Buckeye Reef 2020 Expo Postponed

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  1. We have the national guard there now, it’s cray cray. Lol
  2. Gotcha, it’s off the hook down here. Lol
  3. What prison do you work in? I’m out of elkton federal.
  4. It’s an acrylic 240, I couldn’t pass up the deal.
  5. The plan is uhh, idk... I guess I’m gonna order a couple hundred pounds of dry rock then build my rock piles while I figure the rest out. Plan on starting completely from scratch so I am gonna need some advice and ideas for plumbing.
  6. After a brief hiatus of being busy with work and a couple side projects I decided during this quarantine crap that I needed a hobby at the house again. So, after much deliberation with the ol lady. I once again, have a tank. Only thing is, I figured if I’m gonna do it I need to go bigger than I ever have. So I present to you, Clint’s new predator tank!
  7. Must get pics, I love big predator tanks! lol
  8. New peninsula tank after the new house. lol
  9. I guess that answers the age old question to what was introduced to the hobby first, @Muttley000 or cyano.

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