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  1. Clint526

    Red Tail Triggerfish

    Remember that Undulated trigger I had? He would destroy anything that wasn't at least twice his size. lol Sweet looking fish though, was only fine with the lion. lol
  2. Clint526

    Watanabei Angelfish

    They just look like big damsels. lol
  3. I have a GoPro which I will using, also plan on taking the submarine tour since the ol lady is afraid of going any deeper than she can stand in the water. There will be plenty of pics and videos, last year I forgot the GoPro as it was supposed to just be a normal Caribbean vacation. lol Got her to try snorkeling with a life jacket while I just had flippers and she only made it about 20ft from the boat before she went back. There is plenty of snorkeling right off the resort I guess so that's likely where I will be every morning after breakfast. Also there is a PADI dive shop right there I guess, so I will be looking to get my Nitrox and advanced open water diver certs.
  4. I'm going to Cozumel, Mexico this fall for two weeks for a diving/fishing trip. Has anyone else been to the Mesoamerican barrier reef? I'm excited to go, as I was disappointed in the dive locations off the main land last year around the Riviera Maya. Cozumel is supposed to be one of the top dive locations in the world, I cant wait. I'm hoping to get my nitrox cert down there too if time permits, which with two weeks I'm sure I can get plenty of certs if I wanna pay for em. lol
  5. Clint526


  6. Sweet build, I may be copying this in the future. lol
  7. I've been extremely busy, like forced 70-80 hour weeks busy since December. Almost done with my house remodel, and down to one 20L tank. Bout it, hoping to list by the end of the month and move. Then I will prob set up another real tank this winter when everything calms down. Hoping for a promotion in the near future too. lol
  8. Well I see @muttley000 is still here, does that count as a bug? Hahaha jk
  9. A coral banded shrimp once for a bad bristle worm problem, I guess its a gamble on weather they will eat em or not and I got lucky with a good one. Really amazing results!
  10. Still got him, I believe he ended up taking out my coral banded shrimp but other than that he’s fine. A lot of personality, he’s not my biggest fan. Lol
  11. I’m here, busy like always. Gov work has only been getting more damanding last year or so. Staffing is getting lower, while the demand stays the same. Trying to get my house ready to sell also, then once I get a new place I’ll be able to do a dream tank. Lol
  12. Nah, that’s about an hour from me. I have a local store in Salem order me what I want.
  13. You done messed up A-Aron! @gwentworth
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