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  1. You may close this now. Thank you
  2. Not the ones I have. However it did eat a very large clam I had.
  3. Purple tang 150$ sailfin tang 70$ Hippo blue tang 75$ naso tang 60$ Yellow angle 40$ coral beauty 30$ I have 4 anthias at 25$ each. 2 blush damsel 10$ for both.
  4. It's with a heavy heart but I need to tear my tank down. My husband is fighting cancer and I no longer have the time nor energy to keep up with my tank. If you see something would like to buy please let me know.
  5. My work place lives them. Some are really really great workers, others want everything handed to them.
  6. I was down to only 1 now this is what I have. Even sold some to my lfs
  7. You will love it! Congratulations
  8. This is my favorite fish of all. We had one for a long time. They are so awesome. I paid 200$ for the one u had he was about 9 inch's long time had him for years. Congratulations to who ever gets him they are truly awaome If no one gets him please let me know!!!
  9. This is my favorite fish of all. We had one for a long time.
  10. I always liked the colors of the fish more than freshwater fish. I never dreamed I would have corals that was just a bonus.
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