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  1. Must get pics, I love big predator tanks! lol
  2. New peninsula tank after the new house. lol
  3. I guess that answers the age old question to what was introduced to the hobby first, @Muttley000 or cyano.
  4. I like where this is going. lol
  5. Clint526

    Camera on tank?

    Oh lol, I only turn it on when I’m on vacation or out of town. Lol I’ll try to remember for ya.
  6. Clint526

    Camera on tank?

    I have Blink cameras from amazon, they would work great for a tank camera.
  7. I’m gonna start a new one, second to last wins.
  8. For real, this is seriously still going?
  9. I'd hate to see their electric bill. lol
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