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  1. Thanks guys. It's been dried out for a few weeks. I'm just trying to do this right. Muttley, if I cure it in the tank, you think I should do it with no sand?
  2. So I snagged some rock from a buddy of mine. He had it in a 75 gallon saltwater tank. I want to use it in my 32 gallon bio cube. It will be my first reefer. It's been a long slow road, so just let me know how I should go about preparing this rock for a new tank. I'd like to mix the water then get some "live" rock and seed this stuff with it. Any and all input is welcome! Thanks, Al
  3. I'll take 30 lbs of it if you're willing to split it up. Doing a 32 gallon cube, so I definitely don't need 125 lbs. Let me know, I live in Johnstown so it's nothing for me to come pick up this weekend.
  4. Hi there, I'm interested in your biocube. Is it a coralife? I bought a used setup and cracked the bottom of the tank. I'll buy the whole setup from you if it is. I'm in central Ohio so probably can't get it from you until this weekend. Let me know. Thanks, Al
  5. Yeah, I think it was more just wishful thinking when I said trying to fix it. The bottom back corner cracked right under where filter pump (powerhead) goes. I looked online thinking I could just buy the tank new without the hood and guts. That's easier said than done also. I'll just keep my eyes peeled for one to show up. It just stinks, I was excited to start getting it set up and it slipped out of my hand moving it. I guess it just gives me more time to read and learn about what I'm doing.
  6. Hi all, just wanted to give a shout out to everyone. I'm a lifelong aquarium guy but somewhat of a coral/reef newb. I tried a saltwater tank in the late 90s and failed pretty hard. I have a freshwater tank going for my stepdaughter. I recently bought a 29 gallon biocube, planning on doing a reefer with it. Unfortunately I cracked the bottom of it and am now debating trying to fix it (that's another forum topic) or buy just a new tank for it if I can locate one. Anyhow, I've been reading on here alot the last week. Lots of good info here! My name is Al, I live in Johnstown, work in Westerville. Rivers to Reefs got me thinking about doing this. I like to stop by there when I get a chance. I look forward to talking to you all! Take care, Al
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