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  1. Free is always good lol still have them too
  2. I have 4 or 5 pieces of my tree that have fallen off one is on snail shell the others are now on plugs. Come get if you want them. 419.204.2993. In between Lima and wapak
  3. Nobody? I hate to just throw it out.
  4. Anyone interested in a huge piece of this? It’s growing out of control in my 29 nano. In between Lima and wapakoneta. Text 419.204.2993 for a picture.
  5. Does anyone think that someone would be selling cleaner shrimp at the show? I want 4 but dang 25 to 30 bucks each sux lol hoping there is someone there selling them for a bit less...... lol anyways, thanks in advance and see everyone there!
  6. Ohh and I went to the one closing too lol don’t waste your time......
  7. Yes Bucky now lives in Ft. Wayne lol and wow what a place he has over there. Walked out with a bunch of snails and 2 pieces of nice coral. Thanks for suggesting it. Will be going back lol
  8. Well coral reef aquarium in ft. Wayne is closing at the end of the month. Called to see if they would want my humu humu and found that out instead
  9. Coral reef aquarium in ft Wayne is closing its doors at the end of the month.
  10. Nobody interested? Poor Bucky...........
  11. Is anyone interested in my humu humu trigger? Bucky is about 3-4 inches and very healthy. He likes to be hand fed too unfortunately he’s starting to eat my medium sized snails so he has to go........price is definitely negotiable. Thanks and merry Christmas reefers! Located south of Lima.
  12. Bump up! Still have this make offer. In between Lima and wapakoneta.
  13. Make me an offer it’s new never been opened.
  14. i have a bucket of this salt never opened it’s a 48lb bucket if interested hit me up. I can bring it to the swap Sunday. I tried to upload a pic but it was a no go lol. Thanks in advance
  15. Anyone near Lima/wapakoneta area have any extra. I’m still looking. Thanks in advance!
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