s just the pump. They say going from 25 into the pump and getting 95 out is not supposed to happen. So I am sending the pump and power supply back to them. We will see what happens then. I asked if they needed to replace the ro membrane and they said no, it’s fine. But we will see what happens with this pump issue first.
  7. Paid $250 for an acan colony once. About 20 heads or so. No pics of it though.
  8. I don’t understand what you just said. Lol. Did you make a post on that?
  9. Joe

    Rodi Booster pump

    Tds going in is 264 the first time I ran it I was getting 8 out of the ro. After running for a while, it went up to 35. Rejection rate is “up to” 99%.
  10. It’s not color changing, but I have a tds meter to tell me when di has gone bad. Where does everyone buy their Resin?
  11. Joe

    Rodi Booster pump

    I have my pump plumbed at the beginning due to only having 25 psi entering the the RO membrane and it’s recommended to have at least 60psi.
  12. Joe

    Rodi Booster pump

    I did check to be sure it was sealing. But I think the high pressure may be blowing water past the seals.
  13. Anyone ever used this DI resin? Seems like a really good deal. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000X92KOC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_NaecDbWR9F6Z2
  14. Picked on if these up today. Should be enough to hold a box of salt. And only $10 http://m.sterilite.com/mobile.html?id=802&ProductCategory=0&section=0
  15. Joe

    Rodi Booster pump

    I never received a reply email from BRS so I called them. They said it sounds as if the pump is defective. Said ideal pressure is 60-65 psi. So I’m sending the pump back. But something isn’t right. I can’t seem to maintain 0tds coming out. That’s with 2 Di canisters. So I’m hoping it’s the pump. But I am thinking now that I have a bad ro membrane as well. Stage 1 = 1 micron sediment filter stage 2&3 = 1 micron carbon block stage 4 = 75 gpd RO membrane stage 5&6 = color changing DI everything is brand new. No way I should get anything more than 0tds. I am getting 35 after the ro and 4 coming out of both DI canisters.
  16. Joe

    Rodi Booster pump

    The last pump I had before, I was dumb and sold everything thinking I could just walk away from the hobby, it ran about 65psi. My pressure when the pump is off is 25psi.
  17. Joe

    Red Tail Triggerfish

    That’s a cool fish. Love the various designs and colors.
  18. That’s a good price. Thanks for sharing.
  19. Uline sells the buckets alone for $50. I pay $15 at Lowe’s for just the lid. So it’s really not that badly priced.
  20. Joe

    Rodi Booster pump

    So I just looked up the optimal psi for the membrane. It is 60 psi.
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