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  1. Make me an offer it’s new never been opened.
  2. i have a bucket of this salt never opened it’s a 48lb bucket if interested hit me up. I can bring it to the swap Sunday. I tried to upload a pic but it was a no go lol. Thanks in advance
  3. Anyone near Lima/wapakoneta area have any extra. I’m still looking. Thanks in advance!
  4. Anyone in or near Lima that has any extra? I have some but I want more and mines just not growing fast enough. Thanks in advance
  5. had a truck break down so I’m on hold for a week or so.... but may of found some here in Lima. Will look at it and let you guys know. May be nice to take a Toledo cruse
  6. Unfortunately I’m in or near Lima.
  7. Building the 65gal I picked up...looking For about 20lbs of live coralline encrusted then 20-30lbs of dry. Not in a huge hurry but would like to have it running in a few weeks. Thanks in advance
  8. Any interest in this....acquired it in a tank buy out....need pics send me a message and will get them to you. Make me an offer it’s a BRF unit. (Buckeye Field Supply). Thanks for looking located in Cridersville between Lima and wapakoneta.
  9. My bubble tip has split 3 times...$5 each to whoever can help me get them out lol live in Cridersville between wapakoneta and lima
  10. Send me a pic if you still have the tank 4192042993
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