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  1. I ended up losing her. She had some long stringy poop, i believe it was an internal parasite
  2. I appreciate it! She has her color back today. Still not eating. I gave her some live brine so she can eat when she wants in the qt without causing nitrite or ammonia issues
  3. No, she colored up a bit. Hasn't moved off the power head and still won't eat. I even tried live brine. Still no go. I ended up putting her in a qt, added some meds for parasites. She went right in the net, no real struggle at all
  4. I feed live brine as a treat. They love the chopped krill. This isn't normal, this morning it looks pale and looks like it's struggling to breath
  5. Looking to sell or trade my Coralife t5 lighting system. Has 4 t5 bulbs and It's 36" and has blue LED moon lights, also has cooling fans. I've been using it for 6 months now. $160 obo I'm looking to get led lights for my frag tank. I'm in Parma heights, Ohio 44130
  6. I have a coral life t5 36" set up with blue LED moon lights and cooling fans I'm in Parma hts and looking for LED lights for my frag tank
  7. I have a 36" corallife t5 set up with led moon lights and cooling fans. I'm in Parma hts and am looking to go with led lights over my frag tank
  8. I've had a pair of longnose hawkfish in my 40g breeder frag tank for little over 6 months now. They both eat like crazy, right from the syringe at feeding time. Well tonight the smaller hawkfish (female) didn't eat. I even put a piece of krill right in front of her with my tweezers and she wouldn't take it. This is very unusual. She just sitting on the power head and doesn't look real healthy, kinda laying sideways Idk what to do, any ideas? She was eating yesterday.
  9. I absolutely love it, very accurate. You can run a calibration mode on each pump to make sure they are on point. My brother bought one right after I did and he loves it as well
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