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  1. So glad I logged in and saw this Ill be there
  2. Thanks should be once I get settled in in the next couple months
  3. Yeah right outside of Maumee. Just got the last tank moved last week and the move has taken a toll on the SPS. But everything is starting to turn around now just going to take a couple months to color back up
  4. Yep Still here just a lot of life going on and still in the moving process. taking a lot longer then expected
  5. Miami township...right off the austin landing exit south of dayton mall work in Toledo 3 days aweek so can always bring up with me
  6. i have RR wolverine colony needs fragging will need a couple weeks to heal. i have some nice frags of fox flame .WWC sungod and WWC plum crazy.. pc rainbow home wrecker and a few others PM your # and ill text you some pics if interested
  7. i have several types and sizes and live just south of dayton...should be home most of the weekend shoot me pm and ill give you my #
  8. PM sent on something you might be interested in
  9. I have a 29 with lid(light) and metal stand. Stand needs painted and not sure if light works but in overall good shape.$40 also a hang on back filter ill throw in for 10 if you need it just used it as a quarantine about 2 months ago just south of dayton
  10. Count me in looking forward to meeting everyone
  11. Finally getting around to an introduction after being site for a couple months. My name is Chris and live just south of Dayton and was in the hobby 4 years ago and just getting back in. I started with a 14 gallon nano in January and then I got a killer deal on a 90 gallon custom acrylic in April and also ended up with a 40 gallon breeder frag tank last month. So yes the addiction is real...lol this is a pic of setting up a couple months ago still need to finish the stand and hopefully can get some more pics up this weekend looking forward to meeting everyone
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