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  1. I might not be able to make the swap due to work, but live in the Cinci area. Would you mind playing "LFS" for part of an evening?
  2. Hi All... I have a new nano I just set up and need to baseline the settings on my ATI Powermodule. Does the club or a member have a PAR meter of some kind we can use to baseline the PAR readings on my tank ? I am not looking to borrow it... I figure the best thing would be to just come on over and we could knock it out together in less than an hour. I am located in the Cincinnati/Norwood area.I have beer...
  3. Wow... I would love to pick him up, but I am only running a 20 gallon right now. The 150 is still in the garage awaiting wall space to be gifted by the wife. Hope the little guy finds a good home...
  4. Yeppers I'll bring the tank with me as well.
  5. Cool. I can most likely meet halfway if you want. Let me know...
  6. That is a bit of a hike Are you going to be in the Cincinnati area (or maybe Wilmington) in the next week or so?
  7. Sorry for the delay in responding... Looks interesting. The thing is, I really don't need a chiller. I might use it to wheel and deal on another forum. What is the condition of the Coralife chiller? Do you still have the box? Steve
  8. Yeah, I know... I really wanted to use this tank, but life REALLY got in the way. I switched jobs and ended up moving (six month delay), then had the deal on the house fall through (another six month delay while in the shoe-box apartment), finally found a house and can just now reliably locate my socks. Then I realized the new house would not fit the peninsula tank Not getting defensive, just kind of venting. I have been wanting to get my tank setup for the LONGEST time and am SOOOOO close. I just need to sell this tank to finance my Abyz A200 purchase It will be nice to finally be shopping in the livestock sales forum instead of just the equipment area
  9. Tape measured at: H: 24.75", L: 39", W: 24.75"
  10. I have a new in box Synergy Reef Shadow Overflow for sale. I am going a different direction for my 150... Like I said, it is new in box. Need gone for Christmas. Asking $125 local, $135 shipped slow boat. Located in Cincinnati. Pics will be up tonight...
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