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  1. 2019 tank update. I sold off most of the coral in late 2017. I moved in January 2018. The remaining livestock lived out of a rubbermaid bin for a couple months. This 150 has been set back up since March.. I think... With the purchase of a new house I knew I wouldnt have the time to spend on the tank I wanted. I first planned on getting out for a year or so until life started to slow back down. This didnt happen. I never realized how attached I was to the fee I had left. I think mainly my clownfish as it was the first fish i bought. When I did set the tank up i knew it would be neglected my first summer in a new house. I tried to automate as much as possible to help me. I set up an easy water change, dosing, and feeder. The tank has done really well without much on my part. I think the auto water change has been key. I do about 5 gallons per day. I havent done a larger water change outside of added some extra when removing rock. I will probably do a 20% or larger in the next couple of months. My leds stopped working sometime after the move and I just recently got them working again. For the past 6-8 months my tank has been lit by just 4 old t5 bulbs. I got some pretty good growth with just that. Not pulling the greatest color but the growth surprised me when looking back at photos. One of my buddy's gave me a couple sps frags in summer to test out. and more recent. I got rid of about 20 anemones, picked up some new frags, and am ready to really get this tank back to where it once was.
  2. I've been spotted! It hasn't been the best couple of years of my tank. I lost some fish and sold off all my valuable coral towards the end of 2017. I closed on a house just over a year ago. I kept the ramaining livestock in a rubbermaid bin until about March when I finally set my tank back up. My tank has been on auto pilot for about the last year. I set up an auto water change and dosing and havent done much else until recently. Now that everything is slowing back down for me I have time to focus on my tank again.
  3. Hi guys, I'm new to the site. I've been in the hobby about 3 years. I started with a 34 gallon and moved to a 125 about a year later. I still have my 125 setup and recently set up a frag tank. I'm very much into starting DIY projects. Sometimes I even finish them. I live in lorain (between Sandusky and cleveland). It's a bit of a haul for me to make meetings, but I will make it when I can. I an on the CSEA board ,but don't see why I can't be here too.
  4. I have a few. I let you know when I am ready to get rid of one. I'm interested in seeing your jawbreaker. I have a few of those too, but nothing like some of these old mama jawbreaker pics I see.
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