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  1. So the past year or so has been crazy around here. Haven't had time to do much more than feed, top off, and keep an eye on the chemistry in both my marine and fresh tanks. Thankfully, nothing got out of hand, although about a year ago I did lose my prized big guy from the fresh tank, but he had been under the weather for some time. The water in the reef tank is crystal clear- (as long as you look through the top ). I picked up two tuxedo urchins from Changing Tide to help out the one in there. They have an all-you-can-eat buffet of coralline algae on the glass. I noticed some white "something"- it looks like white chaeto almost- that thickness and it crumbles when touched. I can't get a pick due to the aforementioned condition of the glass. Never have had it before- is it something I need to worry about? Oh- if anybody needs fishy-sitting in the Lima area, The Crate Escape will stop in for you. Reasonable rates for the fur babies , too. Thanks!
  2. Does anyone near Lima have some to spare? I've had a lot of life happening the past year. My critters are all doing fine, but I got down in the sump to clear the intake for the protein skimmer and found the chaeto was the size of a walnut!
  3. I don't know if anyone can beat that! I have a cool turbo. I'll see if I can get him to smile :-)
  4. Picked up this guy at Changing Tides. I read that when they are happy, they wear "hats" of debris. He had a little piece when I got him, and now has pieces of shell all over, so I guess he is happy. ( he should be- AYCE buffet in there right now!) I'm curious- any idea on how they pick up the debris? do they use their spines like a mosh pit ?
  5. Could be - I was getting some other things at Changing Tide and asked for a bag. of chaeto. (The first batch I had never grew, it just sat in the sump like a green brillo pad ) When I got home, I dumped the bag in without looking too closely.
  6. I picked up some chaeto with the urchin and some emerald crabs. Got back from out of town and I see ORANGE in the sump. Kind of a surprise. Is this something I should welcome or banish?
  7. Hmmm... well, whatever it is, I hope it perks up. It is so pretty!
  8. shoot- the "today" didn't post let me try again pic one up there is the day I brought it home, second is a few days later.
  9. So- I bought this lovely on August 27th from the Petco in Lima ($39- I couldn't resist). It stayed closed for a couple days, then opened spectacularly. Wednesday, I had to go out of town . It was supposed to just be overnight, but I finally got back this morning. Hubby had been feeding my tanks, but never had to top off, so he didn't know about that. (lesson will be later!). When I got in, he said the tank was making a weird noise- the level in the sump had dropped. I checked the salinity and it was 1.028, I usually keep it 1.025-6. I topped it off with fresh water and am going to do my regular testing once that circulates a bit. (everything was fine on 10/10) My concern is the colt- it is positively SHRIVELED. (see photo) It came loose from the rock it was anchored to, so I set it upright as best I could. Could this be from the higher salinity, a dormant period,...or is it dying? Everything else is fine- toadstool, zoa, shrimp, crabs, snails, urchin, fish.... this is the same critter today- in the same location...
  10. Irene

    Indulge me....

    Cleaning off the glass today I noticed... my little punk rocker zoa sprouted two new polyps. I got it two months ago tomorrow and had been wondering when it would start to spread. (Yes, I'm careful. I usually wear gloves, I just picked it up to get a pick for my journal)
  11. I only have one Peppermint Shrimp...he's in there with some pajama cardinals, a Talbot's damsel, and a clown. The y all seem to get along fine. The shrimp is really curious and social. He always comes to see who is coming to look at him. I read somewhere they do better as the only one. I would love to get a couple more. Are they territorial?
  12. So, we headed to Alabama for the new grandbaby's baptism. My son-in-law's folks were there, too, of course. Knowing how excited I have been about my new marine aquarium, they bought me something to put in it. . . . I know they meant well.... but I had a hard time taking this pic bc I was laughing...
  13. Irene

    Great deal

    I'm in Lima too. I picked up a gorgeous HUGE cauliflower coral from them a month ago. for $29. Several of their employees keep marine tanks, so I think they keep a better eye than non- fish people might.
  14. That's why I have been keeping a journal- with photos. I would never remember the names!
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