Buckeye Reef 2020 Expo Postponed

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  1. Losi ten T Truggy with tons of extra upgraded parts, 2 sets of tires extra lean clear body, stand, push button start on controller. Gas powered up to 50mph 4x4. Used approximately 10 times on dirt tackle box full of extra parts and almost. A full gallon of nitro fuel. $500 new i will take $600 for everything to busy to mess with nowadays so it’s now viewed as a shelf racer message me if interested. 419.204.2993. Near Lima wapakoneta area. Thanks. Will send pics if interested.
  2. I’m taking about 6 of the stalks off leaving about 1 or 2 stalks in my Jbj 28 that’s it lol my plan anyways already have 3 stalks in my 65 too lol
  3. I can’t give this stuff away! Lol so once more before I wack 75% of it down I’m offering some here. Just come get it. 419 area between Lima and Wapak. Free or gimme a little something in trade text at 419.204.2993. It’s taking up the whole back of my Jbj 28 need a lot of it gone!
  4. If your near Lima I have a ton of it. Free to pick up it’s taking over my 28gal Jbj. Even moved a few pieces to my 65!
  5. Brain fart lol figured out all I had to do was scroll down on home screen lol
  6. Thanks guys. So how do I get the temp to display on the screen? Mine right now just the date on the screen and under that it says none I saw a YouTube video where his had the time and temp on the screen.
  7. Thanks maybe he can help me out then. Lol I’m winging it here but I think I have the basics figured out lol just would like to have it updated before I put it into use.
  8. Well I picked up a reefkeeper lite last year and finally getting around to getting it up and going. My question is would anyone have the cable used to update the software? And is it hard to even do? I’m using it for my lights heater, pumps and temp probe. Any info I can get on where I can buy one or possibly use it. Thanks in advance!
  9. Free is always good lol still have them too
  10. I have 4 or 5 pieces of my tree that have fallen off one is on snail shell the others are now on plugs. Come get if you want them. 419.204.2993. In between Lima and wapak
  11. Nobody? I hate to just throw it out.
  12. Anyone interested in a huge piece of this? It’s growing out of control in my 29 nano. In between Lima and wapakoneta. Text 419.204.2993 for a picture.
  13. Does anyone think that someone would be selling cleaner shrimp at the show? I want 4 but dang 25 to 30 bucks each sux lol hoping there is someone there selling them for a bit less...... lol anyways, thanks in advance and see everyone there!
  14. Ohh and I went to the one closing too lol don’t waste your time......

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