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  1. Still got him, I believe he ended up taking out my coral banded shrimp but other than that he’s fine. A lot of personality, he’s not my biggest fan. Lol
  2. I’m here, busy like always. Gov work has only been getting more damanding last year or so. Staffing is getting lower, while the demand stays the same. Trying to get my house ready to sell also, then once I get a new place I’ll be able to do a dream tank. Lol
  3. Nah, that’s about an hour from me. I have a local store in Salem order me what I want.
  4. You done messed up A-Aron! @gwentworth
  5. You mean two days to work on house stuff to try and get it listed this year. Lol
  6. I’ve been here, reading. Been working 16’s 5 days a week. Lol
  7. I had the same thing with my powder brown, but he disappeared completely. He was the healthiest most active fish I had.
  8. How much to ship it to 44460?
  9. Does the t5 fixture have a built in timer?
  10. What kinda t5 fixture? Willing to ship?
  11. Clint526

    Stocking question

    They are a great addition to a clean up crew, and cheap enough so why not? I have a coral banded in my 30 reef, they will eat more peaceful shrimp though.
  12. I try and pay attention to the old guys, learn from others mistakes.
  13. I still haven't seen deadpool, I'm the worst about seeing movies. lol
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