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  1. Can anyone attend the morning session or is it only for club members?
  2. Only blues on right now. Not much color....only two and a half months in. Tank and fish are doing great!!
  3. I really haven't decided. I set up the tank with thoughts of having a mixture of SPS and LPS and just a few fish. Being only two weeks in, I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. lol
  4. Sure does! Thank you! From what I see, a good thing to have. That makes me feel a little better. Lol
  5. Found two new hitchhikers, not sure what they are? Any thoughts??
  6. I am about 8 minutes North of Swanton, just outside Assumption.
  7. Thank you! Purchased the original rock (from the first post) at Tropicorium in Romulus, MI. Pods were plentiful!! Pretty happy with it! The new batch of rock was purchased from a guy in Wauseon, an affiliate of Tony's Pet Shop. Apparently he takes care of other people's tanks and got the rock from someone that was getting out of the hobby. It was actually sitting in his back yard for a while, so we had the fun of cleaning it to prepare for life again. Fingers crossed all goes well!!
  8. Update-one week in. Added more rock and wave makers. Parameters all checking great so far. One hitchhiker snail working hard. Have had baby brittles or serpents (can't tell) emerging from live rock. Included a video of one I was able to catch on camera. https://vimeo.com/166053309
  9. mysticsea

    New here

    Hello! New to the saltwater game and forum (following my brother's lead and help). Bought the 90 gallon from@Mussin a few weeks ago. Cleaned up great (thank you!). Filled over the weekend and purchased rock (some live). More rock in the process of being cleaned. Excited to see where this adventure goes!
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